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Ariana Grande Lyrics by get_over_yourself
Ariana Grande Lyricsby Selene Sparks
#PrayForManchester This book contains lyrics of the American singer/actress Ariana Grande This book doesn't include her EP album Christmas Kisses. The information and th...
My Point of View...*complete* by im_maylese
My Point of View...*complete*by 💫 maylese 💫
Riley, a happy girl who went into Ariana Grande's Manchester concert, came out fast as she could. This story is the point of view of a girl named Riley who...
Instagram 2 //HARIANA//  by JustAButera
Instagram 2 //HARIANA// by 𝓐𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓵𝓪 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓵𝓪
Una historia de amor falsa formada por una red social, pero, ¿hubieron sentimientos encontrados? Claro, ,¿se atreverán a admitirlo? Nadie lo sabe, pero ellos son almas g...
Rants and Random Shindizle by laylalaylalayla78
Rants and Random Shindizleby laylalaylalayla78
Well...if you are reading this you are either lost or my fren Nessa. So I'm a very awkward random person who is being forced by their fren to make a story.This story is...
Ariana's life by Denisemariearianator
Ariana's lifeby Denise_Marie_arianator
I put my heart in every cursive letter i hope you like this❤🎀☺
One Last Time  by xxx-33
One Last Time by shxrmin💞
One Last Time, a lullaby for 22 people in the crowd of that Manchester concert. (Ariana Grande's perspective)💖 (I sincerely hope this doesn't offend anyone in any way...
Pray for Manchester  by ItsDarkDemonHD
Pray for Manchester by ItsDarkDemonHD
Please write a book and put #prayformanchester as what happened
We are one united. by Kiki-or-Coco
We are one Imperfectly-Perfect
Just after all the events of last night...i dont know. Maybe this should be revised to events of the past month... I wrote this as a one shot but I felt I couldn't not...
#PrayForManchester by RandomFangirl_2000
#PrayForManchesterby RandomFangirl_2000
My tribute to those affected by the awful attack in Manchester 💖💖💔
Blessed by AmandaOdair14
Blessedby Vale
Shots of various poem, all of them involving different topics.
Hyde Crush by Hollay_x
Hyde Crushby Hollay_x
In a small room in front of her father and the chief police investigator, Kathy must again battle to find the courage to speak about the death of her younger sister Aime...