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To Love The Russian Bella by Lizzydripping04
To Love The Russian Bellaby Lizzydripping04
*Takes place during Pitch Perfect 2* The Bellas are back and Serafima, or Sera is one of them. Sera is Russian and is an amazing singer. She is Fat Amy's old friend and...
Endings are the Best Part ~Donald Walsh by TheAnimeWomanx
Endings are the Best Part ~Donald...by Makenzie
#1 in donaldwalsh! #3 in pitchperfect! Addison Reid is a Freshman at Barden University. When she tries out for the Barden University Bellas, things start to get complic...
Treble Cleft by Mythology_Geek
Treble Cleftby Abby
"Money can get you anywhere or anything" That's probably why Vieve is stuck in the boys dorm at Barden University, rooming with a Treblemaker. Officially name...
| When Words Fail | Jesse Swanson x Reader by MaleficMushroom
| When Words Fail | Jesse Swanson...by Moon Wild
(This is a Pitch Perfect 1 fanfiction) "I have somewhere to be, Jesse. Aubrey is gonna kill me because of you." Claire glared at him, but she wasn't truly up...
Sunshine {Donald Walsh} - STOPPED by jamethystb
Sunshine {Donald Walsh} - STOPPEDby circuses
I entered the wrong dorm. I decided to stay there because you're way too cute. I never thought we had to be enemies. But a treblemaker never plays by the rules. A.N : I...
Yes, Ms. Kendrick by RealStoryMind
Yes, Ms. Kendrickby RealStoryMind
YN Baker is know as the shy, quiet kid that normally doesn't hang out with the popular or goes to any parties. Unfortunately one night, a week before the first day of sc...
◣THAT TREBLE◥ by lightsoutalice
◣THAT TREBLE◥by lightsoutalice
Skylar transferred to Barden University and ends up rooming with Donald Walsh and meeting the rest of the Treblemakers along the way. They're all pretty much brothers to...
Worth More Broken by befuckingchloe
Worth More Brokenby AnnaKendrick47
Beca Mitchell leads a pretty normal life with her amazing girlfriend, Chloe Beale and amazing friends. How can something like that crumble before her so quickly? She jus...
The Barden Bella // Greg Gorenc {Pitch Perfect} by avengette04
The Barden Bella // Greg Gorenc {P...by Taylor
After Donald and Unicycle, each of the boys introduce themselves. The last person steps up. It's the guy that smiled at me in the car. "Nice to meet you, Bri. I'm...
Emily Junk Imagines by LilMixi
Emily Junk Imaginesby 𝒞𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓎 ❤️
The new leader of the Barden Bellas, Cutest thing you've ever met, amazing songwriter and even better girlfriend. You love her more than you love yourself
The Boy with that Smile (Greg Gorenc/Pitch Perfect fanfic) [COMPLETED] by sarinajjjj
The Boy with that Smile (Greg Gore...by WHYTHYFU
A fanfiction which tells a story about you falling for a perfect boy with a perfect smile. However, a twist of fate ruins everything. What can you do? Is there a way to...
In Love with the Enemy // Pieter Kramer by 23_ciarayazzie_23
In Love with the Enemy // Pieter K...by 23_ciarayazzie_23
Meet Brianna Carter. She's a shy girl, but not shy enough to speak her mind. She always loved to sing ever since she was a little girl, most likely because her mother wa...
His Barden Bella (A Greg Gorenc love story/pitch perfect  by bowdenathletics2
His Barden Bella (A Greg Gorenc lo...by bowdenathletics2
Annie Posen is Aubrey Posen younger sister and is just starting her first year at Barden university and can't wait to audition for the Bella's. Greg Gorenc is in his sec...
You saved me. by JenniferPevec
You saved me.by Jennifer
Beca and Chloe haven't seen each other in six months. When Chloe surprises Beca at one of her concerts, everything changes for them. This fanfiction takes place after PP...
Pitch Slapped || Completed by Twinkle__Toes
Pitch Slapped || Completedby Twinkle__Toes
Melody Conrad, sister to Stacie Conrad but better known as Baby. When the two sisters go to college they have an adventure of singing, screaming, love, and more. Melody...
Bechloe - The New Girl by idontknow386
Bechloe - The New Girlby Hollie
Beca is Northfield High's number one player. Chloe is the bubbly new student. The two are completely different but are still interested to find out more about the other...
Group Chat | Barden Bellas by yourchemicals
Group Chat | Barden Bellasby 𝐱
「 2 0 1 6 」 Random/drunk/funny chat and a lot of ships. //ONE-SHOTS//
Stuck with you for 24 hours or the rest of my life. by ZeeHavi
Stuck with you for 24 hours or the...by Zee
Beca and Chloe get handcuffed together for 24 hours, thanks to Fat Amy
𝐈𝚴𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐓𝚨𝚩𝐋𝐄 ⊳ dylan o'brien by avenbrooksuglyvans
𝐈𝚴𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐓𝚨𝚩𝐋𝐄 ⊳ dylan o'bri...by i am danger..fear me dammit
[ON PAUSE] - because i dont like it and dont know how to write a book i dont like ❝❞ "Ok, I'm dressed." "I wish you weren't" Dylan smirked at Madison...
~All That You Are~  by Broppy_tree_panch
~All That You Are~ by Broppy_tree_panch
Branch and Poppy's lives both change one day when the Doctor's reveal something shocking. • this is my sequel to 'After' so if you haven't read it yet I suggest that yo...