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Lost and found by chicken_nugget_tord
Lost and foundby Emilie UwU
Max has liked Nikki for a long time. Little does he know that Nikki feels the same way. When all the campers go to camp for one last time, the summer takes an unexpected...
camp camp David x reader by Galaxy_trash_can
camp camp David x readerby the one weirdo
you we're just looking for a job but you ended up as a helper for camp campbell will it be hell or will it be the best discission you ever made? This might be crappy so...
~{ People Can Change }~ (Maxneil/Nax)(Completed) by SxndMxHxlp
~{ People Can Change }~ (Maxneil/ a spider twink
"What the hell am I going to do, Nikki?!" Neil yelled as soon as the phone call ended. He was freaking out because Max was coming over and was probably going t...
INSANE 4 U (David x Daniel) by SpiritIgloo329
INSANE 4 U (David x Daniel)by -INACTIVE-
Camp Camp gay fanfic Alternate ending to Season 2 Episode 1 All characters are from Camp Camp by RoosterTeeth
"My Run Away Son"- Camp Camp; DADVID-JASVID by GarrothRomeave385
"My Run Away Son"- Camp Camp; FreckledJesus/MarcoBodt
"Max? What are you doing here?" - "Max, did you, runaway?" - "See Max, It's fine." - "Yeah, he's a special little kid." - &quo...
•ᴍᴀx's ʙɪɢ ɢᴀʏ ᴄʀᴜsʜ•ᴍᴀx x ɴᴇɪʟ• by blamcanyon
•ᴍᴀx's ʙɪɢ ɢᴀʏ ᴄʀᴜsʜ•ᴍᴀx x ɴᴇɪʟ•by mikayla
Ever since Neil and Nikki had first arrived at the scam of a camp, Camp Campbell, Max had found himself falling for the blue eyed brunette. Only thing about it, is Max h...
Camp Camp (Reader Insert) by deadlurker
Camp Camp (Reader Insert)by SpaceAce
During the summer, (Name) (Last Name) was sent by her two guardians to Camp Campbell, specifically to "Animation Camp". All she asks is a nice, smooth, and rel...
Camp camp x male reader (harem) by dummy_thicc_boi1234
Camp camp x male reader (harem)by dummy_thicc_boi1234
A kid who wants to get away from his dad. So what does he do? He signs himself up for camp. But what he doesn't know is how 'different' this camp is.
Max x Reader - Welcome To My World by RDGall
Max x Reader - Welcome To My Worldby Diana :3
You are a normal 10 year old girl in our world. You've just finished watching Camp Camp for the 100th time. It's the first day of summer and you went to bed but then awo...
Camp Camp headcanons  by trxnsbaku
Camp Camp headcanons by Max
Just a bunch of shitty headcannons is all 😂
love is a illusion || Nerrison  by mj50cool
love is a illusion || Nerrison by mj bensley
"fuck you Harrison" nerris pulled at her hair. why did she get paired with Harrison. if she hadnt they never would have gotten into a fight. meaning she never...
Camp Camp x fem!reader Oneshots by DaddysBrownSauce69
Camp Camp x fem!reader Oneshotsby DaddysBrownSauce69
I mostly do Daniel Oneshots cuz I love him, but if you want any one else then I'll do so :)
Can You Hear Me? (Camp Camp Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
Can You Hear Me? (Camp Camp Fanfic)by Bell Cipher <3
After Daniel was taken away, the campers were left not knowing what to do. It was up to David to try and turn them back to normal before Gwen got back. These are some sh...
Two Magic Kids (Nerrison) by Madison_Is_A_Writer
Two Magic Kids (Nerrison)by ✨Madison✨
What would happen if two magic kids get together? This fanfic will (hopefully) fulfill your Nerrison needs. Cover art by meanoww ~•~•~•~• Highest Ranks: 1st in 'Nerriso...
Blackmail | Max x reader by 0manzors
Blackmail | Max x readerby 0manzors
Note: Y/n and everyone here is 18-19! Except for Gwen and David they're in their mid-20s WARNING: This story contains a LOT of language!
Camp camp rp by xXi-dont-knowxX
Camp camp rpby Yes
Camp camp tells the story of max, a jaded ten year old , who find himself stuck at a dysfunctional summer camp run by a shady business mogul who is looking to turn a pro...
Mind Over Pleasure by BasicallyLittleSatan
Mind Over Pleasureby Basically Satan
Everyone in Camp Camp have their minds corrupted because of a demonic cult. Now its up to the campers and their counselors to fix what has been done, before they do som...
Maxpres (highschool AU) by Blossum21
Maxpres (highschool AU)by Blossum21
Max, a care free, angsty, snarky teenager , could fall in love with a theater geek, one passionate, happy, and chirpy? Guess opposites can attract... Hope you enjoy the...
ask/Dare camp camp by OwOYeee
ask/Dare camp campby none yo buisness
Heya welcome to ask/Dare camp camp the ships are: Nax (max x neil) Stage magic (Preston x Harrison) Nikki x Nerris David x Jasper (Jasper still gohst T-T Well leave y...
✰Camp Camp Zodiacs✰ by goodpl4y
✰Camp Camp Zodiacs✰by goodpl4y
✰Just Something I Made For Fun! The Caption Is Self Explanatory✰