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Abused Desnity ( RWBY X Abused/Neglected Sora Reader ) by DoctorRoxas
Abused Desnity ( RWBY X Abused/ Dr.Roxas
I made this along time ago but deleted it but now I brought it back from the dead
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts Characters x Reader) by Vladimira121
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Vladimira121
The reader time travels throughout all kingdom hearts and win the hearts of many characters she comes across! From the original masters, to organization 13, and the hero...
Kingdom Hearts X Reader Oneshots (Requests Open) by ButterflyXMoonlight
Kingdom Hearts X Reader Oneshots ( ButterflyXMoonlight
A collection of KH oneshots that I've written over time. I'll try to upload as much as I can depending on requests and my own inspiration. The reader will always use she...
KBOXIII ReaderXOrganization XIII by ButterflyXMoonlight
KBOXIII ReaderXOrganization XIIIby ButterflyXMoonlight
Figurative Summary: [Y/N] was never supposed to become a Nobody. She can't remember a thing about her past even though others remember her. Nobodies can't feel, but they...
}{Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts}{ My Twisted High School Romance by ChesireCatXIII
}{Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts}{ Scary Girl
}{Reader Insert. Fantasy school life. BOC's. Some characters will be OC now and again}{ Listening. Not something you do when reading. What happens when your friend trick...
🎼Kingdom Hearts One Shots🎶  by TheGirlWhoWonder
🎼Kingdom Hearts One Shots🎶 by Ava
Kingdom Hearts One Shots (Completed) None of the pictures are mine and the characters are own by Disney and square enix Created:2018 Dont mind the grammer I was 13 when...
Truth Or Dare Organization 13! (Kingdom Hearts.) (OLD Organization.) by MasterAqua475326
Truth Or Dare Organization 13! ( ~ Master Aqua/Blaze The Cat ~
My First Kingdom Hearts Story! Ask or dare members of the OLD organization 13. Not the new, the old. Xion included! All truths and dares welcome!
Org. XIII x OC by RileyAsher
Org. XIII x OCby RileyAsher
These are oneshots of Organization XIII x OC, I do not write lemons. Sometimes it might get a little heated but not much. If you decide to even read any of them, Please...
Kingdom Hearts Fanart! by element-of-laughter
Kingdom Hearts Fanart!by Ni No Kuni trash
My favorite KH pictures! #2 in Sora! 11/30/18
Organization XIII & Reader OneShots by Hello_Starlight
Organization XIII & Reader OneShotsby Hello_Starlight
A bunch of stories about everyone's favorite Organization with you included as Member #15! :D!
Regalami un momento [Kingdom Hearts] by Resanthemum
Regalami un momento [Kingdom Resanthemum
Fanfiction dedicata ad Isa e Lea, due personaggi conosciuti per la prima volta in Birth by sleep. La storia narra anche del loro rapporto da Nessuno, dunque Saïx e Axel...
Destiny Islands School For The Gifted (KH/FF/Others X Reader) by PhoenixBlaze1412
Destiny Islands School For The Scarlet Tsugikuni
"The time has come for the child to decide To choose either the dark or light side A great challenge lies ahead But don't let it misled The prophecy made for her Wi...
Kingdom Hearts Lemon Imagines by MsMistress
Kingdom Hearts Lemon Imaginesby мιѕтяєѕѕ
Ever curious to know what would happen if you got sick, and Xemnas had to take care of you? Or what if your professor Axel had an obvious interest in you? Go ahead and l...
You are my heart  (Saix X Reader) by Lunzthewielder
You are my heart (Saix X Reader)by Luna
You live in Travers town, which the organization XIII have under control and are watching every movement of everyone to find the keyblade wielder. You have been capture...
Organization 13 Group Chat. by RockyBlueberries
Organization 13 Group ~ Rocky Blueberries ~
What happens when... Xemnas makes his Organization 13 have a group chat? This is gonna be bad... IN CASE IF YOU DON'T KNOW: Organization 13 is a group of Nobodies from t...
Brothers by TheFutureofTheSith
Brothersby TheFutureofTheSith
Shortly after Sora awakens from his long slumber, Roxas breaks free and becomes a separate entity once more. Armed with a heart of his own and his true Keyblades, Oathke...
Destiny University (Various KHXReader) by ButterflyXMoonlight
Destiny University (Various ButterflyXMoonlight
[Y/N] is off to fresh start as she decided to study at a university far from home. It's not the best college for music, but it's a city that she's dreamed of living in s...
Xion (Kingdom Hearts Fanfic, Carrie Storyline) by NinjaStooge
Xion (Kingdom Hearts Fanfic, NinjaStooge369
As a young girl, Xion lived a life full of hardships. She suffers abuse at home and bullying at her high school. Nobody cared for her existence...and even God had forsak...
Kingdom Hearts Memes! by LoZ_Keyblade_Master
Kingdom Hearts Memes!by LoZ Keyblade Master
Title says it all. (Art or memes are probably not mine! Credits to the original creators!)
Seasalt (AkuSai) by swirlingIdiocy
Seasalt (AkuSai)by swirlingIdiocy
After the events of KHIII, Lea and Isa can finally relax with the kids.