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solangelo » one shots [boyxboy] by punkwearsconverse
solangelo » one shots [boyxboy]by r,,
♡ this is a story filled with fluff (mostly smh) about my beautiful son will and my adorable sun nico ♡
Solangelo Oneshots and AU's by JustASolangeloStan
Solangelo Oneshots and AU'sby JustASolangeloStan
Pretty self explanatory. Just a collection of Solangelo AU's or Oneshots or both. Includes smut chapters. Such chapters will be labelled in the chapter title as a warnin...
solangelo oneshots by sun_angel_
solangelo oneshotsby friendly local toad
there are dozens of ways for two people to fall in love. here, will and nico explore them. i'm currently editing this so that it's less terrible, but the first half of t...
Solangelo Oneshots by thefrogsrgay
Solangelo Oneshotsby 🦖
Will and Nico fluff :) open for requests
Winter Will - Solangelo by SmokeyQuartz
Winter Will - Solangeloby 🕸 lerri 🕸 ACAB
Based on a Tumblr thing I found cute. Apollo kids can't be dealing with the lack of sunshine that winter entails, so Nico aids in keeping Will all toasty and warm. Set a...
Trust Me by Mystical_Dimples
Trust Meby Mystical Dimples 💫
[DISCONTINUED] Nico had flashbacks of Tartarus and they were getting worse. He didn't have anybody like Percy and Annabeth to stop them. Watch him as he spends his time...
I'll Fix You (Nico x Will) by simping4daladies
I'll Fix You (Nico x Will)by simping4daladies
Nico is still trying to recover from his trip to Tartarus. A trip to Hell doesn't leave a person unscathed. There is no one there for him. He is alone. Will sees how...
Battle Wounds: Solangelo Soulmate AU by femboy_h00ters2020
Battle Wounds: Solangelo Hogwarts Library
DISCONTINUED (Currently being rewritten. Second version on my profile same name and everything) Whenever your soulmate gets injured in any physical way it appears on you...
Why Does That Child Have A Sword?(Solangelo Meets Avengers) by imasinwhatatragedy
Why Does That Child Have A Sword?( imasinwhatatragedy
Nico went into the city to buy a new pair of shoes, being his were pretty beat up. But according to the fates it wouldn't be that easy. Maybe if he was a mortal things w...
Solangelo Oneshots (NicoxWill) by seven_demigods_
Solangelo Oneshots (NicoxWill)by The Gay Geek
Just some one-shots and a bit more for my OTP because I have an unhealthy and slightly concerning obsession with these two. THIS BOOK IS SMUT FREE! (I am not comfortable...
Solangelo Goes To Hogwarts ~ because we all love this cliché by Nameunknown139
Solangelo Goes To Hogwarts ~ Nameunknown
What would happen if Hades, the God of the dead learned of a wizard who should have been dead for years? Of an upcoming war that had the possibility to destroy the world...
Light + Dark = Magic (Solangelo Goes to Hogwarts) by Leo_Izzi_Valdez
Light + Dark = Magic (Solangelo Leo_Izzi_Valdez
Hi, I'm Nico di Angelo. On the outside I may look calm and maybe a little depressed, but on the inside I'm freaking out. Want to take a look? WHY?! The second Giant wa...
The Colors of Your Soul (Solangelo) by Ranaalyn
The Colors of Your Soul (Solangelo)by Ranaalyn
Soulmates. When you draw on your own skin, it transfers to your soulmate's skin. Soulmates. Something Nico never believed in, not when he was way more than head over he...
Beautiful Things - Solangelo by solangelol
Beautiful Things - Solangeloby solangelol
Solangelo High school au All characters belong to Rick Riordan (Art on the cover is by cherryandsisters on tumblr and Instagram)
Stage Lights (Solangelo AU) by Bane_is_Bae
Stage Lights (Solangelo AU)by Trip
All his life, Nico di Angelo has dreamed of being a New York City musical theatre actor - and after years of hard work, he makes it, and life couldn't be better. He's st...
Percy Jackson is Ironman (Discontinued) by Ryan_McShizzle2
Percy Jackson is Ironman ( Percy Jackson
Percy was forgotten by all the Greek campers after he left camp half blood due to ...relationship problems. When Percy leaves he is blessed by Hephaestus so t...
Love Someone by SecretlyNicodiAngelo
Love Someoneby SecretlyNicodiAngelo
How Nico and Will get together after the blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. Please tell me if you like it. This is one of my first times writing something.
How Icarus Fell From the Sun (a Solangelo fanfic) by fictionbyanyothernam
How Icarus Fell From the Sun (a Audrey
Nico felt like Icarus. Fly too close to the sun, and your wings will melt. Fly too close to the sea, your wings will grow heavy. Nico had already flown too close to the...
The Sun in the Shadow by Dragon_Rider147
The Sun in the Shadowby Revolution General
This story is completed! Done and finished. Yup. Three days in the infirmary doesn't seem that bad if you sleep through two of them. An overly protective doctor and a po...
the sun looks good on you - solangelo by starryid
the sun looks good on you - starry eyed
on a bustling street of new york city, there's a small coffee shop called the midnight café. that's where i, nico diangelo, work the night shift. the night does not love...