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Teen Titans X Reader (Male) | 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐥 by Nivado111
Teen Titans X Reader (Male) | 𝐓𝐡...by Nivado
When Y/N feels love for the first time in his entire life, will he be able to see through the voices of the past that curse him to this day? Will he eventually be able t...
Rachel (Raven) x Reader by SaintTelomere
Rachel (Raven) x Readerby SaintTelomere
i couldnt find a better cover lol im doing this slightly as a joke, but this is gonna be an actual story dont worry
Little club love island X reader  by Ilena08
Little club love island X reader by Wonder child
I just love the series when I was younger so I decided to write it
TNBTS Cyborg! x GenderNeutral! Reader (Completed) by B4llsss
TNBTS Cyborg! x GenderNeutral! Rea...by B4ll$
What if there was a fifth member to B.E.R? What if they decided to live in the dimension they created to protect it from Ultralak? Read and find out what happens when th...
Blood, Guts & Obsessions! Yandere Various Teen Titans x Reader by xXYandereWriterXx
Blood, Guts & Obsessions! Yandere...by Yandere writer
(YANDERE VARIOUS TEEN TITANS X FEMALE READER!!) Y/n l/n a vampire that just moved to jump city what happens when lots of females & males take an interest in Y/n? even wo...
teen titans preferences.  by BeautyInTheChaos
teen titans preferences. by ɱιʅƙყ ɯαყ!
s l o w u p d a t e s • robin • raven • cyborg • beast boy • starfire ____ started | 04082018. finished | ongoing.
Teen Titans Oneshots by FallenFandomDatabase
Teen Titans Oneshotsby FallenFandomDatabase
Teen Titans Oneshots/ Headcannons and more can be found in this Database. All characters will be included, and reader may be LGBTQI+, Gender Neutral, Female, Male and mo...
A Thief Stole My Heart (Male! Mystique X Reader) by starlight-dragon13
A Thief Stole My Heart (Male! Myst...by Star Light
(Y/N) (L/N) is the type of thief that can get anything you want from anywhere. She's also a mutant. She had the same power as Mystique with the plus of teleportation and...
Teen Titans, Go! x Reader (Long One-shots) by ItsOnlyJesus
Teen Titans, Go! x Reader (Long On...by ItsOnlyJesus
ik this is cringe but I actually like the show and want to honor it by shipping everyone with you lol
Elsword x reader drabbles (requests open) by iluvpanta
Elsword x reader drabbles (request...by Ultimate Grape
From Elsword to Laby, all requests are welcome unless they promote something harmful. I'll write stuff of my own too sometimes.
A Cold Embrace by WAFFLESgoBOOM16
A Cold Embraceby Cyrus II
Just something I'm working on to see if I actually can write. So give me all feedback and enjoy. Btw may or may not be a ravenXreader
Teen Titans (Male! Snake Eyes! Reader x Raven) [DISCONTINUED] by NotGonnaSayMahNaym
Teen Titans (Male! Snake Eyes! Rea...by No Name
The Teen Titans are a team of teenage superheroes: Dick Grayson, AKA Robin, Koriand'r, AKA Starfire, Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg, Garfield Logan, AKA Beast Boy, Raven Roth...
Changes (a teen titans reader insert) by shawtyavery
Changes (a teen titans reader inse...by avery 😟
I'm not really one for friends. Not anymore. My mother was my best friend until I had to watch her die right in-front of my eyes. My father blames me for it. Until he wa...
Teen Titans x Reader by buttmunchbandit
Teen Titans x Readerby D-D-D-DOOKIE 🧑‍🍳
When you and each of the titans keep meeting in coincidental, faceless circumstances, you see the opportunity to turn the discovery of your identity into a game. Althou...