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Our Hearts Are One At Sea [One Piece/Zoro] by Busy_Sleeper
Our Hearts Are One At Sea [One Busy_Sleeper
Fox D. Lexie sets sail with her younger brother Monkey D. Luffy on his journey to become King of the Pirates. Along the way they will face many challenges and many secre...
The Fallen by Rinacchin
The Fallenby Kathy
When she was still a little child- she always dreamed of becoming a pirate. After some years passed she met lots of different people and became a captain of a pirate cre...
The Greatest Swordswoman by white_pillar
The Greatest Swordswomanby white_pillar
Our greatest swordsman if he were a she! Hiding her gender as we head towards the grand line, she aims to become the strongest swordsman. Something seems off to Sanji th...
Pirates | Luffy x reader x Zoro by Icyyhot
Pirates | Luffy x reader x Zoroby God
Y/n joins Luffy's crew. She has devil fruit powers. Who will she become close to? What happens when she falls in love with more than one person? Will they fight or will...
Living in One Piece  by Poisonbihhh
Living in One Piece by weeboo
Y/N meeting the strawhats a life changing moment Will there be love or ships we may never know 😉
Trafalgar law x OC by Vixonfoxy
Trafalgar law x OCby Vixonfoxy
Abandoned at the age of 5, you had to fight to live. You were chased by the government but they only knew you by a nickname, the ghost. You grew up in and around hatred...
Instincts [Roronoa Zoro x Reader] by Pixelpad
Instincts [Roronoa Zoro x Reader]by Pixelpad
Being blind, [Y/N] relies on her ears, Haki, and instincts. Her gut has always led her on the right path. But sometimes, her heart says otherwise. -•- Recommended to wat...
From Another World (Zoro × Reader) by Katakuwi18
From Another World (Zoro × Reader)by Luffy♡
You woke up and found yourself in a shipwreck. To your surprise, you found out you were in the world of One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda and you belong to yo...
Little sister [Zoro x F!reader] by jjesta
Little sister [Zoro x F!reader]by Fangirl
So this story will follow anime and I'll just put in the find in the story and do not skip first part! (It's kind of important) Btw. Forgive me for my Engl...
The Water Wielder (One Piece - Roronoa Zoro) by Catnistic
The Water Wielder (One Piece - feline.
On that fateful day the rain was heavy. Asuka was drifting in her small rowboat she stole from a dock on a nearby island. Her burden of carrying a five point five hu...
One Piece X Reader ONESHOTS ✔ by xtrablu
One Piece X Reader ONESHOTS ✔by Ł Ę Ñ
COMPLETED ✅ I hope you readers enjoy my cringe shit writing☺️ Please check out my other stories! I'm hoping to have some new stories out soon🤯 [updated description 8/2...
Imagines III | ZoLu 🥀🔥 by Corazoned
Imagines III | ZoLu 🥀🔥by 从卂尺-乇从口
Here's to another erotic collection of Zoro x Luffy imagines! BEWARE these stories won't contain fluffy scenes but rather wild ones that are certain to bring out a diffe...
SanZo - Welcome, My Detective by KatlnnRotato
SanZo - Welcome, My Detectiveby Katlnn Rotato
Sanji and Zoro work at a private detective agency together. They're constantly asked to do odd jobs and, even though they argue the whole time, they always get the job d...
Stalker! One Piece X Reader by MasaruSuzuka
Stalker! One Piece X Readerby Masaru Suzuka
I literally just started typing... I won't even know what it's about, or who, until it's over... Enjoy! :D EDIT AFTER WRITING THE FIRST BIT: Well... I honestly didn't...
Eyes of a Hawk: Zoro x Reader by TeruTategami
Eyes of a Hawk: Zoro x Readerby Teru Tategami
Bartholomew Kuma had broken up the entire Straw Hat Crew by flinging their nine members across the globe to areas of their self interest. Roronoa Zoro lands upon a gloom...
Lust || One Piece Imagines by -NANIx
Lust || One Piece Imaginesby 𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐢-𝐬𝐚𝐧
Scenarios, one shots, smut, and many more; dedicated to your favorite one piece characters! - all credits goes to Oda for the characters from One Piece!
One Piece One Shots by Pixelpad
One Piece One Shotsby Pixelpad
One Piece One Shots, as the title says! There's a lot of characters I love in One Piece and here's the stories compiled in one place. Enjoy!
Mine (Zoro x fem reader) by -USHIJIMASWIFE
Mine (Zoro x fem reader)by YandereHoe
Just read it!!! Characters and Im making it to where a very little bit is related to the anime like luffy still being him and the characters and ONE PIECE belongs to Eii...
ZoroXSanji [ZOSAN]: Two Wings by FujoshiyP
ZoroXSanji [ZOSAN]: Two Wingsby FujoshiyP
How the two fell in love and what happened thereafter (this story will contain boylove and yaoi, so anyone who doesn't like it, should not read it)
New World With You (One Piece Crossover) by mirajanewolf46
New World With You (One Piece Mira
Ariella was given a task by Arceus to save and help Pokemon from another world. I do not own Pokemon or One Piece but only my OC and some of my original plots.