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Max  x reader or smthing :') by bluey5shades
Max x reader or smthing :')by Tru Godsell
y/n has a abusive dad and escapes to camp but its way more interesting than it seems I honestly don't know where the plot went but I guess you can enjoy it still Also y...
Fight the Good Fight - Max x Reader by YNLNWriter
Fight the Good Fight - Max x Readerby (Y/N) (L/N)
"Don't you fucking get it? Nobody cares! We're all at this shitty camp for the entire summer. Stop pretending to be all happy and shit! Just face the fucking realit...
Max x reader by fanfic-maker777
Max x readerby fanfic-maker777
Camp, something you'd rather not go to. It's not like it'll be any good anyways. Not until later do you realize that the people around are like coffee They're so addicti...
Crazy Camp (Camp Camp X Reader)  by Amyvert
Crazy Camp (Camp Camp X Reader) by Amy
(UNDER EDITING) Your mom has sent you to a camp in Lake Lilac. Music camp! But, when you got there.. Things weren't what you expected.. Turns out, your mom sent you to a...
Camp Camp AU: Max's Sister by Sona_DVA
Camp Camp AU: Max's Sisterby Sona DVA
Parent's day returns to Camp Campbell, and this time Max does have a visitor. However . . . with the arrival of this beautiful stranger, Max begins to reveal his mor...
Camp Camp X Counselor! Male!Reader (On Hold For Editing)  by ItsyBittySpider01
Camp Camp X Counselor! Male! Itsy
This story is going on a week of hiatus for me to be able to fix any Grammer mistakes! This story is based on the she/her version and my editing wasn't the best and I ac...
Unexpected (Camp Camp x Reader) by _Rogue_Rebellion_
Unexpected (Camp Camp x Reader)by _Rogue_Rebellion_
When your mom mentioned sending you to a camp for summer break, this wasn't exactly what you had in mind. Not that you're complaining. Warning: Excessive...
You Aren't Like Them (Max X Reader ~ Camp Camp) by lemxnhead
You Aren't Like Them (Max X lemxnhead
Your parents sent you away to a summer camp an hour-ish away, since they can't deal with your constant nagging to get away from the house. Your father didn't really care...
This Is Awkward | Camp Camp x Female! Reader by ramuda_amemura
This Is Awkward | Camp Camp x ♪ εαรу я♫
| ⚠️Dedicated to some of my best friends who like the show! | You, a small child who loves baking, is not only socially awkward but a bit shy, and have a big heart. Due...
The Camp Pet (Camp Camp Max X Reader) by MidnightWolff666
The Camp Pet (Camp Camp Max X legit dead account
When David meets the born-to-be-wild Y/N in a orphanage, he can't help but take the poor city-trapped child to Camp Campbell, to let her be free, and give her a father f...
Gotchu || Dadvid and MaxNeil Camp Camp by Livid_Micro
Gotchu || Dadvid and MaxNeil Eri and Toga
Max is eleven this year at Camp Campbell! Little does he know that by the end of the summer, he's going into foster care and David doesnt know what to do. While Neil is...
Hidden Secrets (Werewolf Dadvid-Camp Camp) by Wolfiplier3612
Hidden Secrets (Werewolf Wolfiplier3612
Things just didn't add up. The over the top happiness. The endless energy. The strange loyalty to Camp Campbell. The complete blindness to the truth and total naiveness...
[SEMI-HIATUS]Different... [Max X Male!Reader]  by Silver_Spectre
[SEMI-HIATUS]Different... [Max X ☁️ silver ☁️
(Y/N) (L/N) is just your typical depressed, anti-social, anorexic, 14 year old blob who gets sent to this run down camp against his own will. But little did he know that...
Runaway Boy [Dadvid] by johannqwu
Runaway Boy [Dadvid]by johannqwu
(NEW CHAPTERS, MORE COMING SOON I PROMISE) Camp Campbell shuts down for the end of summer, which means it's time for the campers to go home. Max however had different pl...
Camp Camp ~ includes a new LGBT character :) by Sstrawbeary
Camp Camp ~ includes a new LGBT Zoey
A new camper arrives at Camp Campbell and Max thinks the new camper seems to be here under suspicious circumstances. Max does some digging and pulls up this new camper's...
Nessa goes to Camp Camp by --Starry--
Nessa goes to Camp Campby Starry Stella
My most recent obsession is Camp Camp, so here's my very own fanfic. It's an AU of Camp Camp where with Neil and Nikki arrives a third camper... Nessa.
Camp Camp X Counselor! Reader by ItsyBittySpider01
Camp Camp X Counselor! Readerby Itsy
When (Y/n) gets hired as a camp counselor she wasn't expecting much. She just wanted a summer job to get away from her adoptive parents. She wasn't expecting to relive p...
𝙼𝚊𝚡 𝚡 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛-𝙱𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚖. by xLyssy23x
𝙼𝚊𝚡 𝚡 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛-𝙱𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚖.by Lyssy :)
(Please keep in mind I wrote this when I was 10-11 years old. It will not be good! Please do not expect something amazing out of this as I had no plan and it ends quite...
Till Death Do Us Part (Danvid) by Ikethebrave
Till Death Do Us Part (Danvid)by rat boy
He didn't want to call them people-but that's what they were before they got turned into beasts. Beasts who had no mind of their own; who attacked people without hesitat...
camp camp  x reader oneshots by darlingIMaQUEEN
camp camp x reader oneshotsby your fairy gayMother
one shot camp camp x reader i use mostly they?them and some time she/her smut waring in some chapters only for over age characters