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the best of both worlds by shrikhandpuri
the best of both worldsby shrikhandpuri
Cove was always curious about her odd attraction towards the nature and wondered why she was so deeply affectionate towards it. It's been that way ever since she remembe...
One Month Bride by Riverlovliness
One Month Brideby Ayushi Nigam
What will you do when someone makes you his bride, marry you, took vows with you but not for lifetime. What will you do when your husband leaves you after making you his...
Our Little Secret by RibyGirl
Our Little Secretby RibyGirl
Hailey Rose Jameson has been keeping a secret. A secret that for sure going to tear apart her relationship with her friends and because of that she choose to run away fo...
Life Unexpected | Bughead  by lordsasskins
Life Unexpected | Bughead by lordsasskins
Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica have been best friends forever. They've always been there for each other, through everything. When Betty reveals to her friends that...
The GangLeader's Family by ccarpenter04
The GangLeader's Familyby Cynthia Carpenter
(Recommended to ready both The GangLeader's Baby and The GangLeader's Girl.) The third book of the series The GangLeader's Baby ************* "Babe, you know that y...
Maya's secret life part 3 by ChloeRoberts173
Maya's secret life part 3by Chloe Roberts
Maya has a secret. Her friends now know it. Who knows what's going to happen now. Things have changed. For the better. Read part one and two if you haven't
Tmnt lemon/fluff oneshots! by princesspink518
Tmnt lemon/fluff oneshots!by princesspink518
Okay so here is a funny story, my laptop broke and I lost my watt pad account, so that means I lost all my books, so I need to start all over again, I really hope you l...
TRAPPED by Abigailhenderson_119
Why do I have to bear this burden on my own maybe its time to give up.
His Investition by chill_pill_all_day
His Investitionby Chillpill
Anita Lopez is fresh high school graduatee. With sick mother on a hospital bed, she has to take two jobs in order to make enough money so she can pay all the hospital bi...
And Then Came Forever | 3 by NeedMyCoffee
And Then Came Forever | 3by hiiiii ily
"Yes, Beck. The bad things are still there. And they're never going away. I was seconds away from killing myself but then I had a kid and- " "Wait...what...
A Love Like Yours(On going) by shnlyriee
A Love Like Yours(On going)by Alyssa Quidet
"no matter how I tried to forget you in the end its still you even if you hurt me bigtime"
Pure Fate by foreverrikarafan
Pure Fateby Aishani
Three people. Three lives. All connected by fate Cover made by: @magicglow11111
'Say no to love, Or yes to a loveless relationship?'   Alicia 'Ally' Storm had a choice-to say no to love or say yes to a loveless relationship. But s...
Billionaires In Love [Ongoing] by alwaysokayforever
Billionaires In Love [Ongoing]by Mansi khandekar
His hands found way to my waist, encircling it softly, as by a movement of hand, he pulled me closer leaving an inch between our lips.My hands went to his broad shoulder...
Not In The Same Way *a.i* by Emmy-1913
Not In The Same Way *a.i*by Emmy-1913
Nora and Ashton are best friends. Nora and and Michael are twins. Nora is blindly in love with Ashton. Ashton is head over heels for Nora. But she thinks she's in the fr...
My college professor  by Melon1294
My college professor by FlowerInTheDark
Park Y/n sadly lost her parents due to a car crash one year ago but despite the loss of her parent she's still surrounded by family and friends. The word alone is not i...
His Hook by shadekehinde
His Hookby kehinde Afolashade
When Caroline fine herself pregnant with Nathaniel's baby and he wanted nothing to do with her since she had once insulted him beyond forgiveness
throne of glass and acotar // crossover  by cosmotee
throne of glass and acotar // 𝖆𝖙𝖙𝖎𝖊
during tamlin's calanmai celebration and search for a wife, were all the high lords are invited, a mysterious woman falls through a portal. aelin galathynius has no idea...
His Mistress' Baby (NEW & REVISED VERSION) by ProlifickInstinct
His Mistress' Baby (NEW & ProlifickInstinct
True love does not come with the luggage called 'conditions'. ֍ ֎ ֍ ֎ Alicia Storm had a choice-to say no to love or say yes to a lovel...