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Once In A Lifetime (On Going) by amphitrite_syne
Once In A Lifetime (On Going)by Tiger_Lily
Sa buhay natin, may mga dumating na pinalalampas lang natin. At hindi na muling babalik pa. That is Once In A Lifetime. Kilalanin si Bella, and her ultimate crush Kace H...
A Mate for the Latecomer  by VeronicaVito3
A Mate for the Latecomer by Veronica
Elle Langford was once the most dedicate hard working werewolf in her pack. She used to have many friends and respected by all. They were her first priority that she did...
The many lies I said before by Wolfilisous
The many lies I said beforeby Wolfyem16
Misty has been in love with one boy all her life, so when she finally works up the courage to ask him, he rejects her, and her whole life goes down the drain, her many r...
Being A Teen Series: Reject by Laitan34
Being A Teen Series: Rejectby Oluwamayowa💃💃😋😋
*Kindly follow me before reading* Raised by a family who hates her, an asthmatic patient with a facial disorder and a Sickler for that matter. Welcome to her life at Sto...
Vampire Crown  by FireWolfPhoenix
Vampire Crown by Kay D.
What happens when you have a mate that rejects you at first sight? What happens when your second chance mate is a prince of the neighboring kingdom? What happens when y...
Trash? Ok. Rejected? Cool. Now Let Me Be Lazy. by Zoodat88
Trash? Ok. Rejected? Cool. Now Kil8_no
What do you do when you don't shift into your wolf? Learn magic of course. What happens when your family wants nothing to do with you? Cool more time for myself and no...
Howling Moon by Eurheines
Howling Moonby Eu
"I, Niccolo Silas Hayden, the Alpha of the Crescent Pack reject you, Pallas Dorothy, as the future Luna of this pack and as my mate," he said heavily. After tr...
The Alpha Broke the Omega by skylar_hopeee
The Alpha Broke the Omegaby skylar_hopeee
"Will you reject me?" I ask, ignoring the lump that was forming in my throat. I fought the tears that were threatening to fall. Don't cry, please Hannah, don't...
The Prince Reject by teeisme03
The Prince Rejectby teeisme
Hazel just can't catch a break. When a devilishly good looking prince slips into her life, it gets even more crazy. In their journey of trust and maybe even love, will a...
BTS fangirl life by Army7Forever07
BTS fangirl lifeby Army7Forever07
there a simple normal girl who fangirls over BTS but something suprising and lucky happens to her (find out by reading the story 😉😆)
Accept Me or Reject Me. You Can't Do Both. (First book) (Completed) by RissaleWriter
Accept Me or Reject Me. You Can' Temporarily on Hiatus
A/N: Just as a reminder. I am not a cliche person. I do do cliche topics but they all have a Rissa twist. Check it out, and I hope ya'll enjoy. _________________________...
Forgotten Mates by shady_artist_
Forgotten Matesby shady_artist_
broken hurt tortured hope was something that Sammy had held onto all his life,he was kind caring helpful and he never complained when he was tortured or hit.He tries to...
Rise by chadeyamiller
Riseby Chadeya Miller
Juliet Stone is more than just a seventeen-year-old girl living in the quiet town of Newport, Oregon. She is the daughter of a powerful alpha werewolf. She destined to...
My Father's Son by AliceNganga4
My Father's Sonby Alice Squeshy
Who ends up taking the tittle of Evelyn's baby as the father between Clark and Domnic.
A Mate's Unrequited Love by thegirlwholoved2001
A Mate's Unrequited Loveby thegirlwholoved2001
"You knew we were mates before?" I questioned him. "I had a hint, today just confirms it."He replied casually smoking a joint. "Why didn't you s...
Shy One (Completed) by BearGoRawr
Shy One (Completed)by Bear
She is shy, no argument there. She is afraid to speak up, afraid of conflict, afraid of everyone around her. She is still special. But no one would see that. Especiall...
Fire and Ice by ElementalMadness321
Fire and Iceby Nikki Nyt
Formerly titled "Against the Odds" You know how there's the whole world then there's the Supernatural world then there's the werewolf world then there are pack...
My Mate Rejected Me.... Now I'm Pregnant by QuetaFox
My Mate Rejected Me.... Now I'm Queta Fox
Hannah Mason was your typical girl. Loved to hang with friends but tried to keep low key with partying. It always leads to trouble. I didn't want to be the type of girl...
Keith's Hybrid (MxM) by SoakingHeart
Keith's Hybrid (MxM)by SoakingHeart
Enjoy a short tale of Adrian and Keith! Adrian is a hybrid, born centuries ago. He lives alone in the middle of forest, he's kind of lonely. He has been waiting for his...
beautiful bastard by heartwrote
beautiful bastardby vsohyun
Rich confused boy who like girls around him and his life changes when A girl rejected him