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Obsessedish with idols (IDOLiSH7 x Reader) by Nerrrdo
Obsessedish with idols (IDOLiSH7 I_Like_Anime
Highest rank #1 in IDOLiSH7!!!!WHAT?! After seeing a new idol group at the park (Y/N) has fallen in love with all of IDOLiSH7. Enjoy the thrilling moments of being with...
Life isn't just about fun and joy, it's also about the pain and suffering that happens in one's life and that's what happened to Aoi. In the past, her life were only fil...
My Crown [IDOLiSH7] by KrSunshine
My Crown [IDOLiSH7]by Kenar
The idol group representing power and image, TRIGGER. The idol group that has yet to debut, IDOLiSH6. And a solo idol set out to crush them all, Kujou Riku. Why, of cou...
That Pretty Little Food by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
That Pretty Little Foodby Royal-Chan
We know him as our savior... our leader... our Papa... and that's all and nothing more... - - - - - Until one day we finally found out what he really is...
Idolish7 x Reader Oneshots by neko-chansaysnyaa
Idolish7 x Reader Oneshotsby Mad Trigger Hoe
Random Idolish7/TRIGGER x reader oneshots.
Messed Up (IDOLISH7) -Discontinued- by Deandra_67
Messed Up (IDOLISH7) -Discontinued-by Deandra_67
This book is discontinued for now. Things are really busy (and just...mentally exhausting) and I don't want to disappoint people by not posting even though they expect a...
Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Volume IV by KatieLove2Write
Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Katie The Terrible
In the year X819, it was a warm June with no mercy to its buzzing audience. Young and hungry Zailo travels with his sister, Meredith, deep into Fiore. There he crosses p...
|healer| 癒す |bluelock| by skiesofhaeun
|healer| 癒す |bluelock|by 하은
She was always there to heal him. ブルーロック oneshots |requests open|
Aishiteru by Storm-Girl
Aishiteruby 🖤Arashi ⁴💙
I am Y/n, I used to live with my grandma in America. But one day my life got completely flipped upside down, Some Blue haired boy showed up at my house. What shall becom...
The Infinite Group was the first to be the popular one before Trigger made their name in the first place, leading the group to fall into the second. But still, their fan...
Revealed At The Reunion! (A KHR Fanfic) by Rice_ah_
Revealed At The Reunion! (A KHR AIZAAAAA
Quote of the Story: Time Changes Everyone. *** Takes place ten years after the Arcobaleno Arc. Enjoy! *** Sawada Tsunayoshi receives an invitation to a Class Reunion at...
Only You, Chisaki by AnikiSenpai01
Only You, Chisakiby AnikiSenpai01
This is a fanfiction of the anime, A Lull in the Sea. It takes place after the land freezing is resolved and Tsumugu is about to go to college.
Pirates in Love by iluvsexyvoltageguys
Pirates in Loveby iluvsexyvoltageguys
Fandom: Pirates in Love (Love 365) Warning: 18+ smut Summary: Join me in a sea of sin with these sexy pirates! Shin and Roy are my pirate baes
Twin's Drama by Azuredawnstar
Twin's Dramaby feli
An offer for a drama has come up for the three idol group, IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and RE:VALE. What will they do about it? Accept? Reject? Read to find out! Note 1 : Some c...
A3! × IDOLiSH7 Crossover by weebnanina
A3! × IDOLiSH7 Crossoverby Mirai
After a sticky situation between two Autumn Troupe boys and an alley fight, seven new boys are brought into the Mankai dorms to be cared for. But little do they know is...
{Idolish7} Tenn Kujo X Riku Nanase{Lemon🍋} {Yaoi}[Abandonné] by Rosa-Todoroki
{Idolish7} Tenn Kujo X Riku Rosa Hurumi
Le jeune Riku Nanase, pivot des Idolish7, en a toujours voulut a son frère, Tenn Kujo, le pivot des Trigger d'être parti pour devenir une idole. Tenn Kujo s'est toujour...
Reunited (A Idolish7 Fanfiction) by mallory_payne
Reunited (A Idolish7 Fanfiction)by mallory_payne
After many years of being sepperated from her brothers, Piper is reminded of the people she's been away from for many years. When Re: Vale, Piper's current guardians, m...
I7 Quotes or shitpost by RukiAyanokoji
I7 Quotes or shitpostby Unknown Gender
just my daily quotes or shitpost that i like
UtaPri One-Shots by tempting_delirious
UtaPri One-Shotsby 💥chloe💥
Who do you choose, Princess? Just kidding. Welcome to my one-shot series for the handsome boys of Uta no Prince-Sama~ Featuring~ STARISH QUARTET NIGHT HEAVENS *SPECIAL*
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To Live This Life (YLiA) by YourTypicalAries
To Live This Life (YLiA)by Emi
(SPOILERS!) Piano prodigy Kousei Arima is trying to overcome the death of the girl he fell in love with. Kaori Miyazono. He was doing okay after death for a while, fi...