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A Headache For Two by Cyberjoy2165
A Headache For Twoby Cyberjoy2165
"I got a headache." Gerard stated to his boss Frank, "So do I Gerard, but I still came into work today." Frank sounded unimpressed, but that was no s...
Bringing back MCR by animelovingloser
Bringing back MCRby Haydentheloser
This is a story of how MCR gets back together in an alternate universe. It will have a alot of feels and stuff. This is my first fanfic so it will probably be trash
„The brightest light in the darkest night" by War-pain-t
„The brightest light in the War-pain-t
The best friends you could ever imagine...a family torn apart just to be save.The one who thought that he will never see the light in the world again saved a life in his...
Various X Reader Oneshots (Lotta Emo Band X Oc Tho) by hazeltheoc
Various X Reader Oneshots (Lotta stupid roller derby chick
these aren't specific fandom's, just random ones, a'right, thislly be kewl
Crash and Burn (My Chemical Romance) by OddCoffeeAddict
Crash and Burn (My Chemical Insomniac
She was a mistake. Created by them. The evil people that so many innocent civilians considered safe, Better Living Industries. She didn't want to be there. It's all she...