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Strong For Too Long |BOOKS 1 & 2 & 3|  by darkblonde1
Strong For Too Long |BOOKS 1 & C_A_M
Excerpt: The sentence you are currently reading has the potential to undermine your capability in the knowledge of literature and your bland consciousness to understand...
FIXING HADLEY by graciewritesx
For Hadley Green, a single mother with an empty pocket the last thing she needed was for Adrian Blake to waltz into her life trying to steal her heart. For Adrian Blake...
Just another teen girl by Esosa4
Just another teen girlby Mavi
Highest ranks before #4 teen reads #7 new reads #35 teen problems #8 teen girl What makes you think true love isn't for teenagers? Chloé found herself drowning inlove...
LILAC ♡     by ifthisaintsomething
LILAC ♡ by T🌸
Lilac just wanted to make her life and chase her dreams as a normal person does but little did she know that she'll find the love she always longed for.
It Ended with a Prank by Tarana_B
It Ended with a Prankby Tarana B
Highest Rank - 🎖️ #1 under #heir - 04/04/2020 🎖️ #166 under #chicklit among - 27.6K stories 30/11/2020 Sequel to "Pranksters Play Cupid"; previously titled...
Seasons Of Love  by Tarana_B
Seasons Of Love by Tarana B
Vicky's Book It's his Story of Second Chance. Do second chances, stand a chance? Who will be his forever love - His Past, present or future? The one for who...
My Life Partner ~ Dazai x Reader by iridescentxdream
My Life Partner ~ Dazai x Readerby killua's waifu
"You know, (Y/n), at first I'd thought you'd be the perfect suicide partner... ...But now? No, now, I realize you are the perfect life partner." -Dedicated to...
A Sweet Misery - an Adam Levine Fan Fiction by f0reverart1stic
A Sweet Misery - an Adam Levine Jesse
19 year old Amy Whitfield travels to L.A. to study at Hollywood Hills University. At a party, she meets a man that changes her life forever. Will the fame of dating th...
The boy across the road by Ariel3181801
The boy across the roadby Ariel3181801
Mickey is a normal teenage girl. Mickey's life changes when a new family moves in to the house across from Mickey's. Mickey notices a boy, he is a tall, muscular, teenag...
A Love Lost by darkblonde1
A Love Lostby C_A_M
Ivan's POV of The Lone Dove: Her and I had something in common, only Poppy Prim Parker wasn't standing behind Maximus Myers' shadow for so many years. At first, I though...
From Fantasy To Reality~ Killua x Reader by iridescentxdream
From Fantasy To Reality~ Killua killua's waifu
You are a 14-year-old otaku girl who dreams for her anime crush, Killua Zoldyck, to be real. Well, what if someone told you that very thing was possible? That's impossib...
Killua x Reader Imagines by iridescentxdream
Killua x Reader Imaginesby killua's waifu
Just a little filler series I'm making// a collection of some Killua reader insert imagines/headcanons while I finish up my other stories :3
Brutal Boys by mckennalangford_
Brutal Boysby McKenna Langford
*Description Coming Soon*
Deku × Uraraka...Crossroads/ Where It Begins by Rosy_Ice
Deku × Uraraka...Crossroads/ Rosy_Flames
Story 1: There is a dance at U.A, and Uraraka needs to prepare for it, since she wants to go with Midoriya. However, things happen last minute and there are many cute m...
Bad Judgement  by tay_johnson
Bad Judgement by Tatum Johnson
She set her eyes on a handsome stranger, but everyone warned her to stay away from him
Underrated Books by BookPromotes
Underrated Booksby Book Promotes
Recollection of less popular books Find a new read within Wattpad's not recognized authors and help them gain more notoriety
Arlington's heir's by 09ashley
Arlington's heir'sby 09ashley
Pain. I've lived through it but never fought it, because its the only thing that stays in my life and never leaves.. "Do you usually push people away, when really y...
Polar Opposites  by alexandraparis12
Polar Opposites by alexandraparis12
When two girls completely diffrent come together what will happen. A badass kinda girl and the perfect smart kid they come from completely diffrent world. One girl is th...