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Kratts Gettin Wild by krattsexual
Kratts Gettin Wildby krattsexual
It might be incest and homosexual, but at least it's smut ;) You'll get to read about your wildest fantasies being played out by two PBS Kids characters, specifically re...
🇩🇪🇫🇮🇳🇪 🇲🇪 { Word Girl x Fem! Reader} by thriller5
🇩🇪🇫🇮🇳🇪 🇲🇪 { Word Girl x Fe...by 🌸🎀Nina🎀🌸
You are an innocent young citizen that just moved into Woodview that the people there adore you as if you are a complete angel. That is until you witnessed the villains...
ready for adventure? • xavier riddle oneshots by viadxddy
ready for adventure? • xavier ridd...by viaaah 🌟
"ohh... crap!" "don't say crap!" "sorry.." no swearing in this book, only hints of swearing in a/n's or their parents. •{7/3/20: ranked #1...
(Odd Squad Otis and Olympia Fanfic) The Perfect Partner by saras369
(Odd Squad Otis and Olympia Fanfic...by Sara S
Just some short stories with Otis and Olympia. I love these two together!
Xavier riddle and the secret museum Oneshots by vegas_lights_
Xavier riddle and the secret museu...by махетзи 🎀
Yes i will do AU's and Requests, also ships I don't like 🙄 Warning: ~ Fluff ~ Suicidal ~ Gore ~ Swearing - Fluff : ♡ Dark/Sad: ❆ AU: ✏ (Art is made by me)
Odd Squad - One-Shots by AuthorJonathanMara
Odd Squad - One-Shotsby Jonathan Mara
Odd Squad this, Odd Squad that.... Description... Blah blah blah... I know there are already three or four collections of Odd Squad one-shots on Wattpad, but WHY NOT WRI...
The Odd Squad Ball (An Odd Squad Fanfiction) by saras369
The Odd Squad Ball (An Odd Squad F...by Sara S
On New Year's Eve last year, there was a countdown crook, this year there's no countdown thief, but there is a party. You know, one of those fancy parties, with dancing...
The Badboy meets The Campus Sweetheart (JOAO CONSTANCIA'S FANFICTION) by notyoursanymorexx
The Badboy meets The Campus Sweeth...by Athena Chiara Hera
Chandria Jade, the campus sweetheart, is not the typical girl you know. She's brave and incredibly unique. What if she meets her match which is Joao Lucas Constancia? Wi...
The Daughter Of a Poldark (Ross Poldark/Sam Carne/Hugh Armitage) by FamousManatee
The Daughter Of a Poldark (Ross Po...by FamousManatee
After fighting for England in the American Revolution, Ross Poldark returns home to Cornwall. His war-torn heart warms seeing his young daughter, Anna Poldark, once agai...
Falling in Love All Over Again by anna_bates_forever
Falling in Love All Over Againby anna_bates_forever
Anna loses her memory and Bates must help her to regain her memory. Downton Abbey fanfic.
Odder Than Ever by lattecuc
Odder Than Everby Camille I.
Dalila Bela, Filip Geljo, and Sean Michael Kyer are actors on the hit TV show Odd Squad. However, one day their lives turn upside down and it's up to them and their coun...
Villain Reform Program by lyrical_aesthetic
Villain Reform Programby Sydney
(An Odd Squad Fan Fiction) -------------------------------------- Agent Otis has always been a mystery; one that seemed to never be solved. Even his partner couldn't see...
Odd Squad Disney Songfic Thingies by lattecuc
Odd Squad Disney Songfic Thingiesby Camille I.
My first fanfic. Basically, Disney songs with Odd Squad characters. I don't own anything. ...And THAT was the Otis-style introduction! Now for the Olympia-style one! Hey...
A Dip in the Inkwell: Odd Squad One-Shots by BasilGrey
A Dip in the Inkwell: Odd Squad On...by B a s i l
Just a collection of oneshots and ficlets about characters, ships, ideas, and theories in the weird wide world of ODD SQUAD. WARNING: May include dangerous levels of sil...
Estelle's Babysitting Adventure by PerkyGoth14
Estelle's Babysitting Adventureby PerkyGoth14
What feels like a normal day at first becomes a babysitting adventure when Estelle volunteers to babysit a woman's two children who love dragons named Max and Emmy with...
Wolfenstein: Vacation to Paris by ANDYISAWESOME15
Wolfenstein: Vacation to Parisby Andy Einstman
In this story, me and some of my friends from school and some from work, along with citizens from PBS town and Cartoon Network City are headed to Paris, once a Nazi terr...
The Loud Twins in Dragon Land by Palertestories
The Loud Twins in Dragon Landby Palertestories
In Royal Woods, Loud Twins Lana and Lola wake up one weekend to an unpredictable surprise: they find out that their bedroom wall is filled with dragon tapestry and a cas...
TYPE II DIABETES by doctorvy
PLTW Biomedical Science Activity 2.3.1 A Day in the Life of a Diabetic
Nature cat x reader oneshots by Sinterex
Nature cat x reader oneshotsby sinterex
characters belongs to pbs kiddies No mature stuff because nature cat is innocent and a kids show (but I may open limes/lemons/smut soon) Cover of book was drawn by me a...
Better Odd Than More Odd by sammy_johnson2133
Better Odd Than More Oddby Sammy Johnson
Shorts inspired by y'all! Ranked: #39 Odd 6/22/19 #9 dro