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Wings of Fire: One shots 2 by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire: One shots 2by Cleril4life!
This is the sequel to the first book of One-shots. I hope you like it, anyway I take request. Although I may not do all of them. So, enjoy!
Wings of Fire Ships by TailynnQuestionMark
Wings of Fire Shipsby DE IDIOT CATCHER
SHIP EVERYTHING Highest Rank I Can Remember: #wof #1
Wings of Fire one shots by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire one shotsby Cleril4life!
These are not my characters but I have some of my favourite Ships in the book and not my favourite requests are available unless i'm finished with this book. Then you ca...
Wings of Fire One-Shots by JoshEatsSquash
Wings of Fire One-Shotsby Josh
Want some lovey dovey moments for your favorite ship? Or some angst to keep you on your toes when you're bored? Well, you've come to the right place. All you have to do...
Wings of Fire Oneshots❤️ by MaddiTheMagic
Wings of Fire Oneshots❤️by MaddiTheMagic
Oneshots, parodies, headcannons! Let's celebrate our love for Wings of Fire! Disclaimer: All characters belong to Tui T. Sutherland.
My Wings of Fire Ship Rankings! by _aquaa-
My Wings of Fire Ship Rankings!by nezuko in a basket
I only made the cover glorybringer because that's all we can agree on smh
Fire Wings High  by WingsOfFireIsAwesome
Fire Wings High by Raging Homosexual
*DISCONTINUING* Hello! This is a story about (almost) all the characters from Pyrrhia and Pantala as humans going to the same high school, because, seriously, where is...
Wings of Fire One-Shots by silvergoldstars
Wings of Fire One-Shotsby silvergoldstars
Some one-shots of WOF ships that I like. Also, Wings of Fire is an amazing book series that is NOT MINE, and belongs to Tui T. Sutherland. Enjoy!
Forbidden Love - A Blicket Fanfiction by MaddiTheMagic
Forbidden Love - A Blicket MaddiTheMagic
#1 in Pantala - 23 April 2020 //COMPLETED// After the events of The Lost Continent... Blue had never imagined he would fall in love with a HiveWing, especially now, when...
If WoF characters have Instagram by JustSomeBlob
If WoF characters have Instagramby I'mCallingMyselfABlobNow
I'm horrible at writing descriptions so I'm not gonna do it. 「(◔ω◔「)三
Wings of Fire Ships Oneshot (Open Requests) by LunarMoonyWolfy
Wings of Fire Ships Oneshot ( LunarMoonWolfy-^-
This book will include Cleril, Turtlejou, Winterwatcher, Ripnami, Glorybringer, Blicket, Lunatail, Sunlow, Darksight, Arcticslayer, Anemarin, Sunnyflight, and some more...
Pyrrhia high school (ON HOLD) by JustSomeBlob
Pyrrhia high school (ON HOLD)by I'mCallingMyselfABlobNow
This is just a fanfic Wings of fire belongs to T Tui Sutherland. In this book the dragonets of destiny and the Jade winglet are teens who attend Pyrrhia high. And no; t...
Randomness book!  by Krazykitty5536
Randomness book! by Krazykitty5536
The first ten parts will be about ship ratings because this was a ship rating book before. Plz enjoy and if you want me to post anything like a one-shot or poem or anyth...
Wings of Fire One-shots by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire One-shotsby Cleril4life!
Nothing bad, Is very APPROPRIATE! Whenever I like the ship I will put a heart and write a comment. Cover is not mine and the characters are not mine. Ships include: Cl...
(Temporarily Discontinued) Winterwatcher: Rise Of The Hybrids by Wint3rWatch3r4LIFE
(Temporarily Discontinued) UpdatingSoon :)
Qibli. Winter returned back into the present. He knew what was about to happen. He knew what was going to happen. "Moon! DUCK!" Winter yelled at her. Moon l...
Wings of fire:Second generation by lizimmy
Wings of fire:Second generationby ~Alien~
when pantala and pyrrhia are both finally at peace, the children of the dragons made it that way find themselves at jade mountain academy, jade winglet, which still is t...