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Fury by fandom_trash_1411
Furyby skylar
What would happen if the events at Lake Lapcat occurred due to something lurking within Bowser? Something only triggered by his anger? His FURY, even? (DISCLAIMER: THIS...
Nintendo Texting Stories. by BlackRoseSith
Nintendo Texting Emily
The Mushroom Kingdom meets Hyrule. Mario meets Link. Peach meets Zelda. The Links meet up. What could possibly go wrong?
Always Look After You (MarioxLuigi Fanfic) by Argiekinss
Always Look After You ( Argiekinss
"You.... you love me..?" "More than a big brother should do."
Life with Luigi - a Reader x Luigi story by SkipperandSkye
Life with Luigi - a Reader x SkipperandSkye
She's young, smart and has been best friends with the Mario brothers since kindy days, but best of all..she's YOU! Life in Toad Town is peaceful since the peace treaty b...
A Foul Ball by JavaJolt17
A Foul Ballby JavaJolt17
(A Super Mario Bros. COMIC!) Between Mario and Pauline, it has been a LONG time since they've seen each other. But when Pauline throws a huge fancy ball in Sarasaland, M...
Crazy Mario Land by NintendoJedi
Crazy Mario Landby NintendoJedi
Whoever said that the Mario characters were 'boring' never read THIS book. Presenting a series of not-always-so-short stories about Super Mario and friends... sort of...
Luigi's Secret by Bendygirl34
Luigi's Secretby Bendygirl34
A new and better version of this story! Nobody wonders what Luigi does when he is alone while his brother off on his adventure to rescue the princess from the king koopa...
Peach's Problems (rewrite!) by spicy_squip
Peach's Problems (rewrite!)by 𝙍𝙞𝙘𝙝 — 1-𝙪𝙥!
Peach's life was seemingly perfect, with her friends and her life in her childhood castle, but then, her parents inform her that they will be moving castles, and in turn...
Rainbow Road [Super Mario Bros.] by kimcgray95
Rainbow Road [Super Mario Bros.]by Kimiko
A racetrack in space? Coddleswap. Rainbow Road is much more important: it's the salaryman's highway from the ground to Orbit City, and this year, Mario and Luigi are tak...
Mario x Meggy: Partners In Time by TheStarGod
Mario x Meggy: Partners In Timeby TheStarGod
Mario and Meggy were friends even in their infant years, as they always hung out and played together all day, every day in their childhood. But one day, hell breaks lose...
Lost In Nintendo Land: The Legend of Player Three by Captain_Kit
Lost In Nintendo Land: The Captain Kit
The sequel to Lost In Nintendo Land! Since defeating King Boo and rescuing Princess Peach, (Y/N) has worked happily alongside of the Super Mario Brothers. After Luigi an...
Rejection by Zaneythewolf
Rejectionby Y/N
After weeks off building up courage to ask out Princess Daisy he finally is able to but when she rejects him he has to learn to deal with the rejection. He finds comfort...
Crazy Mario World by Princess_Peach001
Crazy Mario Worldby MarioFan
Expect the crazy and unexpected. Such as talking inanimate objects and a healthy dose of idiot logic wrapped up in a package known as My Imagination. Starring Mario, Lu...
You're the Only One For Me ~ Luigi X Fem!Reader by spicy_squip
You're the Only One For Me ~ 𝙍𝙞𝙘𝙝 — 1-𝙪𝙥!
When you take a vacation to the Mushroom Kingdom, the princess introduces you to her heroes, Luigi and Mario. You are only interested in Luigi, and it seems Luigi is int...
Before the Storm: A Mario Story by YoshiYoshi136
Before the Storm: A Mario Storyby Melissa
Ten months after the final battle Peach and Mario are married, and Peach is pregnant. Luigi is presumed missing. Although the late King Bowser is dead the Koopa Kingdom...
Game Over, Mario by SkyDrxgxn
Game Over, Marioby Sky Drxgxn
Tired of living in the shadow of his brother, Luigi has finally snapped. All the years of emotional neglect have eventually come to surface. It was too easy to end it al...
Mario & Luigi, Sonic & Pokémon: Superstar Saga by Lendsey2004
Mario & Luigi, Sonic & Pokémon: Lendsey Thornton
After Princess Peach's voice is stolen by the witch Cackletta and her minion Fawful, Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Ash and Co must travel to the Beanbean Kingdom to get it back(M...
Omegaverse: The Infinite Realm by AlyxdeChrom
Omegaverse: The Infinite Realmby Alyx de Chrom
A multiverse where all fictional worlds truly exist is a good thing. But emperor and martial artist Sephiroth III Harikura is the greatest thing about the Omegaverse, an...
Luigi X Reader - Random short Stories by SkipperandSkye
Luigi X Reader - Random short SkipperandSkye
A collection of extremely random stories about your adventures in the Mushrooom Kingdom! And particularly about the time spent with Mario's little brother.. Written as a...
A New King by RyanJersey
A New Kingby Ryan Jersey
A man with extraordinary powers somehow makes it into the Mushroom Kingdom by an unknown force. He goes to the one in control for help, the Princess of the Kingdom, Peac...