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His Precious Girl by autumn_zea
His Precious Girlby Autumnzea
Prom was around the corner and Arabella Meier was sure she wasn't going to attend. Not even her best friend could change her made up mind. But when Lee Jenson came cras...
The Mafia's Precious Daughter  by MistyMe15
The Mafia's Precious Daughter by MistyMe15
Meet Ariana Whites a normal 21 year old woman, living in New York,working hard to make ends meet. Her whole life changed when she was kidnapped by 4 bank robbers. Just...
ᑭᖇᗴᑕIOᑌՏ by SuchaTragedy0xp
ᑭᖇᗴᑕIOᑌՏby Chinese Eyes
[Yandere! male adventurer x male elf reader] Inspired by: Life in Adventure Started: 2021. dec. 12. Finished: Note: (S/n)-store name Y/n-your name (h/c)-hair colour (V...
Loki Imagines by buckyneedshisplums
Loki Imaginesby 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫
Where you go through scenarios with our precious Prince of Snow, Loki I hope you enjoy. Vote comment just refrain from bad language and stuff and yay.
His Precious [His Series 2] {Completed} by Sarah24SM
His Precious [His Series 2] { Sarah24SM
Gabriella Mary Price is her father's daughter, if it's not her name then it is her mouth that makes people realize whose daughter she is. She has a mind of her own, a to...
Boyfriend imagines and couple goals by Mbrown6002
Boyfriend imagines and couple goalsby Rosie Posie
Couple imagines and cute couple and date idea for you and your partner. also date ideas as well!! Enjoy!
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason McCann) by jerry_imagines
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason jerry_imagines
"YOU DON'T OWN ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, pushing him away. He violent pinned me back against the wall, and whispered in my ear, "If I can't...
❛ PROMISE ❜ - 𝗓𝖽𝗁 ✓ by -SOLARSYSTM
❛ PROMISE ❜ - 𝗓𝖽𝗁 ✓by tee!
᎒ ੈ ✩ ‧₊ ᎒ ࿐ 🧸💌 𝘗𝘙𝘖𝘔𝘐𝘚𝘌 IN WHICH he becomes the person he doesn't want to be and realised the mistake he made, determined to get back what he had
❛ PAINKILLER ❜ - 𝗓𝖽𝗁 ✓by tee!
᎒ ੈ ✩ ‧₊ ᎒ ࿐ 🧸💌 𝘗𝘈𝘐𝘕𝘒𝘐𝘓𝘓𝘌𝘙 IN WHICH serenity and zach face difficulties in their relationship and struggle to decide between love or hate
Tom Holland Imagines by KalaylaJo
Tom Holland Imaginesby KalaylaJo
Tom Holland Imagines!! Everything from fluff to Tom being protective to pregnancy ones to acting together on set, you name it! And for all my innocent girls out there, n...
Bucky Barnes Imagines by buckyneedshisplums
Bucky Barnes Imaginesby 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫
Solely to Bucky Barnes. Hopefully the stories will be longer as I always say. Bucky is so precious. Anyways. I don't really know what else to say because these are prett...
SHA ||Nba Youngboy by Ariya03
SHA ||Nba Youngboyby Ariya03
Sha; to describe something or someone cute or precious .....maybe even precious to NBA Young boy
The Precious by humnarehman
The Preciousby humna rehman
She was rebellious but broken He was arrogant but soft
Perfectly Different #1.1 [COMPLETED🍎] by Mavidzon_1120
Perfectly Different #1.1 [ _mlynqzn_
UW SERIES #1: ZREL SARMIENTO SEVENTEEN Kim Mingyu as Ezrel Rance Sarmiento TWICE Chou Tzuyu as Preciousa Victoriana Ysabella Villafuerte May isang BABAE na ubod ng pasaw...
Search by SweetestSweet12
Searchby Scarlet Hearts
I Ran And Ran And Ran! " To hear Tanjiro Scream like that!! " I shouted in my head while panting tiredly by the chilly, cold air going into my lungs! My bare f...
Unexpectedly In Love  by Sush2341
Unexpectedly In Love by Sush2341
Saahithiya Ram, pediatrician by profession. She is a down to earth person. She is a jovial person. She loves her family a lot. Arjun Srinivasan, ceo of Lalitha Enterpri...
Victim in love by Shijuanu
Victim in loveby Munirat
"Where are my babies?!" Ade screamed immediately the bomb was dropped. "Calm down, they'll be fine." Her mother said with tears and uncertainty in h...
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Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogical AU] by DewdropStudios
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Droplet
Pastel!Virgil and Punk!Logan, along with high school au Virgil di Angelo is a pure-hearted, innocent and anxious senior in high school living with his older brother, Rem...
Steve Harrington Imagines by buckyneedshisplums
Steve Harrington Imaginesby 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫
Updates might be slow, however I still love Steve Harrington regardless. If you want to read some imagines where you're with him... tada this is the book for you. I'm g...
My book of drawings  by MashruraIslam
My book of drawings by Rodoshi
These are some of my drawings