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Baby Doll (Pennywise X Male! Reader) by 6Tim_Wright9
Baby Doll (Pennywise X Male! Tim Wright
(Y/n)'s different then other kids. He doesn't know his mother. He's mocked over the clothes he wears and his father's 'fey' appearance. He doesn't even seem to have fe...
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Popcorn || Pennywise x reader by NoirStrum
Popcorn || Pennywise x readerby Horrorbaby
Alone in Derry with no family, 18 year old you meets the source of all the recent deaths. Turns out, he may just be what keeps you alive.
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PennywisexReader - Suffocate by Sewer_Baby
PennywisexReader - Suffocateby Not Your
⚠️ READ THE WARNINGS ⚠️ COMMENT AND VOTE OR YOU'LL ALL FLOAT! ------ Warning: This story will contain a lot of triggering things: Rape, suicide, self harm, smut, physi...
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Bowers Gang • Imagines by britjosie
Bowers Gang • Imaginesby BritJosie
Requests are open. Everything's here from fluff to smut to angst.
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Bill Skarsgard X Little Reader by JayIssaWeirdo
Bill Skarsgard X Little Readerby Jayden Weekly
"Who owns you princess?" He says with a devilish smirk "Y-you do..." "Who does?" He asks, raising an eyebrow "You do" "And w...
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Pennywise x Little Pastel Reader by Kaylaworld14
Pennywise x Little Pastel Readerby Kayla Rosa
if you were confused about the "little" part, it means that the reader has a child like mind but is 14 years old but still have a child mind. this reader will...
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Pennywise X Reader by saladfingersbride
Pennywise X Readerby Tori Cook
This book is mainly for individual scenes, more or less random scenarios. Some are primarily what-ifs, fluff, but some are a bit heated.
(On Hiatus - We'll Be Back) I will give up my heart for you - Pennywise x Reader by itachiuchihaforever
(On Hiatus - We'll Be Back) I itachiuchihaforever
That day changed her life forever. That day a little ten years old girl lost her father, her worst nightmare. That day she found a friend. That day she found love. (Warn...
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Pennywise x Reader by Mikaraccoon
Pennywise x Readerby Mikaraccoon
You wake up in an unfamiliar place. Your cold, confused and scared. What you didn't know was that someone else has caught onto you, and is hungry for you. As much as you...
Mercy (Pennywise 2017 x Reader) UNFINISHED AND DISCONTINUED by MockingbirdsDontSing
Mercy (Pennywise 2017 x Reader) BeccaG
Please have mercy on me, take it easy on my heart... Life in Derry Maine had it's ups and downs. Especially for Y/N L/N, an 18 year old who has just finished high school...
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yn's diary / slashers x reader by FreddyKruegerlover
yn's diary / slashers x readerby FreddyKruegerlover
read to find out
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Pennywise x Reader🎈 by sharlisajames
Pennywise x Reader🎈by sharlisajames
Are you going to survive Pennywise? Or is he going to love ya~
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I Remember You from Long Ago (Pennywise x Female!Reader) by pennywisefloats
I Remember You from Long Ago ( ⚔️Emily⚔️
Night after night, the dream haunts you. ⠀ IT haunts you. ⠀ However, as he keeps coming, you grow a sense of familiarity and odd comfort around this creature. ⠀ Not to...
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Pennywise x Reader Oneshots ❗Warning: Smut ❗ by Whenlifegivsulemons
Pennywise x Reader Oneshots ❗ Patricia
All credits to the respective owners of the images Started: June 1,2020 End:?????
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🎈 Pennywise X Reader Oneshots 🎈 by PsychoLiteracy
🎈 Pennywise X Reader Oneshots 🎈by PsychoLiteracy
Self explanatory title :3 I don't Own the Image ^u^
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Red Drops Pennywise x Reader by Doubledgesword
Red Drops Pennywise x Readerby Doubledgesword
Somethings are best left unsolved. Some are best left untold, others are best left undiscovered. (Y/n) didn't knew what kind of mysteries awaited at Derry. She only kne...
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The Queen Of Derry  by The_Khaleesi_
The Queen Of Derry by mother_of_dragons
«You attended Derry Highschool, it was an annoying school but you had to go. You had little friends but that didn't bother you, you'd always been by yourself. That's why...
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Who Am I? ( Pennywise X Reader ) by ElectricEmotion
Who Am I? ( Pennywise X Reader )by 🎈Cløwn Løver🎈
A girl named Madeline Lamb is losing everything. Her popularity, her boyfriend, her friends, her dog, her money, and even her family. Where will she go? Who will she mee...
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Lovely Lollipops by Charlie_the_brat
Lovely Lollipopsby Janette Doetson
Pennywise x reader
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Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x reader] by Therizin
Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x Therizin
He's been watching you for months now, never had the chance to get his clawed hands on you. Now he does. "Surprise, bitch!" Discord -
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