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Ruin Me, I Dare You | BTS Reverse Harem (21+) by unknownauthor18
Ruin Me, I Dare You | BTS - ivorygossamer
"The Existent Phenomenon. An experiment to prove the existence of the soul. It worked like a plague. Now at any random moment, a person can see through their Soulma...
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Overprotective by SmileyWxrld
Overprotectiveby Smiley
Where Yoongi's stepbrother is just too overprotective.🚬
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SIDEWAYS | LISKOOK by farawwwr
Jeon Jungkook is the most popular kid at school. He's also a bully. Lisa is the new kid and the victim of the football team. Bullying someome doesn't necessarily mean yo...
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A Match Made In Hell|VSOOby Jungkook's Wife
Started on March 14, 2020 " You're my wife" Kim Jisoo who were known for her looks and fame was now engaged to taehyung who was cold and distant.
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Therapist || + J.jk by yoongiflo
Therapist || + J.jkby T✩
Being forced to begin therapy wasn't something depressed Jungkook neccisarely wanted to do. He never thought the day would come where he would be excited to go until he...
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The Alpha's Gift |VSOO| by candycane7832
The Alpha's Gift |VSOO|by ~SAF~
No one can resist the mate bond. Not even a ruthless alpha and a stubborn she wolf. When Kim Taehyung sets his eyes upon a veiled Kim Jisoo sporting baggy clothing his c...
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Different (Jihope, Namjin, Taegikook) by KIMSEOKJINLIFE
Different (Jihope, Namjin, KIMSEOKJINLIFE
After a virus had taken over and mutated people's bodies, women (and men) gave birth to babies with special abilities. These children were forcefully taken from their pa...
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Ours by RebeccaMelling
Oursby FlowerInTheDark
This story is about a girl Y/n, that was abused by her parents at a young age. She was so badly beaten she was taken into hospital and that night would change her life f...
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Wrong Number | Yoonmin by Skarriad6
Wrong Number | Yoonminby Skarriad
Jimin gets added by mistake in a groupchat where everyone starts flirting with him.
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Trouble <Namjin>(completed)  by Jungsu__
Trouble (completed) by Jungsu_
Хамт байх ёсгүй хүн гэж байж болох ч чи миний хувьд тэр төрөл нь огтоос биш.
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🌸BoyxBoy smuts💜 by levithekinggg
🌸BoyxBoy smuts💜by levithekinggg
🌸smuts not made by me🌸 ✨message me if you want a chapter removed✨ 💜Bts Jimin bottom💜 🌙message me if you'd like a story added🌙 💕Enjoy💕
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THE MOON IS OURS by aarmiy
❝ᴡᴇ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇʟᴏɴɢ, ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ ɪꜱ ᴛʜᴇɪʀꜱ, THE MOON IS OURS.❞ it's september of '94, and a rap battle in downtown los angeles is in full swing. despite having ditched...
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metanoia | blackpink x bts by JNVANTAE
metanoia | blackpink x btsby lilith
❝ It has been twenty years long of wars between four kingdoms; the Kingdom of Sirenia, the Dominion of Altair, the Realm of Fleur and the Empire of Prometheus has finall...
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The girl's soul / Jk  by luNa__bts
The girl's soul / Jk by لــــــ🌙ــــونـــا
ڕێگایی ژیانم وەک بازنەیەکی داخراوە لەهەر خاڵێکی دەستپێدەکەم ئەگەیەتەوە بە تۆ ......... start : 3/3/2020 end : ......?
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The Perfect Pair (KTH x SKJ x MYG Fanfic) by Cookie_Monsterlol
The Perfect Pair (KTH x SKJ x 💜Jiminsshi💜
The Famous Mafia Boss, The Son of a famous Billionare, and his childhood friend who is also his fearless bodyguard? well....what could go wrong right? ---------------- W...
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Historical myth 2 (BTS Fanfiction) by RebeccaMelling
Historical myth 2 (BTS Fanfiction)by FlowerInTheDark
Lee Y/n grew up knowing she was missing something in her life but always but it up to the fact she new she was abandoned as a baby. When she found out about the most wel...
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House of Cards | Bulletproof book 2 | A BTS Gang AU by Joonies_noona
House of Cards | Bulletproof an old potato
Morgan's secrets have been exposed and no part of her life has been unaffected. Now she's on her own and out of the mansion, trying to find a way to save her men and her...
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The Virus by HobiHolySprite
The Virusby Jackzter⁷
An outbreak that ruined the lives of over 90% of the living population. With only less than 10% left alive and the few still working on a cure, survivors scurry around i...
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His Journal | Th + Jm by jikookstarz
His Journal | Th + Jmby jiminnnn
Taehyung gripped the journal in his hand as Jimin looked at him with a worried look. "Taehyung... are all those things you said about me true?" He whispered h...
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