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One bed, Two enemies by entvngled
One bed, Two enemiesby entvngled
"If you don't mind, i'm going to go sleep." He says, taking off his shirt. I widen my eyes and quickly cover them. "What the fuck do you think you're doin...
His Lips Were Made From Poison by ENEMIESTOLOVERSS
His Lips Were Made From Poisonby VaniaSLarson
"My love"  by booksbyumii
"My love" by @booksbyumii
"I wonder how it'll feel to have the preppy good girl under me?" He whispers in my ear with his lips grazing my ear. I move closer to him tiptoeing so my mouth...
A bunch of tropes put into oneshots by emmery1234
A bunch of tropes put into oneshotsby Elmo
The tittle pretty much sums it up... just a bunch of (romance) tropes that are amazing Co writer: @Frosty7890
Sharing a room🌺 by Jaz596
Sharing a room🌺by Thiccc with 3 c’s
This is from my other stories "gay oneshots" but it's quite long so I've decided to give the longer ones their own short stories! Finley is a loner and Harry i...
Pieces of Us (SatoGou) by MillenniumFoxy
Pieces of Us (SatoGou)by
Ash hasn't seen or spoken to Goh in almost eight years, and they didn't end their friendship on the best of terms. Then, when Ash is invited to Misty and Gary's wedding...
Because I care  //  SasuNaru by PolarBear2306
Because I care // SasuNaruby PolarBear2306
COMPLETED Naruto and sasuke basically don't like each other. But when their new assignment makes them travel further than ever before, gay panic hunts them all day and...
one bed by omgwriteromg
one bedby omg poem
i am really bad at making titles two girls hate each other, but when there is only one bed, and a lot of sexual tension, what could happen? very short chapters and like...
Hearts Unbound by freyasaddictx
Hearts Unboundby ꨄ
Meet Carson and Alaska, the reigning king and queen of their respective domains: Carson, the star quarterback with a chip on his shoulder, and Alaska, the fiercely indep...
One Whole Week... (Nanami x Reader) (One Bed Trope) by bokucia227
One Whole Week... (Nanami x Alicia
You and Nanami have just been partnered up and will now be working together to take down evil curses. Everyone sees a powerful duo that can take on any curse thrown at t...
Heal me. 7GG #1 by santia_si
Heal me. 7GG #1by Santia ☕️
Heal me. Pierwsza część serii Siedmiu Grzechów Głównych. Mavis jest dziwna. Mavis nigdy nie miała zbyt wielu znajomych, Mavis nigdy nie miała żadnego konkretnego hobby...
My streamer girl<3 by StarrzAcc
My streamer girl<3by Starr☆
This is a story of a girl in a small town becoming a big streamer and singing in a band + finding a boyfriend!♡ She's a faceless steamer who dissent use a voice changer...
A Dance in the Dark (Book 1) by JhulyxOliveira
A Dance in the Dark (Book 1)by Jhuly Oliveira
One day, I read that in real-life fairy tales, the princess sometimes needs to befriend the dragon and kill the prince, perhaps not to the most extreme extent, consideri...
You don't know me by 1L0V3H0B13BR0WN
You don't know meby moss
Y/N and Hobie have hated each other since they joined the Spider society. Y/N's always wondered why Hobie even acts that way to them, hes so kind to his friend, why not...
Law Of Proclivity  by lilmeow_meow12
Law Of Proclivity by lilmeow_meow12
< "There are laws for everything, even love"> (HWANG HYUNJIN) Korea's biggest enterprise CEO... a hopeless romantic who has never had a problem hiding hi...
Maybe Its Fate - A Chenford AU by teamoneil
Maybe Its Fate - A Chenford AUby vic
The Las Vegas trip made some feelings arise for Tim and Lucy. After arriving back to their hometown , Los Angeles, and almost sleeping together, they make an unspoken ag...
ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴅʏɢᴜᴀʀᴅ by DummyKimmy
ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴅʏɢᴜᴀʀᴅby DummyKimmy
(Y/N) is a successful detective, so successful that she was able to solve a case that had been cold for many years. A gang of criminals is seeking vengeance on her after...
awake. // will graham by ShylaQuiet
awake. // will grahamby sourblizzard
you have always known will struggled with sleeping. he never admitted it to you, of course. - - (cross-posted from ao3 by sourblizzard)
My Singing Monsters : Battle of the Islands by furcornt
My Singing Monsters : Battle of furcornt
Get ready to delve into the world of MSM....aka, My Singing Monsters. Throughout this fanfiction, you will see many sides of the monsters that you have never seen before...