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Forever and Ever (Ryan x Goldy) by Fanfictioner72418
Forever and Ever (Ryan x Goldy)by FANFICTIONER
After the daycare is closed down for a year, and Tina leaves for a while, only Goldy, Ryan, and UnicornMann stay in touch. With Unicorn dating Lizzie and Tina out of the...
Why Do I Have To Love You? by spacie_boii
Why Do I Have To Love You?by ✨Emi✨
Tina starts to have these weird feelings for Goldy. Why? Why did she have to lover her of all people. On top of that she meets this kid who she starts to fall for. Wait...
New and A Bit Alarming (Ryguyrocky x reader) -Discontinued- by KaylaCasas
New and A Bit Alarming (Ryguyrocky...by 🦕Kayla Casas🦕
"Hi, I'm y/n!" I said extaticly to the blue jacket wearing boy. He treats me so well, better than anyone ever. "HANDS OFF MY CUTIE!!" The tiger gir...
Gloomy Hearts go boom.( a Ryguyrocky daycare fanfic) by idkstudio
Gloomy Hearts go boom.( a Ryguyroc...by ✨🌸~Strawberry~🌸✨
Goldy and her friends always have fun together! They laugh and play all day when they're with each other. Even when one of them is sad Goldy was there to brighten their...
Recess Ryguyrocky x Reader by HiddenKitty101
Recess Ryguyrocky x Readerby Kitty
Book idea from @Pastel_Unicorn130 this is the sequel to my daycare book
Minecraft Life New Gen (Ryguyrocky Fan-fiction) Discounted by AronAidan
Minecraft Life New Gen (Ryguyrocky...by AronAidan
I have made a roleplaying discord sever about Minecraft Life if you want to join here is a link, https://discord.gg/hQcZSzm After Ryan and the others left there was new...
The break ups by nanagkitten
The break upsby Arctic Animal
This is the story of how Saber Shark Kat and Cookie broke up just know this is how I want it to go so please don't tell me that this is not how it went thx
Ryguyrocky Texting Stories by smoothunicorn
Ryguyrocky Texting Storiesby Terrified_Lesbian
This is NOT my story I'm publishing this for a friend who can't get a Wattpad account. Enjoy!
Can You Keep a Secret? by spacie_boii
Can You Keep a Secret?by ✨Emi✨
Ryan and Sabre are best buds. Ryan doesn't have any interest in Tina and Sabre has no chance with Goldy. Ryan starts to see Sabre in a different light. So, he decides to...
Change of Fate  A Steve Saga Fanfic by Pinkcrystalwarrior
Change of Fate A Steve Saga Fanficby Pinkcrystalwarrior
What if Void Steve raises Sabre? What would his life be like? Well here's a story about that.
The Minecraft Youtubers x reader by MarkimooFannnnnz
The Minecraft Youtubers x readerby Kitten Animationz
This story includes....MooseCraft,09SharkBoy,The Pack, The ProperDummies, PrestonPlayz,Ryguyrocky,and UnspeakabeGaming!!!!
MCDC Ask or Dare (On Hold) by ItzLaffyTaffy
MCDC Ask or Dare (On Hold)by Taffy
Unicorn installed a dare box at the daycare. This will be fun. Featuring all the daycare characters (my OCs from "Love" included).
My cute Flower~! (Tyan/Goldycorn fanfic) by tyanforeverpleb
My cute Flower~! (Tyan/Goldycorn f...by • L o s e r•
Well...In this AU Tina is a soft boi (but still yandre) but she doesn't know her crush also has a MAD crush on her...Goldy is less oblivious (But still is like:98%) And...
Phases of the Moon (Tina x Goldy) by Fanfictioner72418
Phases of the Moon (Tina x Goldy)by FANFICTIONER
2 enemies find that maybe they don't hate each other quite as much as they thought
it our secret (Discontinued) by its_lil_leah
it our secret (Discontinued)by ✨Leah rose✨
Ryan fell in love with ash but ash is young for Ryan
Tina X Goldy Daycare  by Weirdo_Pal
Tina X Goldy Daycare by WierdoPal
ryguyrocky daycare roleplay but with a twist
He love me, he love me not by Lonely_Dreamer14
He love me, he love me notby Lonely_Lesley
One school day on the way home, Kat started to cough out roses along with some blood that startled her. She asked her friend Lizzy about it and the answer she got was un...
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au)  by ArtAngle713
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au...by ArtAngle713
(COMPLETE) People have their disagreements, it's human nature. All that Goldys over wanted was for Tina to like her for once. But what happens when Tina pushes her to he...
Dark Jealousy TYAN #1 (16+) by OkamiBookStudio
Dark Jealousy TYAN #1 (16+)by Okami Stories (Studio)
Writer: NuGGeT Wolf A Story Of Jealousy, Lemon, Violence, Love, Werewolf, Force, and Dark... This story is tended to be a tyan story but not just any kind a love fight...