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Fantasy Island ||Norjoon • Social Media au|| by tookurvirjinity
Fantasy Island ||Norjoon • Mingi’s baby
A marine biologist falls in love with a mermaid
Behind Enemy Lines || Normani x Namjoon || by tookurvirjinity
Behind Enemy Lines || Normani x Mingi’s baby
Social media AU in which Namjoon and his friends along with Mani go on a spring break trip and shit gets weird.
Serendipity || Norjoon Social Media AU || by tookurvirjinity
Serendipity || Norjoon Social Mingi’s baby
Serendipity ser·en·dip·i·ty /ˌserənˈdipədē/ noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
Her by shyseok
Herby Tori (#ProtectNormani)
He'd do it again for her. Hell, he'd do ANYTHING for her.
Ruin The Friendship // Norjoon Social Media AU //  by tookurvirjinity
Ruin The Friendship // Norjoon Mingi’s baby
Sometimes a bump in the road can ruin the friendship...or turn it into something better
Something Different (A Norjoon Fanfic) by SweetKook97
Something Different (A Norjoon SweetKook97
After meeting at a party in L.A the two stars keep in touch.
Bangtan Host Club by iamacrazyturtle
Bangtan Host Clubby 🖤 F.A 🖤
A host club? Really? Bangtan Host Club. "This sounds like prostitution.." "We're not selling our bodies." "Just our love." "Not real...
Intersecting Lines by tookurvirjinity
Intersecting Linesby Mingi’s baby
The universe ripped them apart as children and it seemed like fate brought them together. But fate doesn't take into consideration that people change and the person you...
Norjoon pieces by tookurvirjinity
Norjoon piecesby Mingi’s baby
All my writings for my crackship Namjoon 😘