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Not So Innocent ( gamer reader x rwby Girls) by Lolypopboy
Not So Innocent ( gamer reader x lobster
y,/n l/n was a sad boy then he died, the end just kidding he was reincarnated into a unforgiving world, the world of remnant but not the same one. In this one many thing...
The Return of Molly by The-Dragon-Hearted
The Return of Mollyby The-Dragon-Hearted
Caduceus has had the same dream for a few weeks now; a familiar grave of a tiefling he never met and the life that The Wildmother placed over that grave. So familiar was...
Once by EmmaMarchAdams
Onceby Nothing Gold Can Stay.
Jane has spent her whole life tiptoeing on the thin line between past and present. Her only goal- to make her father happy again. But living alone in the small dark hous...
Jesus Christ Within Us by alainaawalker
Jesus Christ Within Usby alainaawalker
This is a story written to bring light to Jesus's greatness, answer meaningful questions, and teach you how to stay in your walk with God. I will let God work through me...
Making the Wrongs Right by kittyface27
Making the Wrongs Rightby Khylie Egger
After millions of people all over the world are mysteriously brought back to life, the Whitebeard pirates set out to reconstruct their family and crew, restore their sta...
The End by abbyapple9878
The Endby Abby Howard #BlackLivesMatter
You know that feeling inside when the whole world stops? Shaye sure does. Some people may get it because they're around their super popular crush or they're about to do...
RESURRECTION /// V.Bruntley  by adamantiumwolf15
RESURRECTION /// V.Bruntley by StarDust
In which Jacob's sister, Elisabeth, who was put into an insane asylum at a young age, ends up bringing back Victor Bruntley. - MPHFPC (Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar...
The Devil Tips His Hat To Me by BroodyStranger
The Devil Tips His Hat To Meby Broody Stranger
Missi resurrected Duke, not knowing the consequences she brought to herself. ON HIATUS / DISCONTINUED (either way please don't hope, I'm still not sure. I'm so sorry :'D...
Resurrected (One Piece fanfic) by Grimmie-TheReaper
Resurrected (One Piece fanfic)by Kishiko
*spoiler alert* I was really upset when I watched Ace and Whitebeard die. So I'll be changing the outcome with my oc, named Sachi. There will be action (this is my firs...
Together Again by SlytherinErudite
Together Againby SlytherinErudite
After the war, Harry becomes master of all three deathly hallows. Because of this, Harry unknowingly brought back many of those who died in the war.
Jason X Kitana part 2 by JasonV1
Jason X Kitana part 2by The Blue Raven
Jason is ressurected and is now hunting his killers and more.
Aroma De La Vida by MigiAOI
Aroma De La Vidaby Migzz Perea
- Aroma De La Vida - English Title: Scents of Life Spanish Title: Aroma De La Vida 2ND Vampire Story Author: MigiAOI / Migzz Perea Facebook: Migzz Perea Alrights Reserve...
Her Promise |SATZU| by arcraeiou
Her Promise |SATZU|by PeaShooter
Tzuyu moved to Korea a couple of years ago due to her studies and her training in a well-known agency that is JYP Entertainment, but she kept moving apartment to apartme...
Revived  by thebestrose5
Revived by thebestrose5
At the end of the second wizarding war, something amazing happens.
✅ᴄᴏʟʟᴀᴘsɪɴɢ ʟɪғᴇ ➳🅈🄹: 🄾🅄🅃🅂🄸🄳🄴🅁🅂 by xXxNightsilverxXx
✅ᴄᴏʟʟᴀᴘsɪɴɢ ʟɪғᴇ ➳🅈🄹: 🄾🅄🅃🅂🄸 ➵Aᴘʀɪʟ PIᴇ☾
[ENG] |Red, Blue! and Gold Universe| Part II He didn't know what Ra's was doing here. He just knew that there was more to the Red Hooded Ninja than to meet his eyes. So...
Abnormals ((Shorty Contest Paranormal Entry)) by SquaryQ
Abnormals ((Shorty Contest ImogenSmiley
For Destiny's Shorty Contest: Prompt: A Boy/ Girl wakes up with sudden new powers. Explore their emotional experience as they come to terms with it. . . . "My eyesi...
Ballad of the Damned by Rayne_Or_Shine
Ballad of the Damnedby 𝓼𝓸𝓹𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓖𝓐𝓨𝓽𝓮𝓭
-Sequel to Odd Timings- Terrie is almost like any other kid. The only thing that makes her different is that she's half an angel. Her aunts have been caring for her sinc...
Messed Up by mentallykillingyou
Messed Upby Rebel Blue
What's it like to wake up inside a boy's body? Ask Catriana Flynn. [] I suck at summaries. Somebody make me one.