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Bittersweet (A NorIce Fanfiction) by KennyKillerGirl
Bittersweet (A NorIce Fanfiction)by KennyKillerGirl
(Warning: Incest ahead. Sorry) Two country representatives have fallen in love. The issue? They're brothers.
NorIce DenIce by sveinny
NorIce DenIceby Sveinny
I got inspired by a picture I saw and had to make this not dennorice there will be lemons
Obsessed A NorIce Fanfic by sveinny
Obsessed A NorIce Fanficby Sveinny
Norway never thought he would be able to express his forbidden love for Iceland, but when Hong Kong starts flirting with his younger brother he explodes and everyone lea...
The 6th Nordic by unknown_unicorn666
The 6th Nordicby Unknown
Where am I? The little girl sat up, snow crunching under her as she does. She stands up and pats the snow off of her coat, then starts walking in a random direction, l...
Hetalia--- LEMONssss by _wh33zing_
Hetalia--- LEMONssssby Rap Trash
I have sinned.
Hetalia One-Shots by Atlantis_Rising
Hetalia One-Shotsby Birdie
All of your favourite Hetalia characters in one book! Includes fluff, song-fics and sad one-shots, normal one-shots and maybe some other stuff. Requests are always open!
brotherly bonding time (hetalia norice lemon) by hetaliabug
brotherly bonding time (hetalia Miranda
this is my first lemon if its bad well sorry
~Nordics~ by iceycake
~Nordics~by はじめまして
Nothing like a good smut on whatever day you're reading this on. Warning: Smut. Anal Penetration. Kinks.
New student (Annoyed!Fem!Iceland X Fem!Norway) (MeanGirlsHetaliaCrossoverSortOf) by Gabriellepurple
New student (Annoyed!Fem!Iceland Gabriellepurple
A new student arrives to Iceland's school, who just happens to be her older sister Norway. By the way this story is based off Mean Girls kind of and Norway and Iceland...
NorIce SuIce by sveinny
NorIce SuIceby Sveinny
Emil has been dating Berwald for almost a year and there relationship is going well until Lukas Emil's brother and Berwald's best friend confesses his love for his broth...
Never Fading by AmericaTheBurgerKing
Never Fadingby On @YoungBloodSins
When a war breaks out between multiple countries, the Nordic States try to stay together, but a few get separated, leaving Denmark and Sweden alone together...but gunfir...
NorIce Drabbles by sveinny
NorIce Drabblesby Sveinny
A bunch of very short NorIce stories and one shots. I will take suggestions, hope you enjoy.
Onii-chan [Norway x Iceland fanfiction] by pastabun
Onii-chan [Norway x Iceland t-reix
Norway keeps forcing Iceland to call him onii-chan. But what if one day, he planned a plan, and he failed?
Jævla Kreft (True Love) || NorIce/IceNor oneshots by anTHICC
Jævla Kreft (True Love) || ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Oneshots of my favourite ship<333
Sleep : NorIce by sveinny
Sleep : NorIceby Sveinny
Iceland and Norway end up sharing a hotel room after they learn they are brothers.
Stomach Aches by HetaliaSickFics
Stomach Achesby HetaliaSickFics
This is a little bit like another story that I wrote but it's not the same so hope it doesn't bother you or something It's again from my Fanfiction account and it's norm...
What You Don't See (NorIce/DenIce) by naginton
What You Don't See (NorIce/DenIce)by Nagi
Emil is too scared to confess his love to Mathias, and builds a weird relationship with his brother. ※WARNINGS※ •Nothing belongs to me except for this plot •Poor grammar...
NorIce : Trapped by sveinny
NorIce : Trappedby Sveinny
Norway has been obsessed with Iceland and finally makes a move to make Iceland all his. NorIce (Stockholm syndrome)
Dead Hearts by knoreg
Dead Heartsby knoreg
Warnings: Major character death, no human names, might have accidentally called Denmark Matthias, angst I drew the cover-- c: Inspired by Dead Hearts(Stars) You should...
It's More Like a Curse by naginton
It's More Like a Curseby Nagi
Sealand had never fell in love before and wishes to have a crush after hearing about it from his friends. NorIce/one sided SeaIce ※WARNINGS※ •Nothing belongs to me excep...