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Camp Camp X Counselor! Reader by ItsyBittySpider01
Camp Camp X Counselor! Readerby Itsy
When (Y/n) gets hired as a camp counselor she wasn't expecting much. She just wanted a summer job to get away from her adoptive parents. She wasn't expecting to relive p...
Camp camp Max x (male) reader by JayceenCaspersen
Camp camp Max x (male) readerby Cløwn_Tøwn
This is the Male version of Max x Y/n Best ranking: #1 camp camp
Max x Female!Reader by Manglesin12345
Max x Female!Readerby Mangle The Pirate
I love camp camp & max so deal with it Mostly NSFW
Time Capsule (David x reader Camp Camp) by Bit_h_
Time Capsule (David x reader Yes_i_am_a_simp
She/her pronouns! This is y/n (you,readers) adventures with all the campers and adults at Camp Cambell. Y/n's a bored 23 year old with a work at home job with a shit t...
Max x reader CampCamp by Greth56
Max x reader CampCampby Greth56
You were a mysterious girl.... ever since you entered the camp. You didn't speak... you aren't antisocial! You smiled and nodded and pointed to things you wanted and suc...
Camp Camp AU: Max's Sister by Sona_DVA
Camp Camp AU: Max's Sisterby Sona DVA
Parent's day returns to Camp Campbell, and this time Max does have a visitor. However . . . with the arrival of this beautiful stranger, Max begins to reveal his mor...
Camp camp Max x Girl! Shy! Reader FLUFF by Soapysuds82
Camp camp Max x Girl! Shy! Bootyyshaker9000
Your parents sent you off to camp because they didn't want to deal with you this summer, you weren't a trouble maker, they just needed a break from taking care of you. (...
CAMP CAMP X Male Reader by JasonLotus
CAMP CAMP X Male Readerby JL
"Hey you! yeah you! do you love explosions? if so then come over to pyrotechnics camp and learn all the wonder of setting things on fire!" Ah the ol' bait and...
Yandere! Purified Max x girl! reader  by Soapysuds82
Yandere! Purified Max x girl! Bootyyshaker9000
(Y/n) has signed up for camp at camp Campbell. She was so excited, but once she got to camp.... Everyone there was too happy.... But she catches someone's eye before (Y...
Yandere! David x Counselor! Reader by eemapso
Yandere! David x Counselor! Readerby eemapso
You've arrived at your summer job at the run down crap-stain that is camp campbell. Reasonably you have little to no expectations of what to truly expect from the camp...
Max's Older Sister Camp Camp X Reader by Reesebored
Max's Older Sister Camp Camp X Rene
(Y/n) always felt like it was her job to protect their brother, but when they turned 18 they were kicked out, luckily they had a "loving" boyfriend that let th...
They Don't Care, But I Do. | A Dadvid Story | by yourmother2929
They Don't Care, But I Do. | A spencer 💗
Hey! Thanks for clicking on this story! The other one i didn't really like and I only did two chapters, so this is a remake. Some Warnings. Gwenvid Abuse Depression Pan...
🔹marbles🔹 (Max x reader) by HanburgerSamwish
🔹marbles🔹 (Max x reader)by HanburgerSamwish
Hey. My first story. Art is not mine. My attempted description- Y/N hasn't had the best life. Her mom left when she was little and her dad is a drinker who abuses her da...
max x reader 🔞 by omgkyslol
max x reader 🔞by fucking bitch
you, harper have been sent off to a new camp. for adventure and fun, no who am i kidding? your parents just wanna get rid of you. once you arrive to Camp Campbell a cer...
Camp camp insert  by SuperPeople33
Camp camp insert by Super People
Your an introvert with some weird background doing some camp camp stuff. I'm open to suggestions for future chapters and books.
dA mEmEs aNd oThEr jAzZ  by _MisterLoverman_
dA mEmEs aNd oThEr jAzZ by LmnWdg
this is a book full of camp camp memes, my favorite scenes, fanart, and the art I've made. if you have art requests just tell me what you want and I'll either try and fi...
Max x reader by fanfic-maker777
Max x readerby fanfic-maker777
Camp, something you'd rather not go to. It's not like it'll be any good anyways. Not until later do you realize that the people around are like coffee They're so addicti...
You Aren't Like Them (Max X Reader ~ Camp Camp) by lemxnhead
You Aren't Like Them (Max X lemxnhead
Your parents sent you away to a summer camp an hour-ish away, since they can't deal with your constant nagging to get away from the house. Your father didn't really care...
Runaway Boy [Dadvid] by johannqwu
Runaway Boy [Dadvid]by johannqwu
(NEW CHAPTERS, MORE COMING SOON I PROMISE) Camp Campbell shuts down for the end of summer, which means it's time for the campers to go home. Max however had different pl...
Issues  (David x Reader ) [PAUSED] by Fathead02
Issues (David x Reader ) [PAUSED]by Mars☆
(Y/n) and David have been best buds since the beginning of time. Whether it be trouble with family issues or confidence, they've always been there for each other through...