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The Mating Tournament by Ryder3113
The Mating Tournamentby Ryder3113
Chloe doesn't want a mate, and fighting in the tournament is what she has dreaded her whole life. All she has to do is fight off all the males in the pack and she will...
Vacation - Bakudeku / Katsudeku by MagnoliaIsAFlower
Vacation - Bakudeku / Katsudekuby MagnoliaIsAFlower
After everyone gets their hero licenses, all of class 1-A were able to go to a warm country for their summer vacation!
A Princess Back In Time by Faceless_Jun
A Princess Back In Timeby Faceless_Jun
Athanasia de Alger Obelia, the unfavored and deposed princess of the Obelian Empire, first met her father on the day she turned nine, and nine years later, that same man...
{BLUE} -Shiro x Male!OC-  by haikyuuhaiku
{BLUE} -Shiro x Male!OC- by 🔹
~Zanya had everything. He was happy. That all changed when he woke up in the arms of a stranger in a castle that only served to remind him of what he had lost.~
Blackmailed (Reylo Mafia AU) by thechunkysquirrel
Blackmailed (Reylo Mafia AU)by ✨ew✨
If Rey hadn't walked home that night, if she had made it to the bus in time, if she just had minded her own business... -she would have not been blackmailed by a dangero...
K-Pop pep talks and opinions  by dash_of_Jinsoul
K-Pop pep talks and opinions by Gay with a dash of Jinsoul
This is a book with just K-Pop related stuff This is mainly just gonna be about some history about K-Pop groups, pep talks, facts of the day/week, and maybe even guides...
FURRYIFIC by ThisIsIllegalIThonk
FURRYIFICby ThisIsIllegalIThonk
A Furry incest and minor smut story with twists and turns to keep you on edge. Meet Jule, a 15 year old red fox, and his younger 10 year old sister with their single mot...
Daemonophobia by anitadick
Daemonophobiaby CelesTen
Apollo is already going through the stress of highschool and drama, but he gets his big break with a... an adventure to another world? It seems someone has opened up an...
Vixen || Sequel to Trickster (Stiles Stilinski AU) by FangirlsandFandoms
Vixen || Sequel to Trickster ( FangirlsandFandoms
A boy he once was. A monster he now is. To save a killer is impossible, But coming back from the dead is impossible too. ||THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY STORY 'TRICKSTER' YOU...
Halloween Stuff by Reality666Rift999
Halloween Stuffby Roman Cipher
Another book of randomness, but for the spoopy month of October! I have no life!! :D Seriously though, I have too much free time and refuse to go outside. Fandoms/Storie...
New Kid by orihsayIhsagot
New Kidby orihsayIhsagot
Gon Freecss is sat at his desk doing nothing much when he notices someone he has never seen before at the front of the class. The boy has fluffy white hair and blue eyes...
Pain and Suffering (ErrorInk) by M2nuelQu3zon
Pain and Suffering (ErrorInk)by Bente Pesos
Ink thought everything he felt. Was the cause of his Depression. But does he really have Depression?
Only Time Will Tell (Woozi x Reader) by blessinb
Only Time Will Tell (Woozi x BeaJaeAttemptsToCreate
Young love is a flame, and Jaela is the water. She doesn't believe in love anymore. She appears tough and only puts out her feelings with her music that she shows no one...
Jokes by AngelFarkas
Jokesby AngelFarkas
All different types of jokes, sorry not sorry if some offend you. I own non. non of these are about me or my family. Thank you.
Spiderman oneshots {Requests PLEASE} by Hi-Its-MJ
Spiderman oneshots {Requests MJ
What the title says. Requests are open. Don't hate if you don't like it skip it. Just tell me what to write. Please give me requests... #1-road work ahead #3-irondad spi...
Types Of Werewolves by Soul_Reaper_125
Types Of Werewolvesby Will M
I will tell you all about all types of Werewolves and their weaknesses I want to thank SUPERNATURAL ARCHIVE.COM for the information in this book.
Tags by Winchester_Huntress
Tagsby Solstice
Whelp, I've been tagged. That's pretty much all this book is.
The Artbook by -JustSomeIdiot-
The Artbookby Positive Negativity
Welcome to the 3rd bullshit I created with my own two hands. My drawings are cringe, okay? Turning you into a raisin isn't that hard with my sketchbook and now this artb...