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Overwhelmed | BeyNika by canvasbb
Overwhelmed | BeyNikaby 🌙
Onika Tanya Maraj lived a perfect life until one mistake changed her life, she meets Beyoncé Giselle Knowles and falls in love with her, but will Onika's "accident...
The Run (SAMPLE)  by AmberLeeH13
The Run (SAMPLE) by Amber Lee
{SAMPLE} Rae has been given responsibility from a young age. After her mother's death and her father's abandonment she was left to raise her five siblings at the age of...
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) S...by CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into pieces...as if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
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Overwhelmed  by imagine_addictangels
Overwhelmed by 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕
You know your boyfriend has cheated on you and life was already a mess you were ready to end it all when someone came to your rescue! How will you act towards him and wh...
Halal Relationship 2017✔︎ (Under-Editing) by hijabygirlFa_h
Halal Relationship 2017✔︎ (Under-E...by Al Akhirahfah
(Featured by wattpad) A twisted halal relationship (acceptable in islam) on the right side there's Tayba the beautiful girl,who wears her hijab as her pride,the one who...
melancholia by superlunary
melancholiaby luna
"sad, sad girl with eyes that'll make you cry. if you took your time she'd take you to the sky." -literally just a normal book with sad scars- all rights rese...
Whirlwind by rachyrach39
Whirlwindby Rachel Pennicott
The last thing on Libby Reynolds' mind was falling in love... On a year abroad with university, she wants nothing more than to just keep her head down, study hard and p...
Fuck off / / Reddie  by natalie-aurora17
Fuck off / / Reddie by natalie-aurora17
There will be some inappropriate parts so if you don't like then don't read please and thank you. " Richie I-I love more then anything. Your really beautiful to me...
medix x whirl by Bratdog
medix x whirlby crystal sturdevant
okay here is what is going on as you know hoist has severe anxiety i will add tha part when i get a chance and the recurits have to face a test the ohers are ready exept...
Right Where She Belongs by JoJo_Classic
Right Where She Belongsby Jordyn
"Oh god," I made little gasping sounds, unable to stop my eyes from rereading the note again and again."This can't be happening." Love conquers all...
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Crazy In Love  by NJBOYLOVER
You are a childhood friend of the nj boys but they think of you as one of the guys until you leave for a summer and have a crazy glow-up and they change their minds abou...
Along Come Love by Lynn-Orion
Along Come Loveby Lynn-Orion
Kara is the eldest child in a family of three. She has a responsibility to take care and provide for her families need which actually is the most difficult task of her l...
I'm fine - an original story by WonderAvocado3
I'm fine - an original storyby I am a ghost
My name is Myra. I go to school every day, just like every other kid. I seem normal in every way. I seem fine. But no one knows that I cry myself to sleep each night. An...
Overwhelmed by dyslexiacapt
Overwhelmedby Onny Dee
that moment when you feel lost and overwhelmed with life.
What do you mean? by GodfreyGingerbread
What do you mean?by GodfreyGingerbread
Hannah Brown, a normal girl from the Lake District finds her life turned upside down, never to be the same again. She has a new home, a new family, a new life. Her old h...
Coming Home by hnankani
Coming Homeby hnankani
Girl is excited about her lover who is coming home.
overwhelming [m.h] by 2shtsofvodka
overwhelming [m.h]by dan
o·ver·whelm·ing /ˌōvərˈ(h)welmiNG/ adjective very great in amount. that's how things felt around him.
To The Late Nights . by midnightraven04
To The Late Nights .by h0nEy
After what Amelia discovered , she found out that her love life was all a lie. Does she pick him or does she stay silent and live in a pool full of lies?
Anxiety Attacks by MidnightsFlame
Anxiety Attacksby MidnightsFlame
Anxiety is crippling for many. It suffocates, chokes, and even kills. This is just a little story I made to hopefully bring to light a little of what it's like. This is...
The Friendly Soldier by Kate14416
The Friendly Soldierby Kate14416
A teenager is taken by a super soldier, what happens next? WHO KNOWS U GOTTA READ IT.