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Moonlight → Remus Lupin's daughter by GryffindorSav
Moonlight → Remus Lupin's daughterby ★Sav★
Lena Hope Lupin was the only daughter of Remus Lupin and Victoria Andre. Lena wasn't meant to end up with the legacy she did, it was all on accident. She was never one...
It was an accident by fast3278
It was an accidentby Adelle Fast
Hermione couldn't deny it. She was in love with a Weasley. Fred Weasley to be exact. What happens when she sleeps with him, and ends up pregnant?! How will she tell him...
Harry Potter instagram #1 by neekayReylo1703
Harry Potter instagram #1by neekay_Reylo17_2.0
Hermione and Harry manage to convince everyone to use the muggle form of communication known as instagram ⚠️TW swearing in this book⚠️
The Perfect Girl (Diana Rayné x ?) by magix333
The Perfect Girl (Diana Rayné x ?)by Magix333
Diana Rayné, daughter of Serena Williams, a Ravenclaw witch, and Jake a Williams, a muggle. She's just trying to help anyone that she can out. But living with five sibli...
Nevilles Girl by anonslytherinnnnn
Nevilles Girlby A Person
Y/n Slughorn approaches her 4th year in Hogwarts. Except, this year things change. Especially Neville Longbottom. But Y/n could never fall for neville, not with her real...
Another Weasley by YourNewFather007
Another Weasleyby YourNewFather007
There is another Weasley in the bundle. The twin of Ronald. Nearly identical. But more similar to the Twins. The famous twins. Pranksters. Zack however, has a different...
Eunoia|| James Sirius Potter by augiedog122
Eunoia|| James Sirius Potterby augustpotter
James Sirius Potter and Lilly Lancaster have been best friends ever since they were born. Everyone says that they are the "New Lilly and James" (quite literall...
Harry Potter Headcannons by TheMaraurders4
Harry Potter Headcannonsby TheMaraurders4
Funny and I gotta say, quite a few sad headcannons *Ok so the ones in BOLD are mine that I've thought of, the ones that are normal I've found on other posts* I'll post e...
Hogwarts one shots  by angxlicflowxrs
Hogwarts one shots by Cassidy Longbottom
This book is lgbt friendly all of these storylines belong to me (Maybe if it doesn't I'll give creds do not worry!) I really hope you like these one shots. All of these...
Drarry Oneshots by pandomon
Drarry Oneshotsby pandomon
It's the title, these are just going to be short stories that I come up with randomly. Don't really expect really fluff, I'll be mostly posting angst. However, I will ha...
Can't stand losing you by Groovyhippie
Can't stand losing youby Angel
Agneta had never seen herself living in the cellar of the joke shop with nothing but pure sadness filled in her head, but here she was struggling through it all with no...
His poison// Draco Malfoy X reader X various by TheTeaPacket
His poison// Draco Malfoy X The Tea Packet
Since we are all drooling over Draco why not add more characters in there to have a love and battle fight for fair (Y/N).
Glued to her side  by Honey_PopLovely
Glued to her side by Allie
Athena always loved the train ride to Hogwarts. Every year she'd sit in the 16th compartment, read the same book to the 39 chapter, and finish the rest of the book at th...
Harry Potter boy  by ashley21025
Harry Potter boy by ashley21025
Hogwarts boy imagines 🥰😌🧙🏼‍♀️
Dear Diary ( Sofia Black ) by SofiaHop13
Dear Diary ( Sofia Black )by SofiaHop13
Diary of Sofia Black niece of Sirius Black ( or she thinks that ) 7 books / 8 movies in her perspective Read Emily Jane Weasley perspective to get the full story by Em...
The Good Ole Goblet by Thecoolkid1223
The Good Ole Gobletby Thecoolkid1223
As you know my brothers Harry Potter but here's my story.
What would Harry Potter characters say if you were dying by PlutoDecay
What would Harry Potter Pluto
Based off Tiktoks that make me cry thinking about what specific Harry Potter characters would say if you were dying beside/for/in front of them. I felt like turning them...
Harry Potter oneshots and preferences  by ameliaquenn
Harry Potter oneshots and ameliaquenn
That people in the story would be Harry Potter Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Neville longbottom Fred Weasley George Weasley James Potter Sirius Black Remus Lupin Ced...
A Thousand Ways to Fall in Love.   by lollipoplovebot
A Thousand Ways to Fall in Love. by lollipoplovebot
There's a reason most of us are afraid to fall in love. There's a reason some of us decide not to fall in love. There's a reason a few of us live up to the decision to n...
A Good Thing After All by EllieEam1
A Good Thing After Allby EllieEam1
Your the older sister of Harry Potter. You should be in 4th year right now, but you got your letter late. So this is your first year but you will be put into 4th year. H...