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Victor by Night | Finnick Odair by itsjustannie
Victor by Night | Finnick Odairby annie :)
Sagitarra Scrymgeour -- Sage, for short -- has already fought her way and conquered the title of Victor during the 72nd Annual Hunger Games for District 5. Still recove...
Astrophile by DemonSkittleLord
Astrophileby Demon Lord
Plagued by pain and suffering, the remainder of the Stormfront family is not surprised when their eldest daughter, Estelle is reaped for the 69th hunger games. Gaunt, sk...
Hijacked - The Hunger Games by lauren-adell
Hijacked - The Hunger Gamesby l a u r e n
Imagine an alternate scenario in which Peeta is taken to district 13, and Katniss is taken to the Capitol after the Quell. "I'll see you at midnight." (Comple...
The Other Everdeen (Cato Love Story) by DJZabini15
The Other Everdeen (Cato Love DJ
Jasmine Everdeen. The sixteen year sister of Primrose and Katniss. She has learned the art of healing from her mother and hunting from her sister. When Prims name is cal...
SECRETS││ F. ODAIR by baldavatar
❝LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I AM PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OUR YOUNGEST VICTOR EVER, JUNIPER BLACK❞ When a manipulative 12-year-old girl from District 5 gets reaped, she takes...
Fire and Ice- a Catoniss Story [COMPLETED] by mkw1620
Fire and Ice- a Catoniss Story [ Kara Emms
Cato and Katniss met when they were younger, but when the 74th Hunger Games approaches they are left to discover the true acts of their love and how they'll save each ot...
Catching Fire: Prim [Completed] by illiterate-writer
Catching Fire: Prim [Completed]by Monica
Let's just say Katniss never volunteered for Prim, and Prim made it out alive. She's faced with more challenges, of course. The Third Quarter Quell is now here and Prim...
The Mellark Children by chelssay
The Mellark Childrenby Chelssay Fanfictions
It's been several years since the rebellion has ended and Katniss & Peeta are married. Katniss can't sleep one night when she hears Peeta talking in his sleep. At first...
Peeta's Story- The Hunger Games by amandagrace
Peeta's Story- The Hunger Gamesby amanda grace
Thanks to my editors... check out their works! Izzy (bellabooily1997) Lizzy (MySweetSunshine) Since Suzanne Collins wrote from Katniss's point of view, I decided it woul...
Always by peetandkatniss
Alwaysby peetandkatniss
"Will you stay with me?" He asks as if he's unsure. I look him in the eyes and kiss his hand. "Always." I whisper. Book 1 Peeta loved her first and...
A Hunger Games Fanfiction: Prim's Games ||Book One|| by Alia_Williams
A Hunger Games Fanfiction: Prim' Alia
What if Prim and Katniss switched places? What if Katniss' name was drawn and Prim so foolishly volunteered? Here I am to tell you. Started on February 3rd, 2017 Finishe...
We Could Be by deppsbabygirl
We Could Beby Herointhxt
"Don't make promises you can't keep Primrose!"
Fire and Ashes {Sequel to Sea Salt and Roses} by Alyssawong2503
Fire and Ashes {Sequel to Sea Alyssa 💐 Wong
A sequel to Sea Salt and Roses. Imagine a world free from famish, poverty, death and most importantly, the Games. Well, that's in your wildest dreams really. Hillary Sk...
Escape {Gale and Katniss fanfiction} by katerina__xx
Escape {Gale and Katniss kat
Two years have past since the war and Katniss' life is still in ruins. With the realisation of having fake feelings towards Peeta she's missed Gale more than ever. After...
The Game of Survival by serenaaaa02
The Game of Survivalby Levi's best girl
Rowan Everdeen and Cato Hadley won the 74th Hunger Games. But President Snow is not going to let it just go. As it is a quarter quell, Snow has a few tricks up his sleev...
You And I (A Katniss and Peeta Story) by HannahVorhees
You And I (A Katniss and Peeta Hannah Vorhees
Katniss Hawthorne has lived a normal life, at least that's what it looks like to everyone else. At home, there has been fighting, yelling, and a lot of emotional stress...
born to die, finnick odair by nxtionaltreasure
born to die, finnick odairby C!⑅⎖⍣⌮.
BORN TO DIE. "you and i, we were born to die" edith and finnick's long-lived friendship has proven that they genuinely love each other, but when their bond is...
How It Could Have Been ~ The-Mockingjay-xx by The-Mockingjay-xx
How It Could Have Been ~ The-Mockingjay-xx
After the war things are never the same between Katniss and Peeta, he is not the same. Katniss forgives Gale for the bombings knowing that he would never intend to kill...
Mockingjay: Prim [Completed] by illiterate-writer
Mockingjay: Prim [Completed]by Monica
We know how the Hunger Games goes- Katniss volunteers for her younger sister and wins the games, escapes the Quell, and wins the rebellion. Well guess what, that never h...