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You Are My Girl (Olicity) - Finished by peetaology
You Are My Girl (Olicity) - Finish...by sarcasm personified
The story of Felicity and Oliver. A spirited IT girl and a playboy billionaire with a secret.
Felicity al Ghul by kittengirl998
Felicity al Ghulby kittengirl998
When an old friend of Oliver's shows up on the steps of the Arrow cave, Felicity immediately hits her with the cold shoulder. Diggle thinks she's jealous, but Felicity k...
Why? by BooksbyBea
Why?by Bea
4 months after Slade had been captured and put in a jail on the island. The team is left to continue protecting starling city. But when a young girl is found in the base...
The Ocean Arrow  by milkyxrose
The Ocean Arrow by Rose~
When Percy, his mom, and step dad go to Star City for his mom's author expo, Percy meets the Green Arrow when a monster attacks the city. But they capture Percy, thinkin...
Blind: An Arrow Fanfic by ladyofglencairn
Blind: An Arrow Fanficby ladyofglencairn
Accepting that Oliver and Sara are together, Felicity buries her feelings for him and moves on with someone else. Meanwhile, Oliver thinks he's happy until the one woman...
Arrowverse Crossover- Happiness finally?? by EllieHogan623
Arrowverse Crossover- Happiness fi...by Ellie Hogan
This story is comprised of snowbarry , olicity, and karamel as the main ships, it is about another crossover, after the infinite earths, Oliver is of course still alive...
The Universe Hates Me by Emily_Tams
The Universe Hates Meby Procrastinating Everything
Barry Allen watched his mother die. A year he is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. In high school he moves away but cannot remember what he did while in Oh...
My Mom & My Dad by mccumpio
My Mom & My Dadby mccumpio
Felicity Smoak is a simple yet smart IT specialist raising a three-year-old daughter as a single mom. An incident one afternoon at the park leads to a friendship with w...
Olicity soulmate au's by theflarrowfan13
Olicity soulmate au'sby The Blonde Ninja (I'm not rea...
ok so I just love stories about soulmate identifying marks so I thought I would write a few because I have lots of ideas they will be quite long and might last more then...
Lost and Found-1 by Vampirediaries1996
Lost and Found-1by Vampirediaries1996
Becoming the fastest man alive has opened so many doors for me but the one it couldn't was something I needed to slow down for. I met her by chance but everyday since I'...
Don't Miss ↣ Oliver Queen; Arrow by Netherendpearl
Don't Miss ↣ Oliver Queen; Arrowby lovably malicious
↣ What do you get when you take a twenty-three year old girl, add seventeen years of martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and competitive dan...
I'll join you - Snowbarry by BrainBox3456
I'll join you - Snowbarryby BrainBox3456
When Killer Frost shows Barry what Iris and the rest of team flash has been hiding from him, Barry takes up on Killer Frost's offer to join her. Things start off as a si...
It's an Act (Olicity) - Finished by peetaology
It's an Act (Olicity) - Finishedby sarcasm personified
Felicity Smoak has to pose as Oliver's girlfriend in order to get some data. However, is this the beginning of something bigger? After admitting his feelings for Felicit...
Percy Jackson? Or Queen? by lolaizgr8
Percy Jackson? Or Queen?by Maria Hurley
The giant war was over finally. There were some casualties, and all Percy wanted to do now was go home and see his mom. When she tells him that someone is stalking her...
The arrows daughter by -_spencer_-
The arrows daughterby -_spencer_-
Born in 2019, Cathy is the daughter of Oliver Queen. She lived a normal life, until she accidentally travels from 2037 to 2016. What will happen when she meets her fathe...
Kara and Barry (Zorallen/Superflash) |✔️ by lauriverqueen
Kara and Barry (Zorallen/Superflas...by Lauriver Queen👑
"I don't know, Barry" "Don't say that, it means it's the end" "The end of what? What did we even have? KARA AND BARRY ARE NOT "SUPER"...
A Magician's Gift by 52DCStan
A Magician's Giftby 52DCStan
John Constantine shows up in Metropolis out of nowhere, drops into the SHG's lives like some sort of magical bomb. He's a transfer student straight out of England. He's...
Alone by SnartMiniMarshmellow
Aloneby SmartMiniMarshmellow
A story where Oliver wasn't there to stop Barry from being kidnapped and tortured. Read to find out more. (Don't copyright this please I am scared to publish things so i...
Olivarry short stories  by Bloodyheroes95
Olivarry short stories by MrsAllenQueen
Here I'm going to add independent short stories I come up with. Mainly gonna be Oliver & Barry but also some Oliver & Kara when that mood strikes.
Arrow: Leagues at War by Insider2001
Arrow: Leagues at Warby Insider2001
SLOW UPDATES This fanfic is about Artemis, a 15 year old girl with an air of mystery about her, and how she joins Team Arrow and the following chaos. (Artemis is an O.C.)