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A Peculiar Fellowship by SpareOomOfRivendell
A Peculiar Fellowshipby SpareOomOfRivendell
Laradel is, by far, the strangest Elf. While she is, admittedly, the best archer in an age, she associates with Dwarves and seems to know little to nothing about the tra...
White Blood ➵ LotR/Lord of the Rings by ginxvras
White Blood ➵ LotR/Lord of the ♡✾
[FotR-RotK, OC x Éomer] I'M READY TO HOPE, SWING ME OUT OF THE LOW. WIDE AWAKE IN THE GLOW, CAN'T DO IT ALONE. She couldn't turn her back, not when the fate of the world...
Lord of the Rings Oneshots - Requests CLOSED!!! by hammockbabe
Lord of the Rings Oneshots - hammockbabe
Oneshots with characters from middle earth. No smut but some will probably be really fluffy 😂
Lili Grace; A LotR Fanfic by AliquidTookis
Lili Grace; A LotR Fanficby Em-G
(Written originally by an over-excited 14 year old. Now being rewritten as "Home is Wherever You Are") ----------------------------------------------------- Li...
Of love & war : Legolas x Erulisse by ErulisseGreenleaf133
Of love & war : Legolas x Erulisseby Erulisse Greenleaf of Eryn La...
*RE-EDITING!* Sequel to I'll Love You forever. Six years after Legolas's and I's wedding we find ourselves on an unlikely adventure that will take us, and our new frien...
My Angel Dear: A Sam x Frodo Story/Poem by skycladokarin
My Angel Dear: A Sam x Frodo nicky
Frodo, realising he hadn't expressed his feelings to his best friend enough, wants to find a way to repay Sam for all he's done for him on their great journey.
lord of the rings/the hobbit imagines by -parkhillromance
lord of the rings/the hobbit 「𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙖 」
imagines about your favourite lotr and the hobbit characters requests are always open
The Ring Returns: Sam's Journey, A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction by Phantomsmistress12
The Ring Returns: Sam's Journey, Christine Marsh
After the Ring of Power is destroyed, Middle-earth is at peace and Sam Gamgee returns to Hobbiton to marry Rosie Cotton and live happily.But that may be harder than he e...
Hobbits are Ponies, Men are Horses (Lord of the Rings Fanfic) by yemihikari
Hobbits are Ponies, Men are Yemi Hikari
Pippin thinks about horses and their relations to people and comes to some interesting conclusions. Disclaimer - I don't own Lord of the Rings. Original publication date...
Fellowship of the ring as a family by Enjolras_IRL_18
Fellowship of the ring as a familyby À la volonté du peuple
Just a cute short story of the fellowship being a family. I might write more.
The Queen by LoyalBrunette
The Queenby LoyalBrunette
"A Queen knows how to build her empire with the same stones that were thrown at her." ...
Half by elvish-sky
Halfby elvish-sky
After failing to guard the Shire against the Nine, you flee to Rivendell to warn of their coming. What happens when you join the Fellowship?
Middle-Earth Facts and History by WiseWolf1000
Middle-Earth Facts and Historyby Kathryn Pepper
A collection of information about J.R.R. Tolkien's universe. Great to read if you're writing a LOTR fanfic, or if you're just curious!
What if Boromir lived? by Alfie354
What if Boromir lived?by Alfie
Have you ever wondered what would've happened if Boromir survived fellowship? Probably not, but here you go anyway. Enjoy! ... Note: This is entirely based off of the mo...
Fields of Starlight-LOTR by ceaseless-watchr
Fields of Starlight-LOTRby Magnus/Gerard
Meltellaro has lived for an age, learning and growing in the hidden realm of Imladris. An elf, he gravitated toward healing, and grew skilled with dual sword fighting. H...
Three Hobbit Ladies and A Ring by QuillSparkle
Three Hobbit Ladies and A Ringby QuillSparkle
Rosie Cotton, Estella Bolger and Diamond of Long-cleeve are best friends and very close friends having crushes on, Samwise Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took. They...
Adventures Of The Fellow Survivors by alliekatt314
Adventures Of The Fellow Survivorsby alliekatt314
"Meet me on the battlefield," Allie whispers tersely. "I'll be there, I'll be the loyal sword and shield of the light."
An Unexpected Quest - LotR PJO; Lord of the Rings / Percy Jackson Crossover by autumnrosnor
An Unexpected Quest - LotR PJO; Autumn Rosnor
Perce, Thals, Neeks, vulnerable Aragorn, Sam, non-movie Frodo, Pip, Merry, etc. Based on the books, not movies. Didn't steal Tolkien's descriptions, just some dialogue;...
Tips For The Modern Hobbit By: Erin Took (Inconsistent Updates) by IronDragon20075
Tips For The Modern Hobbit By: Not Very Active
Hi everyone! My name is Erin Took and I'm here to edgumacate y'alls. On how to be a modern hobbit! Pippin: Why are you talking like that? Because that's how modern peop...