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Diabolik Lovers Ayato x Reader by 7GramsOfSalt
Diabolik Lovers Ayato x Readerby 7GramsOfSalt
A new sacrificial bride arrives in the Sakamaki manor. Yui felt happy to have a new friend but also sad that someone fell in the trap, the same way she did. No one knew...
Seeing Red... (Naruto Fan-fiction) (Kakashi Love Story) by doubleGemini
Seeing Red... (Naruto Fan-fiction) Emma
23-year old Kunashi Namakazi was born and raised in a forest all her life. Trained by her dad, now she's arrived in Konoha to settle down. But, she's the tpe of girl who...
Fire And Ice by NishaLunaStarbright
Fire And Iceby Nisha
When Derrick died, someone sang loved dearly and considered as a father figure. Leaving her to her abusive family. Things begin to change as she learns about the last mi...
The Oddities Orphanage  by FuntimeGrabme8
The Oddities Orphanage by FuntimeGrabme8
Follow Foxy as he makes friends and enemies at The Oddities Orphanage! You may draw fanart, come up with skits and or memes with this AU, but please credit me if you do...
Pancake Thief by obx-pogue4life
Pancake Thiefby obx-pogue4life
JJ tries to play it off cool when he gets caught stealing your pancakes
Belphegor ♥ HC, stories and scenarios ♥ by ph03n11_x
Belphegor ♥ HC, stories and ph03n11_x
im doing this for all brothers, so 3/7 •́⁠ ⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠,⁠•̀
Coming of age (GL) (TeacherxStudent) by AlphaFairyPrincess
Coming of age (GL) ( AlphaFairyPrincess
I had a lot of growing up to do. A lot of times, I learnt the hard way. Growing up happens when you start looking back on things you wish you could change.
Formula of making a pancake with love(Oneshot) by wintshweyi
Formula of making a pancake with Vivian🤍
Jinkook oneshot If you want to read Jk's pov, you can search 'taste of a love pancake' in my profile. hope you all enjoy. author-Wintshweyi
"It's always been just you and me, hasn't it?" - AKIAN. by mui_mui__
"It's always been just you and mui
A story in which Shinonome Akito and Shiraishi An realize something that's been there the whole time but neither of them noticed it.
Brace Face by Stargirl555
Brace Faceby Stargirl555
Ella is 15 years old, and can barely manage her own life, and just learnt that she needs braces for the final year in her school! Now, Ella has to deal with braces, boys...
Rainbow Pancakes by _Hono_
Rainbow Pancakesby _Hono_
Or the one where Louis tries to make rainbow pancakes but it doesn't turn out really well.

The lonely Ravioli x Pancake by KaetheFae
The lonely Ravioli x Pancakeby KaetheFae
A very depressing love story between star-crossed foods. One breakfast, one a not breakfast, their parents do not approve of their gay relationship 😭
Blood On Snow - A Fargo Fanfiction by malteaser_girl
Blood On Snow - A Fargo Fanfictionby ~ Outlaws For Life ~
A continuation from 'The Hitwomen'. I recommend reading that first so you're not confused. ~ Many years have passed since the women met Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers. They...
{DISCONTINUED}✨🥞 pancake cookie and custard cookie in high school🥞✨ by RozzytheGreat
{DISCONTINUED}✨🥞 pancake cookie Rozzy
A kind of shitty book i made when I was 10 :,) The most ooc cookie run book ever! {highschool au}
The Book of Random by Pryde7
The Book of Randomby Pryde7
Just as the title says, I am attempting to use this book as a release for at least some of my random energy. No crazy people where harmed in the making of this book...
Random Kittydog Stories 🤪 by miiraisme
Random Kittydog Stories 🤪by 🩶 m i i r a 🩶
((ALL THE OC'S IN THESE STORIES DO NOT BELONG TO ME THEY BELONG TO @kittydogcrystal on yt)) !! ON HIATUS !! So basically this book is about random stories about funny/si...
Sorry, I Only Speak Sexy! by Sugardoll
Sorry, I Only Speak Sexy!by Elsie
Jinx was hugely popular back at her old school. Thanks to her parents' jobs, they move and she is forced to attend a new school. Suddenly she isn't the It Girl anymore a...
How Do Japanese Pancakes Get So Fluffy? by fuwafuwapancakes
How Do Japanese Pancakes Get So FuwaFuwa JapanesePancakes
Do you want to know how do Japanese pancakes get So Fluffy? If yes, go here