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Fight or Die Sequel by Rangiewins
Fight or Die Sequelby Rangiewins
Wings of Fire Story! READ FIGHT OR DIE FIRST! 5 years after the end of the great war. The rebels had won. Pantala and Pyrrhia are binding together. Silkwings and Leafwin...
Fight or Die by Rangiewins
Fight or Dieby Rangiewins
Wings of Fire story! My name is Moon. I live in a world where everyone is tested. From the age sixteen to eighteen. In truth, you test yourself everyday the moment you f...
Wings of Fire as Humans by StarDragon27
Wings of Fire as Humansby StarDragon27
What if the Dragonets of Destiny were human? Read this brand-new fanfiction story and follow the Dragonets to HIGH SCHOOL, where they must face friendship problems, new...
Wings of Fire One-Shots by silvergoldstars
Wings of Fire One-Shotsby ana!
Some one-shots of WOF ships that I like. Also, Wings of Fire is an amazing book series that is NOT MINE, and belongs to Tui T. Sutherland. Enjoy!
Pantala High School by WatsonPhia
Pantala High Schoolby WatsonPhia
If the Wings of Fire Pantalan MCs went to high school! If you love Sunlow, Blicket, and Wings of Fire AUs, this one might be for you.
Pyrrhia High, a Wings of Fire as Humans story by Glorybringer1163
Pyrrhia High, a Wings of Fire as Stabby Twin #12
Imagine if the Dragonets of Destiny were humans, and the war never happened, Darkstalker never came back, the Breath of Evil never existed, and were normal, well, mostly...
Wings of Fire What Ifs by giftedmythics
Wings of Fire What Ifsby Surrounded By Idiots
Explore the infinite timelines and possibilities of the Wings of Fire mythos. Timelines where different choices and world events lead to very different outcomes. New sto...
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Sea by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Seaby MindlessTyper
This book will be rewritten soon! ------------------------ Adventure, that was what Robin loved most. She loved the thrill of exploring someplace new and untouched. So w...
Wings of Fire #16- Prophecy of Fire by Lucardion
Wings of Fire #16- Prophecy of Fireby Lucas Anderson
(Book 1 in Fanmade series. Credit to original author of wof, Tui T. Sutherland. By Darkside authors. Art by arriibees on Amino) Kinkajou and her friends transfer to Pant...
Cricket X Blue G1-4 by Blue_Hazard
Cricket X Blue G1-4by Blue_Hazard
What Lurks In The Shadows (WoF) by -rain-storm-
What Lurks In The Shadows (WoF)by ★⋆。˚【 Rαเɳ 】˚。⋆★
(Cover not by me) A SkyWing Prince, A SeaWing Princess, A RainWing-NightWing hybrid, A wingless SilkWing, An IceWing royal. And a little HiveWing. All at Jade Mountain A...
Wings of Fire - Millennium Passage by LackingVolcabulary
Wings of Fire - Millennium Passageby LackingVolcabulary
This book takes the Point-of-View from Moonwatcher, after the events of The Flames of Hope. The year is 2137 on Earth and civilization is still standing, more technologi...
Wings of Fire Fanfiction: Story of Deathbringer and Glory by chrystal1120
Wings of Fire Fanfiction: Story chrystal1120
After the events of all 15 books, Phrriya and Pantala are finally in peace. And Glory and Deathbringer's story begins...
Jade Mountain's Next Generation by Anemarin319
Jade Mountain's Next Generationby gay wof ships <3
This is a story of the next generation of dragonets at Jade Mountain Academy. This fanfic is written from the point of view of my oc Darkshine, a mind reading seer born...
Pyrrhia High Adventures by Lucardion
Pyrrhia High Adventuresby Lucas Anderson
(Based on Wings of fire) Moon, Winter, Qibli, Turtle, and Kinkajou go to Pyrrhia High. They have multiple dramas such as love triangles, bullies, and homework! Will they...
CounterPart by SoIarfeather
CounterPartby Solar
'' Give me 5 chapters to change your mind '' Barely three years after the events of book 15, a large group of dragons including the Destiny Dragonets and the Jade Wingle...
Wings of Fire Ship Opinions by WOFavocado
Wings of Fire Ship Opinionsby Scarlett
I will be explaining what i think of WOF ships and if you don't agree with me thats okay! I hope my nine (I think) years of school taught me something about persuasive w...
Assassin in Pantala (Completed) by Jasmin_Twilightmoon
Assassin in Pantala (Completed)by :D
Jasmin wakes up in a strange continent with tribes that have four, not two wings. When she saves a group of dragonets her age from a patrol of yellow-and-black dragons...
Wings Of Fire Names! by ultrareader123446
Wings Of Fire Names!by CoolButUnderrated
Ya know when your writing a WOF story and you just can't make a good name? Well, this is the easy answer! Feel free to copy my WOF names, just give me SOME credit, or ac...
Wings Of Fire 16: The Journey Begins (Arc 4) by BookLover3062
Wings Of Fire 16: The Journey BookLover3062
When the path from Phyrria to Pantala is sabotaged, it seems an odd choice to assign the dragonets of Goldstone Winglet to fix it. Little did anyone know, they were abou...