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𝑺𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒉... by misslazy_05
𝑺𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒉 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕗𝕒𝕢
Cover made by the amazing @eristria Shower her some love folks... -------------------------- Thanos is defeated, Tony Stark and Natasha Romanov survived fatal injuries...
The Ocean Arrow  by milkyxrose
The Ocean Arrow by Rose~
When Percy, his mom, and step dad go to Star City for his mom's author expo, Percy meets the Green Arrow when a monster attacks the city. But they capture Percy, thinkin...
When Granger meets Jackson by WordWiz777
When Granger meets Jacksonby Word Wizard
Percy had just gotten back home after his trip to Greece to fight Gaea, and was looking forward to a few months of rest before setting off to New Rome for college with...
Percy Jackson, Son of Loki (complete) by Jedi_Joanna
Percy Jackson, Son of Loki ( Jedi_Joanna
( avengers crossover) Percy Jackson descendent of Monetary titaness of memory, pharaoh blood of Cleopatra follower of sobek, Legacy of Poseidon, and son of Loki thought...
The Family of a Hero by greasy_nugget
The Family of a Heroby greasy_nugget
Grabbing my bag from my bag from the back room I look to the injured man. "Im sorry for dragging you back here but there aren't any hospitals nearby. I'm Sally Jack...
Percy Jackson and the one-word quest (ft. Jason Grace) by phantasyfan
Percy Jackson and the one-word Merle
Jason is a naturally curious person and now that he knows that he's changed place with a demigod named Percy Jackson, he is determined to find out more about said hero...
(Not) An Almost Normal Life (A Percy Jackson-Avengers Crossover) by toomuchofafangal
(Not) An Almost Normal Life (A toomuchofafangal
(Set after Far From Home (but not the post credit scenes) and Heroes of Olympus) (Not one of those cliché stories, jsyk) Peter Parker has come to terms with the fact th...
the adopted kids of sally jackson  by b0nesyb0nes
the adopted kids of sally jackson by demigodsofaustralia
Sally has a total of four demigod children. 3 are adopted. She also has a daughter who has a small blessing from 4 gods. This is the story of Sally Jackson having a v...
Our Parents are WHAT?!? by DemigodGirl517
Our Parents are WHAT?!?by DemigodGirl517
After the Giant War, the gods decide that their children need to catch up with their mortal families. They have agreed to let the families come to Camp Half-Blood for ab...
Fem!Percy. Jackson Meets Batfam by katalan0
Fem!Percy. Jackson Meets Batfamby Mara's_LAMENT
Percy Jackson just came back from war. Yes, they won, but at what cost? So many demigods dead, so many lives lost... and now, she's waltzing back to her moms life only t...
Percy Jackson, Cousin of Black by WhiteInspiration
Percy Jackson, Cousin of Blackby Aeln
When fighting Gaia, Percy had to make a choice They won, with a price When running away, his mother leaves him a message I'm at Portland Row, you know the address... Y...
Broken by shortstack-21
Brokenby Kailyn
Percy's life change when he was four as his mother Sally was murdered by his Step-Father Gabe and is abused for a few months until a neighbor called the police and Percy...
Percy tells Paul by newolympus
Percy tells Paulby demigod :)
Paul has been ignorant to Percy's true life and nature. Read to find out how he will react. 1st #paulblofis 30/06/2020 2nd #pjofandom
Poseidon's Daughter by Marykerose
Poseidon's Daughterby Marlaike
I woke up to the face of my new mother, reborn into the world of Percy Jackson. The firstborn daughter of Poseidon. And this world, this life is just the beginning, and...
Percy Jackson the Tribute (Percy Jackson Hunger Games crossover) by IsaacChristensen
Percy Jackson the Tribute (Percy IsaacChristensen
Everyone loves Sally Jackson, and by extension, her son Percy. Her kindness, charity and loyalty has rubbed off on him, and half of the people who live in the Seam are o...
Demigods Assemble (PJO/MCU) by music_and_literature
Demigods Assemble (PJO/MCU)by Tara
~Completed~ Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have survived countless monsters, gods, Titans, and finally their most difficult opponent of all--high school, though not wi...
Lendo A Casa de Hades by yasminmoradillo17
Lendo A Casa de Hadesby Yasmin Moradillo
Será que livros são o suficiente para mudar a opinião e as ações dos deuses? Iremos descobrir agora, porque em pleno solstício de inverno de 1993 livros chegam ao Olimpo...
Percy Jackson Crossover Avengers Assemble by TheWeirdGirl692
Percy Jackson Crossover Avengers TheWeirdGirl692
After two wars Percy has returned home to his mom only to find out there was an alien attack in New York by a group named "Avengers." Percy is struggling to g...
The Tribute Returns (Percy Jackson Hunger Games crossover) by IsaacChristensen
The Tribute Returns (Percy IsaacChristensen
- Book 2, read Percy Jackson the Tribute first - Katniss won. Katniss Everdeen from District 12 won the Hunger Games, but now she must decide -- was it worth it? She lo...
Sea prince by sun_flower33
Sea princeby sun_flower33
Percy is raised under the sea