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More than Friends | Vminkook by VKookiesN
More than Friends | Vminkookby JKTH
A story in which Jungkook holds a special place in Taehyung's heart but What will happen when someone else will try to replace him? ⬆️Tae ⬇️Kook ...
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The Obsessive Love [Completed] |✔ by _Sass_Queen
The Obsessive Love [Completed] |✔by Mrs. Kartik Aryaan
Cover by @Psycho_Simmy ❤ **** "You're only Mine and MINE. UNDERSTAND!". He shouted while pressing her Towards the Wall. "No one. I repeat NO-ONE can TOUCH...
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don't forget me by 18RiddellL
don't forget meby Lucinda green
Mary recently witnessed a scaring horrific accident involving an unknown girl. After therapy, Mary forgets the girl but the girl didn't forget her More chapters coming s...
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Hard Way Home [18+]  by KS_Stanley
Hard Way Home [18+] by K.S. Stanley
Jackie works in a dead end job at the Shop and Drop and is secretly planning her suicide. News breaks out that her hero Brandon Rivers, notorious drug troubled leadsinge...
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his love and possession by nishitavyas031
his love and possessionby nishita vyas
what happens then you love a friend of yours and he also loves you there isn't any new thing right but there is what happens when his love turns into a possession sh...
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BELOVED by tendtepushpa
BELOVEDby tendtepushpa
SHE lives in dreams and HE makes them true! HE is HER attraction... SHE is HIS love at first sight ❤️ Love story of a chirpy girl RAGINI and studious boy LAKSH❤️ Join th...
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The Fvckboy's OBSESSION by DaniGurl29
The Fvckboy's OBSESSIONby DaniGurl
Nakayuko ako habang naglalakad... I'm holding the hem of my skirt Nararamdaman ko ang mga tingin nila sakin What happened earlier was so fvckin embarrassing That jerk! N...
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The Light Within The Darkness by Delta_Winchester
The Light Within The Darknessby Delta Winchester
A monster. A freak. A shadow. This was all Auriella knew. What happens when she finds the light? Well, two to be specific. The broken Winchesters and a bloodthirsty fre...
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ZARAH FAIROUZ✓(Read Full Book On Okadabooks) by feeezah135
ZARAH FAIROUZ✓(Read Full Book On O...by didi🦋
Zarah fairouz Hausa version 2019 Disclaimer:PRIEVIEW ONLY This book is just a preview. Read the full story on okadabooks app. She is the definition of beauty, innocent a...
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Her by KeaniCupido
Herby Keanan Cupido
Would you kill someone you love because of love? To destroy a friendship because of the love you have for that person? After a major accident in a small town with a dar...
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Cry Murder by KateHauxwell
Cry Murderby Kate Hauxwell
Sarah had dreamed of being accepted into Cambridge University for years. So, when that acceptance letter finally arrived, she was nothing but excited to be leaving home...
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Mon Amour [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste] by sweeven_2
Mon Amour [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adri...by 💀
"Love is an obsession. It has that quality to it. There are healthy obsessions. But mine is not one of them." [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader]
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Possessed ||A GF Fan-fic|| by Lunatawna
Possessed ||A GF Fan-fic||by Dana
It was just normal day in Gravity Falls. Pines twins Dipper and Mabel were solving mysteries as usual, discovering new secrets and learning about all of the weird things...
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"It Wasn't Her" by Crazyturtlemama
"It Wasn't Her"by BrandyQ Lane
My sister was a beautiful soul, she was the second mother to all of us. She had a quick wit and brought us laughter and so much love, but we all knew that sometimes she...
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My Brothers Obsession (Harry Potter Fantic ) by Ninga_Turtal100
My Brothers Obsession (Harry Potte...by Ninga_Turtal100
April was a beautiful young girl who was the twin of the famous Harry Potter but what if Harry did not love April the way he should what if it was more possessive and ob...
035 by Sivvah
035by Sivvah
The daughter of the SCP Foundation's renown interviewer, Dr. Watch, finds the day she decides to follow in her father's rather risky footsteps. It's time for another lon...
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If Flowers Could Kill (Manu Rios){Completed} by KrissyReigns
If Flowers Could Kill (Manu Rios){...by LitLilly
She's crazy So Believe Me When I Say Fear Her When She Looks Into A Fire And Smiles Rosalie's obsession with Manu Rios seemed to not be an issue at all. You would think...
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His Abusive Obsession {*JIMIN FAN FICTION*} IN HIATUS  by Peachyyyrullyy
His Abusive Obsession {*JIMIN FAN...by Anasthasia Luvard Vatrachí
"In all circumstance you did...." "You!..You include my family w-which has n-nothing to do with o-our ISSUE!!!"Tears begin to fall on your cheeks...
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the devil's den by blurrycopaface
the devil's denby ♡
Sonny was always so sweet and reserved, but what if he had something he was hiding? Something dark...
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Jungkooks Posession// J.JK by LilithMorgenstern666
Jungkooks Posession// J.JKby ×Lilith×
Sie weiß alles jedoch nichts wenn es zu Jeon Jungkook kommt. Einem der meist gefürchteten Mafia Bosse Asiens. Und was passiert wenn er sich in sie verliebt. Ich werde d...
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