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Solangelo Oneshots by Redlitnight
Solangelo Oneshotsby Insomniac
Chaos, tears, jokes and fluff. I hope to do them justice. None of the art used is mine Disclaimer: These characters (bar any OCs) belong to Rick Riordan Disclaimer: Art...
Sunkissed Solangelo by flawful-
Sunkissed Solangeloby flawful-
*BLOOD OF OLYMPUS SPOILERS* Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace fanfic. Takes place immediately after Nico confesses to Percy. Beware the amateur writing and the overuse of pu...
Eclipse (Willco Solangelo) by tianne789
Eclipse (Willco Solangelo)by Tianne
Nico is infirmary-bound for three days with Will looking after him, but what if Will is able to heal not just Nico's body, but his heart as well?
Solangelo Oneshots and AU's by JustASolangeloStan
Solangelo Oneshots and AU'sby JustASolangeloStan
Pretty self explanatory. Just a collection of Solangelo AU's or Oneshots or both. Includes smut chapters. Such chapters will be labelled in the chapter title as a warnin...
Solangelo Highschool Au - Changing Plans by KingTired
Solangelo Highschool Au - Changing...by KingTired
Nico Di Angelo didn't exist. Okay, yeah, he did exist. But not really to anyone outside of his small friend group. And even then, he was a quiet kid. It was easy for...
Mon Cheri (Solangelo AU) by MyVintageUnderworld_
Mon Cheri (Solangelo AU)by Onyx
DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN. Nico's the new boy in boarding school. Will takes an interest in him. (A/N: I have no clue what else to say)
Solangelo Oneshots by Animetrash53
Solangelo Oneshotsby Animetrash53
Solangelo oneshots, will include fluff smut and maybe some sad shit. !! THE COVER ISNT MINE I FOUND IT ON PINTEREST !! #16 in pjohoo - 4/17/2021 #7 in toa - 5/5/2021 #5...
Shadows (Solangelo) by dani2511
Shadows (Solangelo)by Dani
A Solangelo Fanfiction Book #1 After the war Nico Di Angelo plans on leaving Camp Half-Blood to start a new life and maybe be happy again. But what happens when a certai...
Solangelo Highschool Au - People by KingTired
Solangelo Highschool Au - Peopleby KingTired
When Will is told he has to go to high school, he doesn't have much of an opinion. Go there, protect some students, hang out with people he barely knew, be over with it...
Healing- Solangelo ~ Sequel To People by KingTired
Healing- Solangelo ~ Sequel To Peo...by KingTired
After a tiring, odd quest for normalcy at a high school, Nico and Will would like nothing more to just hang out and cuddle in the Hades cabin. Instead, they find that th...
Grieving (solangelo au) by hafuck1010
Grieving (solangelo au)by always-gold
Nico is the "scary" kid in high school. He is covered in tattoos, has piercings peppering his features, and wears nothing but punk, black clothes. He shows no...
мσятαℓѕ мєєт ѕσℓαηgєℓσ by CheddarCheesely
мσятαℓѕ мєєт ѕσℓαηgєℓσby Cheddar Cheesely
Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace have finally started to settle down outside of camp. Other than the monsters and constant reminders of their demigod-ship, it seems like t...
Game on Sunshine by quick-thinkfast
Game on Sunshineby quick-thinkfast
Nico DiAngelo probably has a crush on Will Will totally has one So...Game on, Sunshine?
A Solangelo Story by Veal9898
A Solangelo Storyby solangeloshiper7
This is a story of Nico and Will's relationship before and after they got together. It might get a little intense at times: SO BE WARNED! I hope you enjoy! Also I don't...
Solangelo oneshots  by Chachb4life
Solangelo oneshots by Chachb4life
A bunch of solangelo oneshots (hence the title) ranging from fluff to angst to whatever the hades I just wrote. Get ready for some really chaotic solangelo stuff. Don't...
Solangeloove by solengelogoofylover
Solangelooveby solengelogoofylover
Solangelo. What needs to be said? I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. Pls, do not sue me. I have no money. ;)
I remember you by magickymetaldetector
I remember youby Bee
Nico just can't take it anymore. After experiencing a traumatic bullying episode, he decides it's enough, and commits suicide. Will tries to stop him, but is too late an...
Will's Mortal Friends by CheddarCheesely
Will's Mortal Friendsby Cheddar Cheesely
Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace have been dating for two years. Will is Seventeen, and Nico is Sixteen, but they're both in 11th grade. Nico decides to move to a small to...
New Rome- A Solangelo School Fanfic by OnceUponAGeek9
New Rome- A Solangelo School Fanficby Alviva Ashdown
My first fanfic ever, hopefully it goes well, where Solangelo are attempting to make it through Nico's last year of school he before joins the Seven to attend college in...
Exception [discontinued]  by callmeshakesqueer
Exception [discontinued] by OurGayLordandSavior
Nico di Angelo is a vampires hunter. He hates them with a passion. Vampires stole away his family, his life. He became one of the top hunters of his division; even the m...