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Repulsion by UniqueNImperfect
Repulsionby UniqueNImperfect
If unlikes attract, then likes should repel too. Or is REPULSION just an illusion. An illusion so real, that it makes the unlikeness visible. Too visible that the lik...
The Personal Assistant. by Idecidemyownfate
The Personal Annemarie
"James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-" Eliza...
Rival to Ceo by Victa_fearless
Rival to Ceoby VICTORIA
*Venice* was living with her parents in California till her college life. She leads to New york after her graduation. Excited to see what happens after she meets...
Forever And Ever {First book in the series of Eternal Love} by lei_il_diavolo
Forever And Ever {First book in Simran M.
"Mine. Mine forever and ever." Ryan's minty breath fanned over her neck softly, making a shiver run down her spine. "Yours. Yours forever and ever."...
His Cupcake by babystepswriter
His Cupcakeby Faye
Amigos' Love Story (Series)- Standalone book A series about love stories of four amigos-Carlos, Miguel, Tristan & Manuel. His Cupcake (Book One) Carlos Gonzales + Cassan...
Find yourself by diranosahara
Find yourselfby Sahar Dirani
A 21- years old average, innocent, beautiful, shy girl who works at a men wear shop. The son of the CEO and known as the mean, ruthless, arrogant billionaires son. The...
Amelia by CookieThingz
Ameliaby CookieThingz
"Do you have a nickname?" I ask. "You can call me whatever you'd like baby." He answers. "Your dad said your old nickname was stronzo." I s...
The incident  by ghrace_ada
The incident by Adaeze grace Anosike
"I hate you, more than anything else in this world" I grit through my teeth as he stands so close to me allowing me to inhale the woody minted smells that erup...
Stuck At Default  by ApricotsKiss
Stuck At Default by ApricotsKiss
Who would you choose to spend your life with? The one who broke your heart when you were most vulnerable, or, someone who is now ready to dedicate his whole life to you...
Second chance at love by Kadpul_Stories
Second chance at loveby Kadpul-2008
Dev kapoor a stone hearted business man lives in L.A and Is the leader of the American mafia. He is feared by many why not because he is really ruthless. He is a single...
Vigilante - Good or Evil ? [COMING SOON] by agstnvq
Vigilante - Good or Evil ? [ 𝐇𝐚𝐧-𝐬𝐞𝐨
───×─── Ji Yong, personal assistant to the great Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, lost her mother at the hands of a local gangster when she was young; she becomes a vigilan...
Soulmate by MNSAVBSM23
Soulmateby Ice_Queen
Anubhav (Whispered): Stay away Haseena.... I'm just like this fire.... I'll burn you..... Haseena (Whispered): You already are.... ********** He is Ruthless, He is arrog...
calamity. (sequel to Mr. Reynolds)  by rynwhite_
calamity. (sequel to Mr. Reynolds) by Ryn White
I fell in love with everything about him. His charm, his smile, that telling smirk, the way he looks at me, the darkness in him, absolutely everything. And he fell in l...
Untangled By Red by XO_Zaari
Untangled By Redby Zainab Hassan
Forced to take care of her sick mother and young sister after the death of her step-father ,Twenty one year old Annabell Branson worked tirelessly hoping for a future Du...
APERIRE by logolepsymena
APERIRE- April comes from "aperire" which means to open, hence a new beginning. A story full of hate, love, trust, betrayal, and blooming love. Jay is a self...
'Till We Meet Again' by ruksreads_ultimate23
'Till We Meet Again'by Rukshana_
Verene Lee, a brilliant and tenacious lawyer, and Zeon Nelson, a charismatic billionaire CEO, were once deeply in love. However, their passionate relationship crumbled u...
Secretly Married [Taekook] by Ggukie_Tokki
Secretly Married [Taekook]by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Cold but nice CEO Jeon Jungkook is secretly married and he's a what...?!
His P.A. ✔️ by StarsAndFireflies_
His P.A. ✔️by Heer
Manik Malhotra, the name itself brings so many emotions in ones mind- love, passion, music and fear. He was a rock star and a businessman for the world that looked upon...
Checkmate - [F1 - Pierre Gasly / Lance Stroll] by AnnaRainF1
Checkmate - [F1 - Pierre Gasly / Anna Rain
Fresh out of college, Rose has no job prospects, has moved home with her Dad, and is desperate for any job to get her dad off her back. Will a mysterious job opportunity...
marry me // jjk by jichutea
marry me // jjkby debiin
another jungkook fanfiction