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Mr. CEO & I by being_Hycentina
Mr. CEO & Iby Hycentina
"NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS" is what my mother always told me. Ava has always had it tough in life, when she was about the age of twelve her father died in a...
Him Or Her (TaeNie & YoonLice) by Diamond_Fate
Him Or Her (TaeNie & YoonLice)by Diamond Fate
"It was a battle between him and her... And for some important reasons... I need to choose." It should be...."HIM or HER" Began: May 5, 2018 Ended:...
The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
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sasori / gaara x Reader (y/n) by MrDrWeirdo
sasori / gaara x Reader (y/n)by MrDrWeirdo
Your average fan fiction, this one is obviously about the red heads of the sand village. Who are you going to choose, Gaara - a kazekage who's loved by many people, or S...
Shattered by AmaranthineVampire
Shatteredby QuinnCollins
"When will be the time? When will you choose me instead of her? Tell me! Kasi ang sakit sakit na. Ang sakit sakit ng makita at malaman na sya pa rin at kahit kailan...
Smash or Pass (Male) by urbackstreetgal
Smash or Pass (Male)by Your gal
Basically this is just a big book of smash or pass. Enjoy ig 5 in #options ( january 2023) 4 in #options (february 2023)
Option Three - an unexpected transition by Aqualityofmercy
Option Three - an unexpected trans...by aqualityofmercy
A male-to-female transgender story with a villainous setting. It starts with a grim situation, but with some dark humour (and tongue-in-cheek stuff as well) then moves...
Ms. CEO & I  by being_Hycentina
Ms. CEO & I by Hycentina
Ava is a woman of abundant dreams, she was once the personal assistant for the billionaire tycoon, Aiden Morgan. Following a series of unfortunate issues she decided sh...
My very first Wattpad story, based on true story Ongoing.. Shanne perez Sarah monteverde
My Wattpad Favourites  by MoonCloud94
My Wattpad Favourites by MoonCloud946
If you're struggling to find good books to read like I always do check this out. All books are completed and have been read by me. Taking recommendations of books to rea...
Wattpad  Character Names You'll like by marshmallowssprinkle
Wattpad Character Names You'll li...by Hiraeth Faith
Finding the perfect names of your characters? Here's the an alphabetical list for you my fellow writers of boys and girls' name that will help you decide for your own st...
Warrior Cats OC Rater (Closed for catch-up) by Maple175
Warrior Cats OC Rater (Closed for...by MapleLeafe
Basically just an OC Rater for anyone who wants it. I may be a bit harsh, but that's just how it is. Credits to SpringAndTheWing for inspiring me to do this. Amazing cov...
My Thoughts On Ninjago Ships by SwiftiFizzix
My Thoughts On Ninjago Shipsby Swifti
My options about Ninjago ships, that's pretty much it. Enjoy~
Story Ideas for Writers & Tips by Cool_Guy_Cris
Story Ideas for Writers & Tipsby Christopher
This book is inspired from reading a few stories out there. Many ideas bouncing around after reading a few chapters in and I thought: "What if the story went this w...
Soul Eater Oneshots by MsNarwhal23
Soul Eater Oneshotsby lonelygirl15
Yea, title explains it all.... Sorry if this isn't updated often. I'm a terrible human being. If you want something, say a random scene or ship, written, just suggest...
Cast Options by estte100
Cast Optionsby estte100
These are people you can use for the cast of characters in your books. I've collected these from the couple years I've been on Wattpad. Please Vote On any of the charact...
Partners~ & !Ç4ìmēs¡ ~Cuttletavio~ ~DEMO~ by Solo-ink
Partners~ & !Ç4ìmēs¡ ~Cuttletavio~...by Motte iru bish
~DISCLAIMER! "we" do not Own Splatoon or the Character it self (only Melody, Andrea Chan, Ara, LK and other Characters) Everything is fanfiction, not Real, No...
{ Options, Application, & Comments } By Oakley Sanders by SandersJoise
{ Options, Application, & Comments...by Oakley Sanders
Options - Having choice/decision on something in any of the stories. Application - Can request anything you guys want (I can try doing short various characters stories...
Blooming Lily by KingOfRottenHearts
Blooming Lilyby L0rd
Lily is a child born between the infamous duke and duchess. A couple loved by all. She however, is not as loved as people would hope or think of her to be. Because of a...