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My Story of Feminism by fangirl_feminist
My Story of Feminismby SokeefeOTP
I am a feminist. I know that it is a controversial topic. So I decided to speak out, give my opinion, and tell people why I am a feminist.
Bliss by unlockedkeys
Blissby •nandika•
This is a book containing my personal opinions on politics, ethical dilemmas, and more light-hearted topics such as celebrities and food. And also memes. Feel free to a...
Question of the Week by ArticleAdjective
Question of the Weekby ♫
i ask questions. you think. ( and answer! )
Ada's Baby by theRam019
Ada's Babyby Aries♈️
Being 15 is hard enough; there's GCSEs, having to pick a college course, worrying about losing friends when everything changes... then you find out you're pregnant. Ther...
Abortion Discourse by ConservativeAnswers
Abortion Discourseby Conservative Answers
We'll be discussing the real facts about abortion here. Feel free to ask questions where and when you'd like.
#1: Change My Mind.  by TaniaMckenzie
#1: Change My Mind. by Tania Mckenzie
In this day and age, there are many who debate on and on about various topics of interest. But in this series I would like to take a different approach. I am inviting al...
Serendipity by TJWilliams95
Serendipityby TJ Williams
Short story entry for #FiveYearsSinceCollabContest Jordan and Kaley haven't seen each other for five years when they meet again on the cliffs of Kent. Whilst Jordan is t...
Opinions (Political) by ward_25
Opinions (Political)by That Activist Bitch
A book for peaceful debates if you're up for it. Disclaimer. Freedom of speech comes with a consequence so if you're ready to throw an opinion out there. Be ready for s...
murder and mayhem,   misc by hellshouse
murder and mayhem, miscby gaia
You can't break what's already broken. October 2020
Project ETD by Project_ETD
Project ETDby Project_ETD
Abortion: There are two sides of the debate, but only one stance can be "right"... right? I think it's about time we took a good, hard look at the facts and en...
Why Do Christians Support Abortion? by RajRichard
Why Do Christians Support Abortion?by Rajkumar Richard
Some Christians fervently support abortion. Why and how do they justify abortion? Is abortion justified in an absolute sense? Read more...
a voice striving for choice by JeremyShadaRules
a voice striving for choiceby JeremyShadaRules
A persuasive essay regarding the controversial topic of abortion. I argue about why I am pro-choice. Please don't be offended by anything I wrote. This is MY point of vi...
A Mother's Right (Oneshot) by There_For_Tracob
A Mother's Right (Oneshot)by There_For_Tracob
Depressing short story I wrote for an assignment. Thought it was worth sharing If people ask I might turn this into an actual book thing uno
The Purpose by RachelFine
The Purposeby Rachel
This is a story about a boy in the foster care system searching for his purpose in life. His case manager Maria is the only person he has come to trust and she does what...
Feminist Rants☆ by meg2907
Feminist Rants☆by meg2907
Pro-choice feminst rants about human rights issues
angry feminist by Seraconner
angry feministby Seraconner
full of topics regarding feminism, politics, and other big issues and my opinions on them. (includes mature language)
Nick Videos x Lance Videos by _cockichi_
Nick Videos x Lance Videosby Person
our favorite political tiktok couple!! Lance needs Nick and Nick needs lance for debates of course! join me in this wonderful fanfic!