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The Obsessive Love [Completed] |✔ by _Sass_Queen
The Obsessive Love [Completed] |✔by Mrs. Kartik Aryaan
Cover by @Psycho_Simmy ❤ **** "You're only Mine and MINE. UNDERSTAND!". He shouted while pressing her Towards the Wall. "No one. I repeat NO-ONE can TOUCH...
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his love and possession by nishitavyas031
his love and possessionby nishita vyas
what happens then you love a friend of yours and he also loves you there isn't any new thing right but there is what happens when his love turns into a possession sh...
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Rose III by bjorghalla
Rose IIIby Bjorg Halla
BOOK 3 DOES NOT STAND ALONE MUST READ THE FIRST AND SECOND ONE Tragedy has struck the power couple Rose Ace and her fiancé Alexander Knight who desperately fight each da...
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Head Over Heels by LegendArie
Head Over Heelsby A P P L E
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The minus side by MihaiAlexandru178
The minus sideby Mihai Alexandru
Naegi Makoto wasn't expecting to be trapped in a killing game with his supposed classmates. But when he have a insane god-like being in his head, who's adamant of killin...
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BELOVED by tendtepushpa
BELOVEDby tendtepushpa
SHE lives in dreams and HE makes them true! HE is HER attraction... SHE is HIS love at first sight ❤️ Love story of a chirpy girl RAGINI and studious boy LAKSH❤️ Join th...
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Wrapped (Los Hacienderos #1) by SinyoraKate
Wrapped (Los Hacienderos #1)by SinyoraKate
Los Hacienderos Series: Wrapped written by Sinyorakate Started: 11 of March Finished: *****
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Sonadow The Curse of Betsy the Besty. by SashaPinkCatsaw
Sonadow The Curse of Betsy the Bes...by Sashpinkchainsawkitty
Based on One of my Sonadow Youtube videos Luigi finds an old Luigi board in the old haunted mansion and gives it to Mario. Mario decided to have a sleepover where they...
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Dark Revival (BoyxBoy) by PARAGONKING
Dark Revival (BoyxBoy)by PARAGON KING
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Mon Amour [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste] by sweeven_2
Mon Amour [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adri...by 💀
"Love is an obsession. It has that quality to it. There are healthy obsessions. But mine is not one of them." [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader]
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My Psycho-Childish Bestfriend by PrinceWhoNeverSmile
My Psycho-Childish Bestfriendby PrinceWhoNeverSmile
What will you do if you've given a chance to have a boy-bestfriend but childish.Ellice Andrada have a bestfriend named Kaicel Angelo Lewis a certified handsome and hot b...
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Blood-Red Riding Hood by Kateln99
Blood-Red Riding Hoodby Katherine
"Licking my pale and chapped lips, I tried to wet my bone-dry mouth so I could speak. Between cold shivers, I noticed the crawling under my skin rippled through me...
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AASHMI - The mysterious girl by Potterhead_Aashmi
AASHMI - The mysterious girlby Aashmi Sarraf
This is a story about a girl who abandons all her dreams and hobbies for her parens and yet fullfils them somehow. Aashmi is a 16 year old pre- med student in 12th stand...
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If Flowers Could Kill (Manu Rios){Completed} by KrissyReigns
If Flowers Could Kill (Manu Rios){...by LitLilly
She's crazy So Believe Me When I Say Fear Her When She Looks Into A Fire And Smiles Rosalie's obsession with Manu Rios seemed to not be an issue at all. You would think...
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The Haunted - The Witchpoint Case (BxB) by PARAGONKING
The Haunted - The Witchpoint Case...by PARAGON KING
The Haunted - Horror Universe: Book One. WARNINIG: ONE CHAPTER INCLUDES GAY EROTIC CONTENT. Paranormal investigator Allen Kingsman and his boyfriend, Tobias Bates, face...
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Scenarios by i_ThatRandomPerson_i
Scenariosby i_ThatRandomPerson_i
Just some badboy scenarios that were floating around my head so I decided to write them down. I kind of want to turn them into stories but these are just concepts.
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ZARAH FAIROUZ✓(Read Full Book On Okadabooks) by feeezah135
ZARAH FAIROUZ✓(Read Full Book On O...by didi🦋
Zarah fairouz Hausa version 2019 Disclaimer:PRIEVIEW ONLY This book is just a preview. Read the full story on okadabooks app. She is the definition of beauty, innocent a...
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Reader X Todoroki gone wrong by DeidaraChan82
Reader X Todoroki gone wrongby RiseOfTheCookieArmee
DID YOU EVER IMAGINED YOURSELF WITH TODOROKI???!!! I sure haven't. And I probably will never, but exclusive! Just for you!!! You can read this first made by me xReader...
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" The Obsession'' by PennThea
" The Obsession''by PennThea
A new mysterious woman has moved into the neighbourhood , she's already captured the attention of Roman. He can't help but be bewitched by her exotic looks. He craves he...
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Behind The Veil by mansi_4
Behind The Veilby Mansi Babbar
Paranormal and sinister. Short horror stories, of today's era and of the time gone by!
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