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Love, Law & HipHop by Noreee18
Love, Law & HipHopby Noreee18
Casey is a well known criminal and entertainment attorney with her own private practice. She is dating her college sweetheart until he cheats. She then decides to focus...
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Distance • NBA Youngboy by sincerelynye
Distance • NBA Youngboyby ☀️
Cartier is only 16 years old, and already have problems like an adult. Once her past catches up with her it'll be all over. Not until she meets Youngboy-that's when ever...
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It was like everything was going in slow motion, once the sound of gunshots were off into the air of the Mr.Johnson's Roller Rink, bodies scurried but I was still in sho...
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Aaliyah & D. swing From the mob family to yours. "I thought you said what's understood doesn't have to be explained?" ©PLCYTINGZ
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Strip(A Chris Brown Story) by sammyyluvs_u
Strip(A Chris Brown Story)by Kay'Lee
"Daddy! We finally get to see you!" I froze as Madison squealed. Chris whispered to his bodyguard. Suddenly, he started to clear people out. "Come on, kid...
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Unusual (A Trey Songz story) by queenajaylove
Unusual (A Trey Songz story)by Ajay Love
Trey has never had that one girl that can make him crave her presence a day in his life. He's surrounded by women all the time, but none of them can bring him down to hi...
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Resentful by officiall_gigii
Resentfulby officiall_gigii
What happens when Mya meets Trey. ....Read to find out *Pictures used do not belong to me They belong to @Karinjinsui and @ClarenceNyc ~Copyright© 2018 |All rights rese...
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On The Other Side. {Book Two} Mya by luciolle24
On The Other Side. {Book Two} Myaby luciolle24
Second book of "The Other Side" series... Can be read in any order though I do recommend starting with {Book One} Emy... Mya is ordinary... Well as ordinary as...
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Kidnapped For The Leader by xmyethax
Kidnapped For The Leaderby myetha
Going out with your friends is usually a blast, but when Mya, Ariana, and Kimarla went out for the last time before winter break, their lives changed. But is it in the...
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Girl Meets World x Reader by morganzor-el
Girl Meets World x Readerby morganzor-el
Exactly what the title says.
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What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by raevynsagale
What Becomes of the Broken Heartedby Itsjust_rae
Tainted by her past, Amelia Roberts has struggled through a life of beatings and being raped by her step father Decan Adams. She and her two little sisters, Mya and Mia...
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An Angel and Demon of Fairy Tail by TransformersChick
An Angel and Demon of Fairy Tailby 💍💛Sunny💛💍🎤Ariella🎤💍❤Si...
After five years of completing the 15 year S-class mission, two people return to Fairy Tail. Who these are everyone knows not to mess with them. Or make the older one a...
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Shifters- kiriBaku Au by chaos-draw
Shifters- kiriBaku Auby UwU
A KiriBaku au/fanfic , This fic is based/inspired by the kinda au ending that is in season 2 (?) But doesn't reaaaally follow what we know about it that closely. I love...
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Earth on Trial by BlairDrake
Earth on Trialby Drake Shriver
Mya Ondurta gains a trip to the Federation to earn an Art of Law degree. In the night she is visited by a strange intruder, one who leaves and equally strange letter. Sh...
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The Girl Born Without a Quirk ((Or was she?)) A Deku x Reader x Kacchan by Ash_052
The Girl Born Without a Quirk (( Ash_052
[[NOT COMPLETED]] This is a story about All Might's daughter. It is also a Deku x Reader x Kacchan.
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Degrassi next class imagines by emilylove322
Degrassi next class imaginesby emilylove322
Comment for any requests for what and who I should do 💙
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Todoroki and You are a perfect couple they say but you don't have that confidence. Lonely and depressed..You're in the darkness and once Todoroki found out he made sure...
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muse; nasir jones by -childishgyal
muse; nasir jonesby *
an all american girl that's skilled with a pencil remembers those brown eyes and raspy voice, but only from dreams. she'd fallen in love with those eyes every time she'd...
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Daughter of Chaos (Percy Jackson fanfic) by pegasus_lover101
Daughter of Chaos (Percy Jackson pegasus_lover101
A girl, abused by her father, is kidnapped and falls in love with her kidnapper and savior. While training to fight she discovers many magical powers. She leaves her hav...
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-CHOOSE- BNHA Boys X Fem!Reader (OC) by tacoangel
-CHOOSE- BNHA Boys X Fem!Reader ( 【tacoangel】
"Hello!" So, you're a girl named Sukaretto that just got into U.A. after a hard life in middle school. Most of the boys in class 1-A have a crush on your happy...
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