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Worth It | Straykids x reader by itsNVxoxo
Worth It | Straykids x readerby N.V😛
Hey hey hey, Just trying something new here hehehehe I hope it's worth reading cuz I spent my time on doing this lmao Started: 1.2.20 Currently editing the traitor out o...
Blue | Chanlix by tinystreetlamp
Blue | Chanlixby tinystreetlamp
Merperson Felix is washed onto the shores of Antarctica with the sunrise. He finds a home with a group of stray merpeople and humans. Hugs and food are involved. (And ki...
Skz x male reader  by lixieoshotx_x
Skz x male reader by Pixie💖💖
Hyeon is a guy that fights with life which leads him to where he is right now. "I can't believe I'am doing this .....I can't go back can I?" "......."...
The New Kid// L.F + H.H by minxsungs_
The New Kid// L.F + H.Hby minxsungs_
Lee Felix the schools deaf kid that gets made fun of all the time and a new kid Hwang Hyunjin moves into town, and now the new rich kids at school. What will happen when...
Special hyunjin centric×OT8 by yay997
Special hyunjin centric×OT8by Yay987
" you lied...all this time...." I stuttered taking a few steps back. "oh my darling...don't be scared...i won't hurt you..." he said laughing "...
hate to love you | 2min by nyangho
hate to love you | 2minby delius.
"i hate that i want you." minho and seungmin are best friends. nothing more, nothing less. they have boyfriends for fuck's sake, they couldn't possibly have fe...
𝕯𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖙 || 𝗹.𝗺𝗵 𝘅 𝗵.𝗷𝘀 by Aadarshini111
𝕯𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖙 || 𝗹.𝗺𝗵 𝘅 𝗵.𝗷...by Aina 🌟
[ONGOING] ~ Street Racer AU --- delimit (v.) creating limits or boundaries --- 18-year-old Jisung, a model student who majors in producing and music, had another thing...
Silver Dagger | Chanlix  by Trashril
Silver Dagger | Chanlix by cyril
In which Felix and his friends get involved with the most dangerous mafia in town. ~ "Kitten do you even know what you're doing?" "I may not know what I'm...
Stray Kids X Stay [BOOK 2] by my7luck
Stray Kids X Stay [BOOK 2]by fangirl
[Request are open] Hi!!! This is SKZ imagine book version 2 since book version 1 is already a lot so yeah I made a second version. I have so many more imagine to write...
Grumpy Alphas need lots of love✔️ by cuddlepilefics
Grumpy Alphas need lots of love✔️by cuddlepilefics
The bitter scent of anger hung heavily in the 3racha dorm, making Jisung afraid of exiting his bedroom. The omega wondered what might have upset his hyung that badly but...
Hoodie Hoodie | Changjin by tinystreetlamp
Hoodie Hoodie | Changjinby tinystreetlamp
Hyunjin is offered money if he fake dates one of his university's notorious rappers: Seo Changbin. The deal is this: date him, break his heart, get cash. And Hyunjin wan...
The Fairy with no Wings  by gsjsh26
The Fairy with no Wings by gsjsh26
In a world where Fairies were born whenever a newborn child said their first word, a unique fairy was born powerless and with no wings that panicked the fairys and depor...
The Missing Piece (SKZ Soulmate 8+1) by KKatStar
The Missing Piece (SKZ Soulmate 8+...by KKatStar
In a world where you get your soulmate mark on your 21st birthday, what happens if you find out they are famous? Kat lives in a small town in Michigan dreaming of things...
Souls don't meet by accident. |Straykids by ColbyBrocks_TRUEWife
Souls don't meet by accident. |Str...by ColbyBrocks_TRUEWife
In a world where love orientated scientists discover how a Soulmate works and how they have come to be, you can become someone's soulmate if either one of you make eye c...
Dancing with Stray Kids | Kim Seungmin by ghoststori
Dancing with Stray Kids | Kim Seun...by ghoststori
Amy, a 19 year old Australian Basketballer, with a true passion of dancing and creating choreographies gets a one-in-a-lifetime chance: Becoming the choreographer and da...
Minho had a fan account of his bandmate Han Jisung for over a year. No one knew about this. This was Minho's safe place where he could freely say everything that he wis...
Chan as your boyfriend (short story) by psychoegg
Chan as your boyfriend (short stor...by Bangtan Fanfics
A short story. Please comment if you want more of my content!
Skz One Shots (Felix Centric) by shatoralov
Skz One Shots (Felix Centric)by shatoralov
Just some random pieces I put together that don't need to be a story. Some stories may be incomplete or completed later, it really depends on if people want more and wh...
chaos | bts x skz gc ・ by sunqiee-
chaos | bts x skz gc ・by .
"i am: tired." "i am: lesbian." "i thought you were american?" "HECC YEAH HIGH FIVE"
Stray Kids x Stay [Book 1] by my7luck
Stray Kids x Stay [Book 1]by fangirl
AnYeongHaseYo!~ I will write various imagine about our sweet 8 boys❤️. I hope you will support this book as well😊 The story in this book is originally from me but the p...