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Dreams prison life by Mizuki_wastaken
Dreams prison lifeby Mizuki
This is a collab AyanoStarForever on youtube I'm going to be writing the story and making of the Gacha Characters...then she'll be making it into a Gacha Series...She h...
✨~Bound To The Earth~✨Ghost!Dream AU by englishismahmajor
✨~Bound To The Earth~✨Ghost! englishismahmajor
He wanted to protect them.He really did.And what they did in return was to send him away.He forgives them.He does.He just needs time to remember.He wants to say sorry.He...
I will never find someone else quite  like you by Midnightfreak202
I will never find someone else Midnight freak and friends
When Clay falls in love with George Davidson against his parents wishes, they force him into a marriage with Floris Damen; a young man from a wealthy, high-class family...
It all started by truth or dare by SavannahMargaret3
It all started by truth or dareby just a normal account
Discontinued Bruh also I already changed this once but whatever anyway this is mainly fluff and the characters are not based off the real life in my opinion I think usin...
Strangers by Aaron_TW
Strangersby Aaron_TW
This is my au I think. Sorry if there's a story similar. Dreams parents and only sister have died in a car accident. Dreams foster mother is abusive. And there's a cute...
Ink... by WayT0ManyFand0ms
#6 WayT0ManyFand0ms
The bigining of this is sort of like a backstory. Its like the video of Inks backstory, exept I added Error, Cross, and Reaper. (Cross and Reaper being his borthers and...
Dreams Of Mine by luluahoo
Dreams Of Mineby Lulu
I have dreams. Everyone does. Mine are interestingly unusual. So why not write them here? That's just what I'm doing.
unboundable.  by Foodboi259
unboundable. by Grace G.
when different people from all over the fandom world show up in the SMP, why do they all immediately go Dream? the one who caused all the pain. What will the rest of the...
The last one to stand-A Dream SMP AU(Englisch Vers.) by freedom_fangirly
The last one to stand-A Dream -Ghostnotfound-
Dream walked the silent hallway. The guilt of his crimes and the sadness of losing his friends, seemed to slowly suffocate him. Every step he took seemed harder than t...
Stopping, but continuing- Dream angst by b1ank5pac3
Stopping, but continuing- Dream Blank name
Dream needed to see the british brunette one last time, holding on to his strength until he couldnt anymore. Finally able to say his goodbyes to the people he hurt.
The breakout||ESCAPED DREAM AU|| by 1-800-SOLAR_WEEPING
The breakout||ESCAPED DREAM AU||by SOLAR
This was inspired by @chillytide on TikTok! Go follow them! They are amazing! I took inspiration from SOME parts and the rest of the stories is my imagination! (001 is...
Prison Changes People by MangoFlamango921
Prison Changes Peopleby Mango
Idk why I named it this, i had no other titles in mind
I'll Carry it All. [Dream Angst] by kuropheonix
I'll Carry it All. [Dream Angst]by kuro. pheonix
In an AU where happiness is monitored. After someone figured a way to manipulate the population to commit suicide, the government created a Bracelet that recorded happin...
It's Finally Over... by Aitoooooo
It's Finally Aito
dream finally has enough of nightmare and decides he's done with nightmare so he takes his own life in prison after he dies he realize how many people care for him and h...
Alistair (MCYT story) (Dream Angst) by NadderBlade
Alistair (MCYT story) (Dream Angst)by Dr3@mGl!tCh
Dream is getting sick and tired of him being accused of cheating on a speedrun, the drama of him being 'doxed' and his ex girlfriend. Along with that most of his friends...