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LGBT+ [In progress] by moeurs_au_coeur
LGBT+ [In progress]by éclat d'âme
⚠️Only picture ⚠️
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Magic the Gathering Headcannons by Wolfspelle
Magic the Gathering Headcannonsby Jay
This book is made purely for amusement. There isn't enough Magic content on Wattpad so I'm working to remedy that
La Tormenta Inminente by FanficsMTG
La Tormenta Inminenteby FanficsMTG
Traducción no oficial, cortesía de Thalía Vázquez y Ángela Olivan, de la mininovela por fascículos (por correo electrónico) The Gathering Storm. Es una precuela que expl...
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Wattpad Society Of MTG by RedRaven55
Wattpad Society Of MTGby Noah
Hello, fellow planeswalkers! If you are on Wattpad and looking for other like-minded Magic: The Gathering players, then look no further! Planeswalk on inside and I'll sh...
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MTG Choose your path by Jaces_Acolyte21
MTG Choose your pathby Jaces_Acolyte21
hundreds of possible storylines all throughout the Magic: The Gathering lore, and some made up ones, too
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War of the Spark: Liliana's Legacy by Wolfspelle
War of the Spark: Liliana's Legacyby Jay
This story delves a little into Liliana's past, back before she had a contract with Bolas. Before she ever set foot in Ravnica. But it's easy to forget how the past can...
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Youths of Ravnica by Wolfspelle
Youths of Ravnicaby Jay
Zytkul, Reve, and Fexa have been friends since their early years. Despite their vast differences in living conditions, personalities, and acquaintances their friendship...
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Magic: A Necromancer's Wild Side by RoundSeaDepression
Magic: A Necromancer's Wild Sideby The Sad Seal
Credit to PolishTamales for cover art An OC x Liliana romance Kerrick Scargraft had lost everything in The War Of The Spark. His adoptive father died to The Dreadhorde...
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Custom Planeswalker Storylines by Jaces_Acolyte21
Custom Planeswalker Storylinesby Jaces_Acolyte21
Comment on each story to have a chance at getting a custom planeswalker CARD AND STORY with your pic on it!
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Magic the DxD ( magic the gathering x male reader x highschool DxD ) by Gagagushtos
Magic the DxD ( magic the Selene Zarek - Pendragon
If you don't know the world of the card game magic the Gathering this fanfiction is nothing for you, sorry to say that. . . . . . . . Y/N: Join me on my trip to the mult...
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Magic: The Quantum Rift by AbbySienaR
Magic: The Quantum Riftby Abigail Ross
Series Portfolio: Magic: The Gathering, Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney. Jace Beleren thinks he's done with his biggest job, but it turns out the adventures are just beginning...
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My Art And Other Things by Nightclawsthedragon
My Art And Other Thingsby Moonflame
Here is a book of my art work
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A Very Necromantic Christmas by CrispinOTooleBateman
A Very Necromantic Christmasby Crispin O'Toole-Bateman
** Christmas Special 2018 - bonus story to go alongside Watty 2018 award winning story A Very English Necromancer (which you should read first!) ** Hubert Grange, 34-yea...
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Avengers: The Gathering by DeckMasterJace
Avengers: The Gatheringby DeckMasterJace
(Yeah I didn't create that cover. I own nothing except the crossover idea and the phone I typed it on) OK, so this is a story between Magic the Gathering and The Avenge...
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My magic: the gathering cards by Orzhov_guildmaster
My magic: the gathering cardsby Orzhov syndicate member
This is where I am putting the MTG cards that I have created. P.S. most of them are memes...
One Cup at a Time: A Starbucks DnD Campaign by DrummersUnited
One Cup at a Time: A Starbucks Zackery
The merfolk Estelle has gathered the seven adventurers together for an important announcement. They're unsure why their old friend and member of the guild pact has summo...
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A new Phyrexia by Silentrose333
A new Phyrexiaby Silentrose333
This is a new book of mine that hasnt been talked about but I want to try it out. It is a Phyrexian male reader x rwby story, enjoy.
Magic: Bolas' Sway- Part one: The Gathering by Orzhov_guildmaster
Magic: Bolas' Sway- Part one: Orzhov syndicate member
A young boy named Blakor's life changes after a stange person confronts him in the woods and tells him a grave danger is coming so he starts Magic training! hope you enj...
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Random Oneshots (Warning Slow Updates) by ItismeMads
Random Oneshots (Warning Slow Madi/Matti 😊
this is going to have a bunch of slow updates but, I will write eventually. most of it will be for whatever I'm into that date. But I will most definitely write requests...
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Magic the Gathering One-Shots by Wolfspelle
Magic the Gathering One-Shotsby Jay
Just a book of short stories focusing around the characters of Magic the Gathering. Note this is NOT only planeswalkers, other characters will be featured. Requests are...
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