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Otayuri Hogwarts AU by Sontscha
Otayuri Hogwarts AUby Sontscha
Yuri was adopted by Yuuri, a muggle, and Victor, a wizard, after his biological parents died during the Battle of Hogwarts. At that time, he was only two years old. Afte...
Yuri!!! On ice Oneshots (Various x Reader)  by chels_fangirl_
Yuri!!! On ice Oneshots (Various x...by Jeon-Cena
Yuri!!! On ice character Oneshots! - Fluff - Lemons/smut - Funny/ Goofy [ I don't own Yuri!!! On ice or any of the characters ] [Warning! LEMONS ARE BEING USED! ] [Cov...
Be Your Everything by NeedForShigu
Be Your Everythingby Emma
Otabek is a 21 year old alpha with no mate. Yurio is an 18 year old omega who just got kicked out of his home. What will happen when they meet?
Yuri on ice fanart by anonymous_princess21
Yuri on ice fanartby 42
one shots ➢ otayuri by araeno
one shots ➢ otayuriby rylee tries to write
a set of stories about your favorite skaters » completed
The Tiger and His Mouse  by musicrider
The Tiger and His Mouse by musicrider
Four years have pass since our debut in the senior division. Yuri and I have worked hard on our skating even when some criticism is hard on us. We mange to keep moving f...
Ocean Eyes (Otayuri) by Jellyfish_Tacos
Ocean Eyes (Otayuri)by j
Prince Yuri had a curse placed on him when he was a baby. When he grows up, a wish intended to fix the curse goes awry, making the problem even worse. Eligible princesse...
Mi Sultán  by otakunna
Mi Sultán by otakunna
En la era otomana durante el siglo 16 donde el gran sultan Vikham reinaba con sabiduría y mano dura, el sultán era reconocido no solo por sus hazañas de guerra si no tam...
『Sound and Symphony』|Otayuri fanfic| by jadensic
『Sound and Symphony』|Otayuri fanfi...by Beka
(Otayuri) Otabek is a rock singer who's been trying to find someone to write songs for him. Yuri was a writer who wrote poems, songs, and stories. He also Ice skated. On...
Voice | Yuri On Ice!! | Yuri Plisetsky by XcloverU
Voice | Yuri On Ice!! | Yuri Plise...by CloverPiece
[HIGHEST RANKING] 1st in Yuri [HIGHEST RANKING 6/6] 1st in Mute From the void within my throat, a monster would crawl out. It have its own appearance. It have its own...
~A.G.A.P.E~An angel gets an empty promise #PremiosKatsudon2017 by kazen_nova
~A.G.A.P.E~An angel gets an empty...by Jeyra
Yuri Plisetsky, es un omega afortunado, nacido de una familia humilde, en una sociedad rusa; donde los omegas son tratados con igualdad y poseen los mismos derechos que...
Cafe by genericusernameforu
Cafeby Lillylou
Alright so I'm a sucker for fluff, so I think this will just be a bunch of adorable idiots like my other fic. This story will contain Otayuri and Victyuuri and it is boy...
Change  by myhappylittlePhil301
Change by Spookyscaryskeleton
"When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, they make a baby" "But you and mom don't love each other How the hell did you make one?" // *seq...
We're the Gold!!! by LunaPack
We're the Gold!!!by Meggers
Definitely smut Yuri and Viktor after the grand pre finals and Yuri winning Silver, both living normal lives as Victor stays with Yuri, as they're in a secret relationsh...
Our Legend of Love (Otayuri) by kazen_nova
Our Legend of Love (Otayuri)by Jeyra
«AU» Dazhdbog es el último reino habitado sobre la tierra en el cual criaturas con poderes mágicos residen, un reino codiciado por sus especímenes y los misterios que...
Anastasia, Yuri on Ice AU by Clovesstory
Anastasia, Yuri on Ice AUby Clovesstory
One of my favorite animated movies mashed with my favorite Anime show because why not... I don't own either Anastasia or Yuri on Ice. I don't own the pictures either, ju...
Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic  by Caslikesbees
Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic by Oakley Wonders
Otabek Altin is working at a hospital for service hours for his high school. Otabek thought this experience would be boring but he enjoyed it after he met a certain some...
Hanahaki {a Yuri Plisetsky x Male! Reader short story} ✔️ by Kankri_is_69red
Hanahaki {a Yuri Plisetsky x Male...by 6eelze6u6?? ?
Hanahaki- A disease caused by a one-sided love, where the victim coughs up flower petals. Rose petals are ore common if the love for that person is strong. The only way...
Love is a Battlefield (Yuri!!! On Ice - Otayuri) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Love is a Battlefield (Yuri!!! On...by Whimsical Dragonette
2 years later, Yuri Plisetsky has a crush on his best friend that he's determined to ignore. Mila is determined to meddle. Yuri overhears a conversation between Mila and...
On thin ice by thelovelyjen
On thin iceby Alex
JJ, how couldn't you have told us. All this time, all these years. We were competitors but both one with the ice. Why didn't you tell me? I was so stupid, I didn't know...