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Playlist Short Track #1: That Thing Called Closure (Published) by jayetria
Playlist Short Track #1: That Jay E Tria
Nino isn't built for long distance relationships. He should have told Suze that when she decided to leave Manila to take that work assignment in Canada. Being a drummer...
New Year's Eve || POST MALONE by Halcyon2020
New Year's Eve || POST MALONEby Halcyon2020
New Year's Eve was made for one night stands, right?
The Waitress  by turnerzyellamo63
The Waitress by Sarahhhhh
Camille's life was hard and confusing enough, but was she ready for the most turbulent parts in her life to come?
Together in Quarantine | Jikook/Kookmin by BabyMochissi_
Together in Quarantine | Jikook/ BangtanBabyMochi
Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin were neighbors for years, but never got along. Whenever Jimin practiced for his job at the Philadelphia Orchestra, Jungkook just so happened...
Rockstar Bay Academy: A Stepbrother Romance by ellefielding_author
Rockstar Bay Academy: A Elle Fielding
When her mother marries into the Cassidy family, Lilah Kelly's world is rocked - quite literally. Not only is the Cassidy family considered royalty in Rockstar Bay, but...
"All we need is a little patience" Axl Rose  by Liveinpeace5
"All we need is a little patience" Yeeet
Mary goes to a Guns N Roses concert and she gets hurt because Axl jumps off the stage and starts a fight! What will she do when he helps her and finds out that she's und...
•Fade To Black• by _CORNELL_
•Fade To Black•by Jack
Started this story a while ago. Went back to it I guess.
FADED⏳~ Jaden Hossler by ChuckiesPlayhouse
FADED⏳~ Jaden Hosslerby Daddy Sangwoo⛓🔪
She thinks all bad things revolve around her, In order to stop it she must fade in existence
Sad But True (Lars Ulrich FanFiction) by RylieKy1
Sad But True (Lars Ulrich RylieKy1
A serendipitous night at the bar leaves Stevie waking up next to the most famed drummer of the 80s, Lars Ulrich. Out of pure commiseration for the hungover man she volun...
Star (H.S AU) by magickkiki
Star (H.S AU)by ✨Kiki✨
When A race car driver meets a man in New York, she realizes quickly that she fell fast and hard
Stainless Steele by mjwriting444
Stainless Steeleby mj
He was the boy on campus everyone strayed from. His looks, his demeanor, his everything was dark and formidable. His eyes could strike fear into anyone willing to look i...
Song Recommendations by skulltheskeleturtle
Song Recommendationsby Just call me Zkcul
Basically what the title says, read if you want to listen to some music and discover more songs that you might like
"You can't buy a persona, you can either make it up or you can be it" - Keith Richards. ------------ Joni Adair has been a roadie for 3 years, traveling with s...
With Me by flicbenn
With Meby Felicity Bennett
Ava is looking for extra money to become an actress this is where she meets a couple looking for a surrogate. She agrees the deal before she meets and falls for the othe...
𝘿𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙨 by paulsfeet
𝘿𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙨by paulsfeet
Jean has a dream of becoming a rockstar, and one night when she sees her favourite band live, she decides to form her own band. On the cover: Cherie Currie
Arrested (A Jaden Hossler FANFIC) by KIT002KAT
Arrested (A Jaden Hossler FANFIC)by Kitkat
Fate always has a way of bringing you back to where you're supposed to be. He was arrested, and there was only one person he could call for help. Jaden Hossler has been...
Alex Turner One Shots by mggsgurl
Alex Turner One Shotsby goob💕
ONGOING! A One Shot Book About Our Favorite Frontman of The Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner! (No Smut) Requests Are Open!
Play The Game by BreanaRenea
Play The Gameby BreanaRenea
Girl loves boy. Boy loves girl. Sister has a brother. Brother looks out for his sister. Brother hates boy and boy hates the brother. This is Bella's life. She meets the...
Justin Bieber ☆Taekook ☆ by ArmyholicEverytime
Justin Bieber ☆Taekook ☆by Armyholic Everytime
Jungkook is the university hottie and his university rockstar. Everyone likes him. He is the biggest fan of Justin Bieber and admires him a lot. Inspite of having any gi...
𝐅𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐑𝐎� ✨℘яεcıơųʂ✨
Nandini murty, a normal middle class girl, with a normal life. When the world fell for Manik malhotra's charm, she was least bothered. Little did she know her life woul...