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My Long Lost Queen, Pinetree (BillDip) by Pandasshole_
My Long Lost Queen, Pinetree ( Nagira's BlurEye
Royal Kingdom AU. "I promise, when I get older, I will make you my Queen, okay? " The golden-haired boy said as he kissed the brunette's forehead. The smaller...
This Was Not In The Plot!!! by AuthorReading
This Was Not In The Plot!!!by Author Reading
I'm not one of the female targets. I'm not even female. Stop chasing me! **** Fufufu... I'll defy the rules of the game as long as I get to capture you, my dear not-so...
For What's Forbidden  by PaperBagBoi_
For What's Forbidden by Paper Bag Boi
Two lovers, Two families at war, A ball were someone's identity is hidden, From families at war for centuries, secert lovers, Not knowing what they look like they fi...
Forgotten Deals || Billdip  by mischievouspickle
Forgotten Deals || Billdip by Loki
《Book Two, must read the first book.》 ❝I gave up on childish fantasies, you should too Cipher❞ *** Dipper has returned to Gravity Falls on a temporary leave from work to...
Our Symphony  by NobodyFuckingAsked
Our Symphony by Who said I cared
"My words couldn't reach you but I hope this does....." A school for talents yet a boy who hates his. ~DISCLAIMER~ I DO NOT OWN GRAVITY FALLS OR ANY OF THE SO...
Love Hurts (BillDip) by FnafstuffandJeremike
Love Hurts (BillDip)by joshIetoshle
This is the sequel to 'A Different Weirdmageddon' ~~~ After Dipper and Bill split up, they realize they're better off with each other. But after all the things Dipper ha...
Agregando un poco de color by katyabg43
Agregando un poco de colorby katyabg43
Ella necesitaba algo y no sabía que era, su vida se había vuelto monótona y quería algo, alguien que la hiciera sentir viva de nuevo ¿Donde podria encontrar a alguien q...
Forever \\ completed by Frostbite_SJC
Forever \\ completedby Frostbite
•ʂʋɱɱɑɽɣ• Bill Cipher's statue was where it all began- and ended. He told her, told her about the demons haunting him. He warned her, it was only going to hurt, that it...
Welcome to the Future! [BEING REWRITTEN] by HumanPerson12345
Welcome to the Future! [BEING Max The Avenger
Welcome to the Future! It's four years later in Gravity Falls, Oregon and the weirdness is there as always. Dipper and Mabel, now 16, are back. Soos and Melody are marri...
With You by _GravityFallsFan_
With Youby ♡♡BillDip♡♡
Dipper and Mabel move into the city of Gravity Falls, where Creatures, Angels, Demons, and Humans live in actual peace, not like other cities that are very racist. They...
It's Where My Demons Hide by GlaziolaNacht
It's Where My Demons Hideby Glaziola Nacht
This is a story between you and Pyronica from Gravity Falls, it's kinda sad and cute at the same time, but mostly sad... yes I know I have a thing for writing sad storie...
Destined To Be(Bill Cipher x Reader) by SeanCrystalMizuki
Destined To Be(Bill Cipher x ~Devilish Truth ~
In this story your a 18 year old and in summer with your family but you don't know what country or place does your family taking you but you decided that it will be best...