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Our Parents are WHAT?!? by DemigodGirl517
Our Parents are WHAT?!?by DemigodGirl517
After the Giant War, the gods decide that their children need to catch up with their mortal families. They have agreed to let the families come to Camp Half-Blood for ab...
My family, the Avengers ( An Avengers/ Percy Jackson Crossover) by kitty_unicorn_15
My family, the Avengers ( An Hello!
Perseus Egil Jackson was born a demigod. The son of the beautiful, powerful, wise, and strong Sally Jackson and Loki, Norse god of mischief. He lived a happy, but short...
One Summer by pigsandstuff6
One Summerby pigsandstuff6
The story of how Sally Jackson and Poseidon met and fell in love. An origin story for Percy Jackson.
The Life of Sally Jackson by sadieddie11
The Life of Sally Jacksonby 𝚒𝚍𝚔
The title says it all. This is the story of the summer Sally Jackson met Poseidon. DISCLAIMER: ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN.
Beauty/Tragedy | Percy Jackson by dreamsandmyth
Beauty/Tragedy | Percy Jacksonby dreamsandmyth
A time travel AU They said, for someone like him in ancient Greece, mortals would've gone on war. (Percy Jackson brings out something ancient in the gods. The lingering...
Percy Jackson? Or Queen? by lolaizgr8
Percy Jackson? Or Queen?by Maria Hurley
The giant war was over finally. There were some casualties, and all Percy wanted to do now was go home and see his mom. When she tells him that someone is stalking her...
I'm sally Jackson  by CassieT7
I'm sally Jackson by CJ
You might know me from my book, but you dont really know me. I'm sally jackson, the woman who made a hero.
Daughter of who now?! by GreekGeekGoddess101
Daughter of who now?!by GreekGeekGoddess101
It was just supposed to be a single night of baysitting- I mean how hard can that be? Apparently for Percy Jackson, very hard. Basically Percy takes Estelle to camp and...
Percy Jackson, Cousin of Black by WhiteInspiration
Percy Jackson, Cousin of Blackby Aeln
When fighting Gaia, Percy had to make a choice They won, with a price When running away, his mother leaves him a message I'm at Portland Row, you know the address... Y...
A Good Kid- Percy Jackson/ The Avengers by Juliet_Nebula
A Good Kid- Percy Jackson/ The Zea
Yes, another Avengers and Percy Jackson crossover with good ol uncle Tony. Cliche I know. Peter Parker was finally given something to do, a mission sorta. He had to go t...
Prisoner Of THE AVENGERS?! (DISCONTINUED) by TheStrangerIAm
Prisoner Of THE AVENGERS?! ( TheStrangerIAm
Loki has not just one son but two sons, one two years younger than the other. One blind, one mute! A/N Percy is quite different in this than in the pjo and hoo series so...
Drowning in the Siren's Song by nightshade128
Drowning in the Siren's Songby Nutan
A child born from a miracle was named Perseus Jackson. His mother, a loving mortal with the gift of sight, brought together both aspects of the Ocean, combining Poseid...
The Demigod and The Robin by Rshores
The Demigod and The Robinby Rshores
9 years ago, was the time Jason last saw Percy and her mother. The day he was taken from his family. Jason always wondered what happened to his sister until one day 9 ye...
The Ocean Arrow by milkyxrose
The Ocean Arrowby rose
(undergoing major revamps! apologies for any mistakes you may find) When Percy, his mom, and step-dad go to Star City for his mom's author expo, Percy meets the Green Ar...
A Magical Summer by jacket1000
A Magical Summerby jacky1000
The Jackson-Blofis family visits Sally's cousin Petunia Dursley. They meet the Petunia, her husband Vernon, their angel of a son Dudley and their delinquent nephew Harry...
Given a Chance by Tulip_Touch2003
Given a Chanceby Tulip_Touch2003
8 movies appear in 1977 (the marauders 7th year at Hogwarts) along with some people to watch the life of Harry James Potter. I don't own anyone apart from Persephone Jac...
Who the hell thought making me a Half-blood was a good idea? {ON HOLD} by Orla-Madeline-Potter
Who the hell thought making me a Maddie
When I got reborn, I was out of fucks to give. Puberty? Boyfriends before college? Passing maths and preventing Kronos from rising at the same gods-damn time? Well. I gu...
Ohshc x Percy Jackson  by catcow12
Ohshc x Percy Jackson by catcow12
Have you ever thought about two of the best fandoms ever meeting? If not we'll that's unfortunate because I sure have! There's a new kid at Ouran High. The kid is quiet...
Broken by shortstack-21
Brokenby Kailyn
Percy's life change when he was four as his mother Sally was murdered by his Step-Father Gabe and is abused for a few months until a neighbor called the police and Percy...
Percy Jackson the Tribute (Percy Jackson Hunger Games crossover) by IsaacChristensen
Percy Jackson the Tribute (Percy IsaacChristensen
Everyone loves Sally Jackson, and by extension, her son Percy. Her kindness, charity and loyalty has rubbed off on him, and half of the people who live in the Seam are o...