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Kik Me Sometime? (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Kik Me Sometime? (Peterick)by Skittles
They met on the subway. The only thing exchanged between them were not so subtle looks, until on his way out, the blond boy slips a paper to the brown haired boy. Kik me...
Monster (Peterick/Brallon) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Monster (Peterick/Brallon)by Skittles
Young Bloods by angeleyes-demonsoul
Young Bloodsby Skittles
Freaks of nature Science cannot explain them, but here they were A group of teens with certain supernatural abilities that they can't fully control They're held here, in...
I'm Just Passing The Time (Peterick Stripper AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
I'm Just Passing The Time ( Skittles
If you've read my story Kik Me Sometime then you've probably heard the requests for a Stripper AU Well, I did it
Teach Me Mr. Wentz | >> Peterick AU << by Phan_Peterick
Teach Me Mr. Wentz | >> Peterick Abbey & Grace
When a new teacher enters Patrick's school, the same school he gets beat up at and bullied at ever single day, he knows he's different than the rest of his teachers. Thi...
One HELL of a good time (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
One HELL of a good time (Peterick)by Skittles
Patrick is a demon in hell, assigned to bring a little hell on Earth. Pete is on Earth, but with his life, he may as well be in hell maybe a demon is all he needs for hi...
Young Volcanoes (Young Bloods Sequel) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Young Volcanoes (Young Bloods Skittles
They Escaped. But now they have to survive. "Freedom" comes at a cost... Will they be able to pay it? Sequel to Young Bloods so if you're interested in this, g...
The Summer Of... {Peterick}  by angeleyes-demonsoul
The Summer Of... {Peterick} by Skittles
Patrick Stump just wanted to loose his virginity with no strings attached. Just to ditch his 'good boy' persona. What better place than summer camp with some guy from an...
Discovering Yourself (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Discovering Yourself (Peterick)by Skittles
Highschool is about discovering yourself. It's about finding a place to fit into this crazy world we exist in. When you're not quiet sure where you truly belong in the...
Baby, Come Home (Peterick Oneshot) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Baby, Come Home (Peterick Oneshot)by Skittles
Loosely based upon Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy
A Second Chance  (Peterick AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
A Second Chance (Peterick AU)by Skittles
If you had a second chance to be with someone you love, would you take it?
Teachers || Peterick AU oneshot by oneandun
Teachers || Peterick AU oneshotby woop
the story of mr wentz and the new teacher mr stump || bad description hopefully the story is better.
Everything I Love About You is a Mess [Peterick] by conjurethemockingjay
Everything I Love About You is a Daph(nerd)
You’ve got to admit, from all the countless pictures you’ve seen and music videos and interviews you’ve watched, you felt something different in Patrick Stump and Pete W...
Can We Walk Together? (Peterick au) by Phanini_head
Can We Walk Together? (Peterick au)by TheFew_TheProud_The_Emotional
Patrick wants to move out of his parental home. Joe and Pete search another roommate. When Patrick decides to live with the two practical strangers, he and Pete seem to...
How Wrong We Were To Think That Immortality Meant Never Dying (Centuries fic) by fueledbypeterick
How Wrong We Were To Think That fueledbypeterick
Centuries AU. Events leading up to the video.
Fall In Flames (Peterick) by squidycraft108
Fall In Flames (Peterick)by Sam
yes, this is a REVAMP. You CAN read the old one, but I don't guarantee that it will be as good as the new one. also, Andy was way too emo. CAUTION: THIS STORY CONTAINS G...
This Year, I'll Tell Him (#JA2K16) by angeleyes-demonsoul
This Year, I'll Tell Him (#JA2K16)by Skittles
Where it's ten seconds to the new year and Pete is trying to take his chance to say those three words...
human ✧ peterick by imcoldbrrr
human ✧ peterickby k🦋🌾
pete is nothing more than an experiment. something that was meant to be human. but when he finds patrick, a young boy working at a little shop, he feels begins to feel...