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Virago - Ivar The Boneless by TeamStyles01
Virago - Ivar The Bonelessby Louise Jane
Keep your confessions, Cause babe, I'm no saint, We're playing with fire, But I like this game. Iona Lagerthadottir She's everything that has ever tempted him in a woman...
Supernatural SMUT :) by MarvleXXspn
Supernatural SMUT :)by MarvleXXspn
This story contains smut from supernaturals characters; -Dean Winchester -Sam Winchester -Castiel -Gabriel -(maybe) Lucifer -(maybe) Jack REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! :)
Temporary Love (GirlxGirl) by Glamour680
Temporary Love (GirlxGirl)by Glamour
I decided to make this story into a series. I enjoy these two characters and want to keep it going. With that being said. Part 2 will start being posted up soon after I'...
Art by Anne_Iryx
Artby 🌠Anne✨
💞Collection of My Drawings💞
BustMaxx Pills in Pakistan (&)O3O1-771397O//Big Breast Products Specifically by AjmalBhatti9
BustMaxx Pills in Pakistan (&) USA BustMaxx
BustMaxx Pills in Pakistan (&)O3O1-771397O//Big Breast Products Specifically Every woman wants to look beautiful and complete. The perfect look of a lady is now possibl...
A Soul's Dream by THE_HEADKAY
A Soul's Dreamby THE_HEADKAY
Ranked #14 in "Brown Skin" 2018 Ranked #235 in "Curvy" 2018 Ranked #184 in "Possessive" 2018 "Who are you?" No response. I could...
Akummey: The Fallen Warrior by Sam_Poet
Akummey: The Fallen Warriorby Sam_Poet
''Aboroso'', a village filled with flowing milk and honey. Just as its name suggests, Aboroso had everything in abundance; food, minerals, formidable and strong young me...
Natural Forces by ajoypaulino
Natural Forcesby AJ Paulino
Set in 2014, sixteen-year old Skye learned she had been gifted and chosen to be a Natura - entities whom the nature gods tasked to maintain balance between men and natur...
Arranged Marriage To The Werewolf Prince (Book 1 of 2) by TheEmmysShow
Arranged Marriage To The TheEmmysShow
Elena Roberts is the mayor of Elda's daughter. Elda is a small village in the country of Wilonia ruled by the Mason family. Since Elena's father is close friends with th...
Nature Haikus by BerryBerryBlitz
Nature Haikusby BerryBerryBlitz
Haikus about nature. Okay, these are my first haikus , So if they don't seem proper I'm sorry, please tell me what's wrong and I'll fix the problems . All I know is the...
If I'm a Werewolf Princess, why are Vampires making my life so difficult? by angelheaven101
If I'm a Werewolf Princess, why angelheaven101
This story mostly comes from Princess Keiko's perspective. Keiko has suddenly been invited to Prince Jordon's 3 month birthday celebration. She makes friends with Isaiah...
Remembering Chloe by hannah-vo
Remembering Chloeby Hannah
I'm beautiful, I'm rich; I'm every guy's dream. In other words, I am perfect and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. But that's only what they tell me. I can't remember anyt...
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A Brand New Journey by SpeedingBolt
A Brand New Journeyby SpeedingBolt
After the events in Kalos, Ash Ketchum returns to Pallet Town only to find out that there is a major tournament ongoing soon in Kanto! He later finds his friends, old an...
Three-Six-Five With Me | ENG by Skywasblue
Three-Six-Five With Me | ENGby Skywasblue
An ordinary day-to-day story of a college girl. Contains things that happened to her and all of thoughts that she had. Would not be always bright but more like purely de...
♡☆Mah Art Book☆♡ by Dino_Kiddo
♡☆Mah Art Book☆♡by Kimmy
Art is my passion -w- Cover is my painting up on display in the middle of my town! :'3 I do not mind spam voting/commenting. Infact, my heart melts for it ;v; Materials...
Unsure (N x Reader) by CuteFireFlareon
Unsure (N x Reader)by CuteFireFlareon
After living in Alola until age 17, you can finally get out of the region and start an adventure in another region. You've wanted another adventure but your adoptive mot...
Milk, Sugar And Cocoa by ShikaDreamer108
Milk, Sugar And Cocoaby ShiKa💕
I thought that when I left, everything else would be left behind me. I thought that if I escaped the world I grew up in, I could finally be free. I thought that if I pou...
I'm the New Girl and He's the Werewolf Quarterback [COMPLETED] by taylerrrify
I'm the New Girl and He's the Tayler
There once was a girl name Autumn Leaf Falls. She talked to her dead brother in windows and had a werewolf boyfriend. She was cursed by an evil vampire and her best frie...
I Survived|| Fiction|| by TacoBellbegood
I Survived|| Fiction||by ;\
A terrible hurricane is about to hit Miami, Evangeline was just a little girl when it hit, how will she react?
JUST THE WAY YOU ARE by Healer13104
JUST THE WAY YOU AREby Healer13104
Everyday that you look into that mirror,remind yourself that you're worth it. That there is no wrong in confronting that reflection and rectifying its mistakes. For its...