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Nothing Lasts Forever by Hikari_Lacrimosa
Nothing Lasts Foreverby InsufferableSin
"He was more than what meets the eye It surely escaped mine" Kirikashi Hikari, a famous literature writer, childhood friend of Akasaka Ryuunosuke, the intellig...
The Pet girl of Sakurasou Truth or Dare by CLWReaper
The Pet girl of Sakurasou Truth CLWReaper
Characters in The pet girl of Sakurasou will answer all ur Truth and Dares willingly XD
My Own Personal Pet Girl by trulip
My Own Personal Pet Girlby honey
❦ heavily inspired by Petgirl of Sakurasou silas finds himself in trouble when he brings a cat into his new dorm, ending up in the shared homes where he meets an odd cr...
The Random Book by thatotakuerica
The Random Bookby thatotakuerica
This is probably going to be filled with one shots or a lot of random things involving The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou. Leave a comment suggesting stuff.