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KINGS✔ by lilliewritesox
KINGS✔by lilliewritesox
@rrosemayaa made my covers. Book one in kings series. Khloe Quinn. When her parents died, she found out that she was actually adopted. When she looks for her family s...
Cerberus (Wolves MC) Book 1. NOW EDITING by StoryPrincess16
Cerberus (Wolves MC) Book 1. NOW Story Princess
#1 in truelove 10/10/19 Gena needs help. Her drug-addicted mother had just kicked her out and at the age of seventeen, she can't support herself yet. Her only hope is a...
Gaining Trust  by Mockingbird91
Gaining Trust by Mockingbird91
*Story Excerpt* Trust gently gripped the sides of my face, my eyes widened as his electric blue eyes captured mine, "I just got you back, and I am not loosing you a...
Hold me // Two by xoxoMrsBeachoxox
Hold me // Twoby Beachgirl
Poppy flew from being held hostage. She ran through the woods, trying to survive somehow. Because of the cold and the exhaustion she was weak. Bullet and his brothers of...
MC's Viking Warriors- Viper #3 (on going) by Anonomousauthor123
MC's Viking Warriors- Viper #3 ( Anonymousauthor
Viper and Doretha alike have lost love in their lives. They stumble through the world, existing not living, aching not healing. So when Doretha's sister invites her to...
Naive||Completed|| by Storyismything
Naive||Completed||by E҉m҉i҉l҉y҉
Aurora the naive and shy type. Always plastering a smile on your face and very sneaky, yet cute. She's loved my everyone... Well, not all and likes giving hugs to everyo...
METAVERSE:  New Earth by bradfordzink
METAVERSE: New Earthby Bradford Zink
A technology executive returns home to the Midwest after leaving the corporate world. A pair of supernatural beings show him a vision of the New Earth, a pristine plane...
You Were Always Mine:Jeon JungkookX ReaderXTaehyung imagine by Sosorari
You Were Always Mine:Jeon Sosorari
Roses are red Violets are blue I'd love torturing you Would you like that too? ________________________________ " I can give you everything you want Miss Cho you j...
Love Me , Handsome Cyclist by mag_09
Love Me , Handsome Cyclistby gemstone09
" we may not have the same speed of ridin, acceleration increase more while we let out a every single breath, im still willing to ride those hills for you, just be...
In the same feeling (zg/uni) by Hnin90
In the same feeling (zg/uni)by dh vein
kyungsoo×reader fan girl feelingလိုပံုေဖာ္ထားတာမဟုတ္ဘဲ drama ေတြလိုမ်ိဳးပါ ficကို ficလိုဘဲျမင္ေပးေစခ်င္ပါတယ္ in the same feelingက စိတ္ကူးယဥ္ဖန္တီးမႈသက္သက္မို့ပါ🙏 @hnin9...
Smithereens || reddie  by Reddie_honey
Smithereens || reddie by Reddie_honey
I wanna kiss him even though it will ruin everything so I don't ...but he does. - - - - I'm really sorry the first few chapters are actual shit but um this story is a r...
Upon the Track by YourSweetMirch
Upon the Trackby YourSweetMirch
Avneet Kaur. A famous biker of Amsterdam. Her life takes a huge turn when her parents decide to get her married to a family friend's son. Siddharth Nigam. Owner of sm...
The Night Queen by annaangel27
The Night Queenby Annabelle
A nerd who has a secret life of a street racer and a new boy trying to figure out himself. In a way both their paths cross. Both of them have trust issues and don't tal...
[ ROOMMATES? ] Boy, Girl, and Room+BIKE | M.M 93 by imsebastianstan
[ ROOMMATES? ] Boy, Girl, and sebastian stan
I just playing my phone until seeing marc stand from his bed, he taking off his t shirt than his back muscle are so stunning. Hes hot Im looking at him from my corner ey...
It and Stranger Thing Smut by confused_homo
It and Stranger Thing Smutby stanley urine
God forgive me I gave sinned-🧎‍♀️ IM SORRY FOR THIS- its a joke I promise😃 PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY
Her Quest for Dawn by Interestingreader01
Her Quest for Dawnby Agila
Rudra, an orphan, is all set to pursue her ambition. Neither does she expect her unknown past to unravel itself nor to find the love of her life. But vengeance and love...
Summer Heat √ by PriviHeartsPink
Summer Heat √by 🖤
"We have all done things we aren't proud of," he broke the thick silence as placed his elbows on the cold rail "Oh yeah?" she finally glanced at...
SOA: Arranged Marriage  by MaeDixon
SOA: Arranged Marriage by Mae Dixon
Melanie Middleton is a somewhat typical 19-year-old with no direction in life until one night her parents approach her with a secret that they've been keeping from her s...